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  1. That statement is as follows: "Please focus your vitriol on these craptastic uniforms, which will be gone in a year, and not on... other stuff... you may have heard about... regarding our campus environment. Thanks!"
  2. This was mentioned in the now defunct thread, but the refusal to exploit jet imagery beyond the wedge/doorstop thing is baffling.
  3. The Saints have decent combos, but they don't wear them. Agreed on 2-5, though that's lottery-level dreaming.
  4. If the local clown college had a football team, it would look like Tampa Bay today. Thoughts and prayers to Bucs fans.
  5. My favorite team ever, and MSU basketball has never looked better.
  6. I'm saying Nike "silver" looks like :censored:, and the all "silver" would like look :censored: regardless of the shade.
  7. Given the current state of "silver" in Nike uniforms, this would be less of an upgrade than my suggestion for their color rush set-- a bonfire.
  8. The Lions have three quality sets: blue over "silver," white over "silver," and the throwbacks. When they deviate from those, the downgrade is massive.
  9. The home team went with electrical tape as a design element. My compliments to the equipment manager.
  10. So glad somebody weighed in on Little Caesar's. Really key contribution.
  11. Well, Honolulu blue and silver work great without white (the sixties unis), so I'm assuming the "low-con colors" you're referring to are silver and white. Thing is, black rarely separates those colors (road numbers on the Millen clusterfunks; road numbers and sleeve stripes on the '09 model). I'm more ready to buy the "black is tuff" argument than this one.
  12. This. Honolulu blue is the signature element of the Lions' identity. A set emphasizing silver (actually drab grey) at the expense of Honolulu blue doesn't make sense logically, or aesthetically. Sadly they seem really popular with the kids, which means they're not going anywhere.
  13. Being able to laugh at yourself is the first step to recovery.
  14. I'd love to see the paperwork on this. A league that profits off "patriotism" isn't beyond baking* the books on this kind of deal. *Cooking, yes?
  15. The Lions signaled their last change in similar, subtle ways. Could be nothing, but maybe the Eagles are next up to drop black from their scheme, which would be an upgrade IMO.
  16. So grateful to all who opined on LC pizza, as I've now realized that their taste buds should dictate what I like. Also, I prefer the old logo, mainly because of nostalgia (old enough to remember Pizza!Pizza! in the paper-wrapped long box).
  17. IIRC, the release materials indicated that the home/road uniform elements could be worn in any combination, which suggests that both white over grey (good) and blue over blue (not) are in play.