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  1. I would tend to agree but there is something about the sophistication of the grey tracksuit that works for me. I saw the UW basketball team at the airport waiting to board and they were all wearing them and looked very sharp, put together. Out of the normal context, I know, but still.
  2. I wasn't a purple/grey fan until seeing these UW tracksuits. Really sharp. Not sure how it'd translate to a full uniform though.
  3. Would love to do this but what's the best way to get the lettering and numerals? Is there a place that does them where you can order and attach yourself?
  4. It will be a little different since the Broncos are going back to orange as the primary and 18 is retired in Denver. Yup, for Frank Tripucka, who has said he would be willing to unretire it for Manning: Nice gesture, and an equally nice gesture would be for Manning to respectfully decline. Taking a retired number simply shouldn't be done. Wear 9 (1+8) or 1 or 8 or 16 (college number).
  5. I think the problem with the orange jersey is the blue side panels. Take those off and 1) they stop looking dated and 2) it's a stronger, cleaner look.
  6. Loved elements of this including the very appropriate and unique color scheme. Some streamlining and toning down and this would have been so amazing.
  7. I wouldn't want a uni change. Unless the situation explodes and everyone is implemented and found guilty, etc.
  8. College or not, that is much better than anything else they have. Much better than most of the league too.
  9. Wow -- that is something. Wasn't that originally done by someone on this board? EDIT: I should say that by "that is something" I mean that it's pretty awesome. Thanks. My hook-up is pretty damn good. I'd love to know who the original designer of this jersey was. Said it before but as a die hard Sonic fan, I'm so glad they didn't go with those. Those actually look good. Would have been doubly hard to take if they left AND had a nice new look. That they look horrible now eases the pain a tiny, tiny, tiny bit. Not much but I'll take what I can get.
  10. If I was the Chargers I don't see why you wouldn't jump all over this. They can stay in SD until the Stadium is finished and keep but expand their fanbase. If I were the Chargers, that's exactly what I'd do, only I'd continue to have training camp in San Diego and commit to playing one preseason game at the Q every year. As a native San Diegan and lifelong Charger fan, I would disagree with this. I would never support the Chargers in L.A., they'd be "dead to me". In fact, I hate to say it but if they moved, I'd be more apt to cheer for the hated Raiders than the Chargers just out of spite. I remember back when the Clippers left San Diego for L.A., everyone I knew in San Diego went from being Laker haters to Laker fans. Granted the Clippers had a much shorter history in S.D. but it's the same logic. If you're jilted, you hope for the worst for the jilter. Human nature.
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