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  1. Man I totally disagree I think the Bill have a top 10 uniform set in the league right now I do miss the red helmet tho. but They are clean now
  2. Love it but the numbers should be bigger maybe in a Serif font like the wordmark would be nice
  3. I dont thinkt he numbers match the helmet..Id imagine something like the Jags had last year but italized..sharp edges like blades like the helmet. Like the stripes and alll that
  4. Ive been lurking here for years admiring all the concepts and artwork but you sir have become my FAVORITE artist on here, and I rarely comment but for you i HAD too. What you have done here is FANTASTIC. Ima huge Buffalo Bills fan and Josh Allen has rejuvenated my franchise, Id LOVE to see what you can come up for the Buffalo Bills When you have the time of course
  5. Id liked to see Pins on the Home of the hornets..one set should have pins. But other than that bring on the nets!
  6. I LOVE what you did here..Its way better than anyting I could do. I always wanted them to go back to the San Diego clippers color scheme, RED WHITE BLUE is WAY to played out. Just a quick photoshop edit.
  7. I love how Atlanta is still the Atlanta Falcons lol
  8. OHH LOL sorry bro, I tired to make it like the stitching I guess, guess it was too thick but thanks for suggesting shorts!
  9. Guys great input I didnt thinkg about the numbers. I did two versions with single and double digits.
  10. Long time lurker..I snabbed a template off google..not that good with illustrator so i did this in photoshop. If anyone has a good tutorial id love to learn how to do more concept. Anyway sixers dropped there 'new' logo..i am let down and not looking forward to the jersey unveiling on june 18th as im sure they will be anticlimatic. Here is my take on what ive always envisioned for the jerseys.
  11. Need graphic design? Business or corporate..hit me

  12. What are they telling them, that they arnt telling us? #hmm http://t.co/cY5sCQ5IyH