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  1. I've said for years that the Patriots are the undisputed leaders in the "Best Team / Worst Uniform" combo.
  2. Exactly. Growing up in San Diego with the Fouts-era Chargers we loved the royal/yellow. Then they changed to the navy which we disliked and those in my circles all started the rally for the powder blues. 25 or so years of begging for them and then they do this AFTER they run out on the town? Given what we know of Spanos, I'd say it's more likely spite than anything. In his mind the city didn't want the team (false, they didn't like him) and so he's purposely given LA what San Diegans largely wanted for years. Makes me dislike him even more.
  3. This really kills me as a born and raised San Diego Chargers fan. Damn them that looks so good.
  4. After revisiting what I suggested in 2016, and then seeing what the Rams ended up with, I'd say I kind of have to like where they ended up. Similar thinking.
  5. I agree it isn't. First thing that pops out to me is the crescent moon.
  6. Ignoring it won't make it any less egregious. It's a real issue and if I were the Rams I'd be reaching out to settle this before it blows up in my face.
  7. These types of solutions always bug me... the blue outline not outlining the full L form. I get why they didn't do it but it seems there should be a better solution.
  8. Is that middle one going to be on the helmet now? Not sure I'm a fan of that.
  9. Because their new logo looks like a wave more than a ram horn.
  10. So mark on a non-blue background has a blue outline? Hmm.
  11. Very gray area. I feel showing a concept to convey a point is very beneficial. Saying orange/pewter works well vs showing it makes a huge difference. I don't mind concepts as long as they are in reference to a point being discussed.
  12. I'm not saying it needs to be identical. I'm just pointing out the red stripes, on their own, have a very clear rationale.
  13. Justification for red stripes without Blue outline...
  14. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2019/09/01/nfl-best-uniforms-chargers-raiders-tops-among-teams-history/1625546001/ among many other sources including Chris Berman.
  15. They changed wanting to look tough but instead they looked like a generic team from anywhere. Stick to looking like a SoCal team, bright, colorful.
  16. The mismatched stripe widths (red on the pant vs the jersey) drive me crazy. This shouldn't be that difficult.
  17. Haven't the Bucs uniforms been confirms by UniWatch? Just a modified version of the Super Bowl era without orange?
  18. It's all over the board here. Not a lot that they are going royal, but that they are getting new uniforms and that they are amazing (radio guy a few pages back). Nothing confirmed but rumors abound. I fear they'll do the very Chargers thing and screw up the blue, that would be just like their organization.
  19. If these rumors are true... Rams going from royal to navy and the Chargers going from powder blue to royal... Downgrades for both.
  20. There was something nice about those but I would prefer they have pewter color, instead of black, on the socks to tie into the helmet. Red on the socks would be a second choice.
  21. Why would the Chargers, with one of the most popular and loved uniforms/looks in the NFL, change to anything other than the most popular throwback collegiate blues? I can think of at least 25 other teams in more need of tweaks. Stop Chargers, just stop.
  22. Maybe match the sock stripes to the jersey but a great look nonetheless. I hope this is the way they "mailed it in".
  23. For a split second I saw a hamburger icon and now it can't be unseen.
  24. That's exactly my issue with it... "a modern-day Oakland Raiders...". The orange/red was their own identity, unique to them. We need more unique to the city/region looks. Otherwise lets just go the direction of the MLB player weekend uniforms and slap your logo on a black or white helmet and call it a day.
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