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  1. Punk Rock.

  2. RT @sashaapea: And I never thought I'd say that about Ambrose FINALLY holding the title. #WWEMITB

  3. #Truth

  4. The American vs Evil Foreigner storyline in wrestling.

  5. @johnmorgan I was just thinking about this last night. Too many dang ebooks.

  6. One on one wit da Undataka

  7. @johnmorgan that is a nicely designed app

  8. @GateWebHosting has the worst live chat. I thought it couldn't get worse.

  9. RT @treehouse: In 3 months, RJ learned to code & changed his life. Watch his story: #treehousechangedmylife https:/…

  10. Attempting to learn #Ruby again. Tips are welcome. #webdev

  11. RT @Moz: How to Achieve 100/100 with the Google Page Speed Test Tool By @Felixtarcomnicu

  12. The guy cueing the confetti is the real mvp of this game. #NationalChampionship

  13. RT @WAManeuver: emotionally exhausted and it's only night one. love you, pro wrestling.

  14. @WAManeuver @IMPACTWRESTLING rekt

  15. My life feels terribly boring this week

  16. Happy Easter

  17. Cookout really smells like a Cookout from a distance

  18. RT @TomWellings20: @WAManeuver I mean they're all pretty fantastic #whatamaneuver

  19. RT @_jshmllr: Trump.css

  20. Odd how people shake

  21. Museo font family is the real mvp.

  22. Looking forward to welcoming back @AJStylesOrg to Nashville at Raw tonight. Definitely a big change from the Nashville Fairgrounds.