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  1. YESSS! Stream the 'Oblivion' Soundtrack via @mashable

  2. I've gotten a lot of mixed reviews about the jersey from a lot of people. A lot of people seem to favor basic jerseys ( Bears, Packers, Niners ) over new school designs ( Seahawks, Bengals, Vikings )
  3. I originally had it this way, but I thought it looked too similar to the Raiders logo.
  4. I would just stick with the Supersonics. It's classic and gives you plenty to work with. Plus, Shockers reminds me of the Thunder for some reason lol. Good luck with this!
  5. I joined the site last night and accidentally posted this twice in the wrong section. So sorry if it seemed like I was spamming, didn't mean to do that at all! So I deleted those and am posting here in the correct section. Anyways, this is a logo & jersey concept for the Tennessee Titans that I came up with. A lot of feedback that I've gotten from it so far is that it looks too much like a spartan/knight, it looks like Marvin The Martian, the sword looks like it's going through the head, too cartoony, ect. So I would like to know what you all think, along with any critiques you may have or if I should just overhaul it altogether. Any thoughts are appreciated, and sorry again if it looked like I was spamming!
  6. This has been my Easter Sunday.