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  1. My school (Concordia University-Wisconsin) is releasing a new set of logos today. Sorry for the bad image quality, I couldn't find any copies of the letter insignia online. The logos were created through BVK, a Milwaukee-based marketing agency. For reference, here's what we were sporting before the change Obviously, the Falcon logo is a tremendous upgrade, but I think I like the old letter mark better. Overall, I'm very happy with the change and will be looking to score a t-shirt or hat with the new falcon ASAP. Besides the logo changes, the school is also dropping any orange from its athletic brands, which is good because only about half the sports used it anyway. For the full press release go to https://www.cuwfalcons.com/athletics/generalreleases/2018-19/CUW_Athletics_unveils_new_logos_051319 And the style guide can be found here https://www.cuwfalcons.com/athletics/logos/2019/CUW_Athletics_Brand_Identity_Guide_040319.pdf
  2. I've always thought the stacked approach worked much better
  3. As usual, John Oliver has a good segment on this issue Whether it's worse than the NFL and NCAA is up for debate, but it's certainly not perfect
  4. Makes sense. Damn reality, always getting in the way of my ideas
  5. Pretty clear upgrade, but I think they missed an opportunity to have the flag mimic the shape of the Carolinas
  6. Pretty much sums up my feelings on the guy. Hated Real Madrid and then him by extension but watching him in the UCL showed what a truly special player he is. I know it's been said a million times, but I wish we could all just stop comparing him to Messi and enjoy them both while we can. Also, did Schalke forget there was a game today?
  7. This creates a number of visuals, none of which are particularly appealing
  8. Indeed. Looking like a real possibility that all four English sides progress to the quarters, while France, Italy, and Germany may get shut out completely
  9. Not one, not two, but three!! Texas has taken to rugby in this timeline just as much as it loves American football in reality. I posted Dallas on page 2, and the other two should be coming sooner or later, honestly I have no idea what order the teams will be coming in.
  10. Keeping things in Missouri Kansas City Mules Missouri has proved an excellent rugby market, and as the 60s came both the USRU and ARA made pushes to land a team in Kansas City. Ultimately the ARA managed to secure the bid, meaning the federation now owned a rivalry that soon became one of the most heated in American sports. Saint Louis won a title just two years after the Mules were founded, but since then the Monarchs have failed to capture a title. Kansas City made a few playoff appearances in the 20th century, but waited for the new millennia to capture the Schroeder Cup, as Dante Arnzamos and co captured two titles in three years. Since the 2002 championship, the Mules have made the playoffs just once, but have been in fierce competition nearly every year. A title challenge will be increasingly difficult after the departure of Peter Baylor in the offseason, but even without the star wing the Mules should be talented enough to contend. Joining them in the playoff race will be their bitter in-state rivals, meaning the Show-Me State Derby will be heated as ever the two times the sides clash this season. Not too many frills in this identity, as the Mules took a more rugged approach to their uniforms. The primary logo is a Mule's head, and the secondary is an interlocking KC stylized to look like a horseshoe. Kits feature a yoke both home and away, with grey never touching the white. Grey primaries are utilized both for their uniqueness in the league as well as ensuring both they and St. Louis can wear primary kits whenever they clash.
  11. It's been too long, but I've hit a ride of inspiration and will try to chip away at as much of this project as possible while I can. In addition to some new teams, I'll probably go back and update some of my old designs. St. Louis Monarchs Founded in 1898 as the St. Louis Rugby Club, the team changed its name to Monarchs in 1904 to honor the Apotheosis of St. Louis Statue built to go along with the World's Fair. The next decade the Monarchs became the first true Premier Rugby dynasty, taking 4 Schroeder Cups in 5 years from 1910-14. After this dominant span, St. Louis has been one of the top teams in the ARA, totaling 14 championships. However, they have not hoisted a Cup since 1970 and haven't won the ARA in 1980. In the 21st century, the Monarchs have been competitive every season, finishing above .500 15 of 18 years. But in that span they've won the West division only once, and fell in heartbreaking fashion in the ARA Title game. After a third place finish that saw them just 4 points out of a return to the playoffs, the Monarchs splashed in free agency to sign Alderon Timmons, a dynamic fullback who should shore up the defense and help them build towards contention. The primary logo was developed in the 1980s and then updated in the early 2000s, featuring a caricature of the statue from which the team derived its name. The Crown logo, formerly the primary, has been relegated to the secondary. The kits are simple and relatively timeless, with the only unique feature being the striping from the St. Louis flag on the socks.
  12. All Mac's convenience store customers, soon:
  13. I'm right there with you. I would rather watch a decade of New England championships than one title for Green Bay
  14. Fresno Grizzlies new logos. I don't know what to think about it. The bear's proportions just feel off
  15. My parents had Saturns when I was growing up, so I always liked this logo
  16. Well, this season started with a kick to the dick in Green Bay, only fitting it end with a kick off my dick, off my foot, but not through my legs. I'm off to cry myself to sleep.
  17. This is absurd, there's already a dire shortage of NFL calibre gorillas as it is. Maybe one gorilla and one baboon, or maybe add a non-primate like a grizzly bear to really be unique.
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