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  1. I hope they are trying to source the old ram horns for the helmet.
  2. I’d disagree. I’d say most are improvements. Almost like the next round of revisions Nike neglected to make.
  3. Crazy. I would've sworn those were skulls but you are right. OK, well maybe they SHOULD be a skull.
  4. I agree that the Jags went too far minimal. I think a refined version of their previous set would've been a great solution.
  5. I think the whole just looks like he got popped in the jaw and it's swollen. But I'm guessing it's supposed to be the actual face not the skull? I just liked the skull form better that they have in the old school versions.
  6. I actually like this version better with the gray shading on the face. One thing I didn't like about the head logo originally was the face was just blah, but this helps. Just had an epiphany... the face is too fat, use the shadow and remove the rest, this looks much better to my eye.
  7. I've thought the Falcons and Cardinals jerseys were too similar too. In my perfect world: 1. Falcons (red jersey with white numeral outlined in black) 2. Cardinals (cardinal red jersey with white numeral like old school ones) 3. Bucs (red jersey with white numeral outlined in pewter)
  8. That's what I would've thought but over the past few years I've got a number of questions from friends that aren't into design, but know that I am, asking why the Rams uniforms are mismatched. I was pleasantly surprised at how many "lay people" were noticing the issue. I'm not sure they could've pin pointed it but I think a majority knew there was something wrong with the look.
  9. I disagree. I would think the logical thing to do would be to let the team use their throwbacks until they move into the new stadium when they get new uniforms (regardless of if it's 2, 3, 4 etc. years). The Rams didn't take them up on their offer because it was a bad offer. They obviously wanted new uniforms in the new stadium. Marketing drives and pays for everything. It just drives me crazy when it's so simple yet they don't let it happen because they are so stuck on not bending the rules. Bend within reason.
  10. NFL is 32 teams/owners. You'd think an organization that small could implement some common sense exceptions to their rules. In the end it just made them and the Rams look foolish. No reason for it.
  11. That segmented horn is really going to ruin the helmet.
  12. Agreed, new logo is better and the state flag would be great on the arm (move number to the shoulder).
  13. Love the use of the Brownie but hate the neon look for this, and in general.
  14. I had a similar idea of mixing the old and new and simplifying. In addition I'd love to see it look more like an actual falcon and less like a falcon being forced into an F. Still have the F form but just don't need it to be so distracting.
  15. Agreed. It's a pictogram not a good logo.
  16. I guess I missed it but why would the Colts, a team with what I consider to be about as perfect a uniform as there is in the NFL, change anything? Did they get someone new in management? That's the only thing I can think of. Someone new wanting to show they are doing something so they change the look. Honestly, I'm baffled.
  17. Something like that should be the helmet logo. I've never liked the forced B in the head.
  18. I've been wanting the powder blue and consistent bolt treatment for 30 years. This does it perfectly.
  19. It's over designed to a fault. I'd say it's about half way to being a good logo but never was forced to be refined properly by the art director. Good concept and bones but got out of control and was never reigned in.
  20. I’m bummed to read they aren’t cleaning the overly rendered, flying metal, falcon shaped monstrosity of a logo.
  21. I see a similarity between this and the old washed out photos Of the team from the 60s.
  22. Can't believe how the Chargers just keep winning here. Never would have imagined they'd ever have a chance of grabbing any of the Rams thunder. So far this week they've destroyed the Rams. Amazing.
  23. Unnecessary piping, side panels, double outlines, flying Elvis... the look is a mess by any design standards. Such a shame for the most storied team over the past 20 years. What other dynasty even remotely compares?
  24. Remember that they don't want to alienate Tech fans. Can't look too similar to Georgia even though they already share the same colors. That's why I wouldn't be surprised if they brought back a touch of gold (matches the soccer team colors too: red, black, gold, which shares the stadium).
  25. I'd say for big corporate businesses, a key identifier over the years has been the color blue. Blue is a safe, strong color that is rarely hated by anyone.
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