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  1. @PDelegal and republicans are going extinct!

  2. @AubreySolomon91 not a michigan fan but you are a moron. get over yourself little boy

  3. @seanspicer you need to relax. i predict a heart attack within a year! ANGRY WHITE MAN!

  4. @NFLprguy NFL SUCKS! Who wants to watch a bunch of dudes get life threatening brain injuries! BAN FOOTBALL UNTIL THEY FIGURE IT OUT

  5. @hisfriendmic ok best buddy! Take it sleazy

  6. @mike_pence @realDonaldTrump thank god you are out of indiana! don't come back now you hear

  7. @rjpittman @eBay the new app is a bust just like the IPAD app was. 2 star rating. BRING BACK USABILITY!

  8. There are some connection with the rum and Dartmouth. I forgot what I heard once. Here is a Georgia Bulldogs with a beverage
  9. Here are a couple of arizona wildcats
  10. Here are some Kansas State ones. I just ordered this book. Looks like it might have some good information in it Here is a duke one. I dont own this one yet