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  1. When/if the Rays ever figure out their stadium situation, I've wanted to see them go to a light blue/kelly green combo, along with adopting the fish ray identity.
  2. One more for VCU with the gold alt
  3. New VCU uniforms. The last few years they didn't have arm, collar, shorts, or waist trim, so a lot more gold this go-round.
  4. Asheville is known for a lot of things, especially beer. I don't know exactly where it ranks now, but at one point recently they had the most breweries per capita in the country. They also house the east coast ops for some of the larger national craft breweries. It's a great city for a lot of things and beer is one of them.
  5. I've always thought a kelly green and columbia blue combo would look good for the Rays. Maybe if they ever get a new, brighter stadium.
  6. I grew up with this wordmark; I even wrote my Os like that when learning cursive in 3rd grade, despite my teacher correcting me all the time. I love it, but I still think the one they have now is the one they should be using. I also like the one Davis is wearing in the post by @TheBigFiz21 and have wondered what an updated version of that would look like, but I keep coming back to the current one. Though, I do agree that I'd like to see more throwbacks. Not one as a full-time alt, but just more one-offs.
  7. I'd like to see them take this bird and make an all black/orange version as the alternate hat. Basically the current bird in the style of their original hat logos:
  8. I realize that I'm in the minority, at least on these forums, about the white panel hat, but in general, I just don't like them. They look too softballish to me, stuck in the 70s/80s. As for the cartoon bird, I can live with it, I would just prefer something different. Though a cartoon was a good representation of the last year and a half. The orange jersey isn't bad; I would prefer if the letters and numbers were white w/ a black outline. And the sleeve stripes for some reason ruin it for me. They seem so inconsistent with the other uniforms and the orange on orange aspect just doesn't look right to me. For VCU, I don't really mind the minimialistic nature of the uniforms. The logos and wordmarks are my primary issue. The shield logo is another one that has some elements that just irritate me. But I'm glad to hear that others recognize and like them.
  9. I really don't like the uniforms for either of my two favorite teams, the Orioles and VCU Rams. For the Orioles, I don't really like the cartoon bird. I can live with it, but I absolutely hate the white-paneled home cap. The road look is much more tolerable and I wouldn't mind if they went all black for the road and moved the road to the home. Just get rid of the white panel. The "O's" hat is another thing that I can't stand. Lastly, the orange jersey has flaws and inconsistencies that bug me. For VCU, I really dislike their entire rebranding from a few years ago. The "horned" V wordmark, the shield logo, the font, changing the color of the ram, treating the wordmark as a logo, the white letters on all uniforms...all of it. To answer the OP's question, I either don't buy any of it, or as little as I can with the logos I don't like. Or like Akronite said, fantasize about fixing it.
  10. I think the main difference is the thickness of the letters and the outlines. In the Pitt jersey, it's a good balance and you can clearly see the gold. But I agree that piping on the collar would help, too.
  11. Overall, I like it. I agree with those who have said more of the other colors would be better. I wish the wordmarks were blue instead of black. But overall, I think it's pretty good.
  12. New VCU home unis: More stripped down from last season. I'm still not a fan of these.
  13. Wow, I'm from Virginia and my alma mater used to be conference mates with W&M, and all I can remember are the Tribe wordmark and the WM with a feather logo. I never knew they had a griffin mascot. Seems very weird to me.
  14. I've actually thought a brown/yellow/powder blue combo could look really good and be a way for ownership to maintain the blue in some way, which they seem determined to do.
  15. I actually kind of like the F with the ram head. I see what you mean about too many outlines, but I don't think it's bad. I went to VCU, and am not a fan of their rebrand from a couple years ago. That's one I can't wait to get replaced - it's definitely the worst of the three Rams in the A10.
  16. Not just the angle, but the thing that really gets me on their script is all the sharp angles between letters. It just seems odd to me with the loopy, curly W, how they have the straight lines connecting the letters, especially the a-t-i-o, and the a-l. If they were curvy like the hat logo, I think it would be a lot better.
  17. Camden Yards has scoreboards that show pitch counts, ball/strike counts, and type of pitch.
  18. I'm probably in a minority... but even the Jay's white panel cap just doesn't work for me. I can't get past my bias against all white/off color panels on the front of caps. The Orioles cap for example is probably my least favorite of all 30 teams. I'm with you. I hate the white front panel. I'm an O's fan and I hate their home hat. The road should be either the full-time or home hat and have an all black one for the road.
  19. Gotcha. I have no idea whether these are or not.
  20. Are these SoD? Kind of an old template, no? Not a bad look, though. SoD?
  21. Honestly, I prefer plain over "GRAY-OUT - POUND THE ROCK - SIC EM - BLACK SHADOW OPS" uniforms that just try to do way too much. Agree, they're much better than last year's uniforms
  22. VCU Basketball ‏@VCU_Hoops Here's a glimpse at how the reigning @atlantic10 champs will look when they take the court this year. #LetsGoVCU