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  1. Get out of your own way, NHL

  2. RT @RacismDog: BORK

  3. Get out of your own way, NFL

  4. RT @domluszczyszyn: I wrote about the expansion draft from the Blue Jackets perspective and how losing William Karlsson is probably not a b…

  5. RT @beckjason: Pete Kozma had no extra-base hits in 99 AB in 2015, and one in 45 AB last year. He has a HR, a double and two RBI in four at…

  6. RT @DavidHughesTwit: BREAKING: Trump to reverse Obama-era killing of Osama bin Laden

  7. RT @DavidHarns: Whoa. He has trouble with the snap. And the ball is free. It's picked up by ...

  8. @JonnyVegass Just a very unfortunate injury. I don’t think it was a bad hit at all.

  9. No monopolies going on here, nope...

  10. RT @itsgabrielleu: For all of those folks who insist that not following orders from the police are grounds for your death sentence... https…

  11. Oh, better yet, Arvidsson got embellishment.

  12. @Cdot44 Lol, we all are. I dug up a poll earlier from two days pre-expansion draft, and I said I thought they would…

  13. Getting chippy early in Minnesota!

  14. RT @lexforchange: My enviro teacher just gave another example of why we shouldn’t arm teachers!! Thanks Simpson love you <3…