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  1. I'm liking these ok. I think the helmet logo really ruins the overall look though. Their italic block NY in the oval would have been perfect.
  2. Or like when the Padres tried to use wave imagery instead of the friar. Lazy. Embrace the mascot or get a new one.
  3. I'm confused. So you are saying it's poor form to say in the LA Rams new uniform thread "I think the Rams throwbacks would look better without the white stripe on the pants" and then mock it up so it's easy to see? Seems odd to censor this type of discussion.
  4. Maybe we're talking about different things here but I often post "concepts" when referencing why I think something doesn't work or what changes could be made to make an existing look better. Seems a more effective way of illustrating my thoughts than simply saying "I think this would look better without the x.y. or z"
  5. Yes I know. But having moved from three different great neighborhoods due to progress that replaces nice little homes with multiplex condos I’ve seen enough. Seattle Condos would be a quite appropriate name. Ha. Honestly though I’m hoping for an old school name even if Seattle isn’t old school.
  6. I love this idea. Would the NFL allow though? They won't allow home and road helmet colors BUT could the Rams get away with home and road helmet decal logos? Very cool.
  7. I miss old Seattle.
  8. That is crazy. Did they actually design it that way or is it just a crazy coincidence? Wow.
  9. I hope not. I hope they get a great brown/yellow set and stick with only those colors for at least 3 years. Gain some traction.
  10. In the design industry, the drop shadow and double outlines (like unnecessary use of black), are commonly known as a clear sign the design itself is flawed. Not always, but more often than not that holds true.
  11. Overall I like them but the Roughnecks is simply trying too hard. Kind of a mess. I get that they didn't want to get a cease and desist from the Titans (Oilers) but there has a be a cleaner way to incorporate an H into an oil tower.
  12. That's just personal preference. Many including myself think brown is a great color regardless of if it's for the Padres or if it's used in fashion. Having worked in design for 25 years, I'd say the most divisive color is orange. Clients either love or hate it. On the other hand, blue isn't really loved or hated which is why it's the color of most teams and big businesses. It's basically ok for the majority.
  13. Navy pants should NEVER be worn with the white jersey. Horrible look.
  14. Syracuse has the right answer...
  15. Would love to see that left one be for Seattle. Similar colors to those seen on totem poles in Pioneer Square.
  16. Guess it has to be the Seattle Thunderbirds then.
  17. NFL should have never had the Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans, and Baltimore Ravens.
  18. Simply removing the blue strips behind the bolts helps a lot to me.
  19. Love it. Looks much more Canadian to my non-Canadian mind. Well done (although I could do without the black).
  20. This is why you should never follow trends for something that is supposed to last generations. Trendy isn't sustainable.
  21. I love the facemask but it just isn't working for me with that uniform. I agree that it would be helped by power instead of the navy blue. Best solution, although radical for them, would be to simply have the bolt on the shoulder and pants match the helmet. No navy blue strip boxing it in.
  22. Adidas of all suppliers should know what a soccer uniform should look like... #1, don't put the name across the chest. A left chest W would be perfect here and actually make it look like a soccer jersey.
  23. I think cleaning up their brand (and winning) would make Clippers cool. I'd say either do a refined version of the nautical flag San Diego era look OR just clean up their current look. Below is what I did back in 2015 when the new look first was released. Something moving more toward that.
  24. Agreed. It's the original and has become their unique look. Stick with it.