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  1. i'm surprised by the positive response - just about everyone i've talked to here on campus seem to not like it at all - i'm still torn on it, but i'm glad all of you like it
  2. just saw this on wake's homepage - this will probably grow on me, it's not bad i suppose
  3. eagles throwbacks had these a few months ago yes?
  4. DJR118

    Jersey Wallpaper

    just saw the phillies ones - amazing man, thanks
  5. i think some of these are really cool, while others look terrible - most of the teams in A's colors look terrible IMO - however, i LOVE the phillies navy hat, looks great
  6. big improvement over the current model - i really like the phillies one, even though they lost in it last night
  7. sorry angel fans, i'm just assuming boston's gonna get to the ALCS:
  8. good call, i knew i'd miss a bunch - i first had the idea and tried googling a lot of names - don't know how i missed the friars
  9. Heaven and Hell Conference: DePaul Blue Demons Duke Blue Devils Valparaiso Crusaders Bloomfield Deacons Wake Forest Demon Deacons Penn Quakers Kenyon Lords St. Joseph's (Maine) Monks Dickinson Red Devils Crown College Royal Crusaders Aquinas Saints AZ State Sun Devils Providence Friars
  10. if that was a request, it was an interesting way to ask....