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  1. The stripes on the sleeves look better higher. This is one reason I will not buy a jersey. If they change the stripe higher like they are on Cassel's jersey above next year I will buy one. I almost want to have tailored to match the game format. Nike????
  2. The implied outline in that mechanical artwork makes me wonder if they had been contemplating something like this: And just wondering - why were you tracing the mechanical art in the first place? Did you just have a raster version of it or something? thats actually not bad
  3. I guess the new logos are posted here http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/list_by_team/172/Minnesota_Vikings/
  4. Always a joy to get Packer fan humor, lol All good man....
  5. You're comparing the retail replica to the on field authentic. The cuts are very different. So, is there a way to purchase the PONDER version. I do not like the sleeve on the replica. If you are actually correct about your theory, thanks.
  6. I actually like the way the sleeve stripes BOW of the ship sits on this early PONDER uniform. That VS the official sleeves on the Jared Allen uniform to the left. Looks as if they switched it lower at the last minute, which seems like a bad mistake. The PONDER version actually works for me.
  7. Just wondering if anyone had any concepts for new Rams Uniforms? I like the 65' version. I also like the old yellow Gold.
  8. This is my NHL Concept for future hockey in Wisconsin. It uses a state idea for the concept as HoneyBees are known for being a Wisconsin thing. I enjoy doodle art so this is my attempt rather than digital. Hope Wisconsin fans enjoy!
  9. Is this what you had in mind? Exactly...awesome...and thanks
  10. I am Native American and I think it honors my heritage. It's all just silly!
  11. ... Glorious. I agree, these uniforms are awesome
  12. Orange helmet would look better with simple pant stripes.
  13. The uniforms are great, The Helmets would be awesome if they were all Gold.