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  1. I'd like to see the Chargers' yellow jersey with the white helmet and pants. Could be interesting.
  2. I like FC San Diego. I understand the SC tie to Sockers but if they aren't going to be the Sockers, just name it properly... FC.
  3. Really nice although I may prefer white numerals to balance better with the white helmet.
  4. I know the name is long but that scripty typeface needs to be bolded a bit. Looks too much like a wedding invite.
  5. I agree. I've hated them from day one (Sonic fan). And their look only reminds me of the guys who stole our team. But now that's it's been over 10 years, if they completely rebranded, it may be easier to see or hear about them.
  6. I like them. I see it as a great design solution to the bottom line of why there are uniforms... 1) to differentiate one team from another, and 2) to distinguish one player from another. Yes, the numerals are large, but for the purpose of distinguishing one player from another, they do the job very clearly.
  7. Amazing set. Best yet. Don't change a thing.
  8. I actually like the sleeve treatment on the purple jersey, subtle and a kind of tribute to the time when they had stripes, albeit white stripes. The white jersey may have been better with the same tone on tone treatment though.
  9. Love that for a once a year thing. But until the NFL gives up its antiquated one helmet policy, can't happen. Team needs orange.
  10. And the 90s purple helmets have been hated and mocked locally ever since they debuted. It came about on the heels of legendary coach Don James stepping down and the new coach, Lambright, wanted to create a new look for his tenure. A time most UW fans want to forget.
  11. I'm with many that like these except for the purple helmet. While the purple helmet over all white is clean, a nice look, it's not UW. Would rather they use the gold pants with the white shirt as an alt instead of these. Overall much better than the previous set though.
  12. I like the purple/gold as it's fairly unique. Just need to keep the gold, gold, and not khaki.
  13. Just got this today. Hope the neon yellow isn't part of the new look. That being said, I'd love if they got rid of the black and replaced it with the dark purple in the pattern.
  14. Will the MASL Sockers continue though? That was the thought in Seattle, that the team had to be another name and that the original Sounders would continue in something like the USL. But the fans pushed hard for the Sounders and got a version of it (Sounders FC instead of just Sounders). Granted having the old Sounders' owner be a part of the new MLS team was vital to allowing it to happen. And, alas, the old Sounders never stuck around. They ceases once the MLS team arrived. Maybe San Diego ownership brings in the current MASL ownership and they do a similar thing... Sockers FC for the USL team.
  15. Any word on the UW Huskies? I caught the tail end of them talking about it on local sports radio but then they went to commercial and I didn't hear when the unveiling was. Anyone?
  16. Socker in San Diego IS Sockers. Make it happen. Otherwise: San Diego Surf San Diego Conquistadors (Q's)
  17. The new OKC logo should be their primary identity. Best I've seen from them. Simple, clean, and the offset provides meaning and a unique quality.
  18. Orange without yellow or brown is just not the Padres. Was a bad idea and a bad time for the team. As someone who's been a fan since the beginning (guess I'm old), brown and yellow ARE the Padres and pinstripes and blue are someone else.
  19. Still doesn't mean it should be a look for the Padres. Looked odd when they tried it before and would ruin a return to the brown now. Like someone very uncool trying to be cool, a poser.
  20. Like the direction they are going but not sure why they kept the old RH logo that was base of their old font. Doesn't match. Go all the way. This is just an ok hybrid.
  21. Got to say I love the brown BUT I really dislike the PADRES wordmark. SD is great, SAN DIEGO is great. Padres wordmark needs to be the script. Also, NO pinstripes, you're not the Yankees, leave it alone.
  22. Only slightly better than the Jacksonville/London Jaguars
  23. I think it would've been better to name them the Knights and include gold helmets and use a lot of gold in the uniforms. Then they could've organically been nicknamed the Golden Knights by fans and media.