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  1. Vulcans, Capitol Hill Santa Monica, Brooklyn South Philadelphia, Saint Joseph Oakland, Niagara
  2. Congrats on a spectacular series, here are my thoughts on your 32 logos. Atlanta: I don't think the Falcons have ever had a great logo, but yours is an improvement on both of their designs. It's still a bit difficult to read, but I think it's well done Carolina: One of my favorite of the series, does a great job of keeping the spirit of the old logo (which I like) and removing the robot-ness of it. I still feel like the eyes are a bit off, but I other than that it's perfect. New Orleans: The football seems a bit forced, but I like the idea Tampa Bay: Does a great job of capturing the best parts of both of the previous pirate flag logos while improving the design. Bones instead of swords is a great touch Buffalo: I don't particularly love the Bills current logo, but still almost every concept I see seems to be a downgrade. This is an exception. Holy cow! I'm not in love with the color scheme, but the design is top notch. Patriots: It's a good update of Pat, but I've never liked him much as a primary logo anyway. I loved the helmet concept you had with the tricorn. Miami: Hands down, best of the series. Possibly the best NFL concepts I've ever seen. It's a perfect marriage of the overly corporate current logo and the overly cartoony and detailed vintage logo into a spectacular mark Jets: Nothing earth-shattering, but you did a good job with it Seattle: A rare miss, for me. I see what you're trying to do, and agree with you that the current Seahawks logo is the best in the NFL, but this just feels off. Rams: Something just seems awkward about this one to me. I think the point where the A and the horn meet could be smoothed out a bit to help the logo flow more Arizona: Excellent. The realistic bird is fantastic and does a great job of keeping the spirit of the old one. The copper touches are really nice as well. The Cardinals should adopt this logo immediately San Francisco: Good work. I've always hated how the current Niners logo has black when it isn't used anywhere else. The golden gate bridge stripe on the helmet is super clever. Dallas: It's so hard to top the classic star, but this would be a good concept in a vacuum. Philadelphia: Again, I see what you're going for, but it just feels off. The bell is just a little too clever for its own good. It's well composed, just makes it seem fat. New York: I like the idea and it's well done. Simple, but effective Washington: The primary logo is probably one of your weakest, just doesn't seem like a football logo. That secondary, though. The linework is so efficient and well composed. Denver: A Good fusion of eras, but the white space on the body seems too empty. Maybe a highlight or shadow could help with that. Chargers: The Rhino logo is great, but the lightning bolt seems too fat and awkward to work. Maybe I'm just biased because I love the Chargers' current bolt. Kansas City: Seems to jagged and detailed to work. The removal of black is nice, but it seems overwhelming with all of those edges. Las Vegas: Spectacular. Brings the Raiders logo into the modern era nicely, while adding some modern Vegas flair. Chicago: A rare downgrade, the Bear logo just isn't working for me. I think the eyes could use some pupils, and the nose highlights could be a little bit less refined. It looks like it has a pig snout right now. Green Bay: Good update. As much as I hate to say it, it's tough to top the Packers current logo, but this is a nice change Detroit: Very clean, but the blue and grey looks a little too muddled together without the white to break it up Minnesota: This version is good, but I liked your previous Vikings logo much more. I'd maybe try a longer beard. Baltimore: Very sleek, an excellent update of the current, but I feel like the checkers on the beak are overkill, and distract from the rest of the design Cleveland: Nice stuff. I feel like the helmet stripe is too wide, though Cincinnati: A little too abstract for my taste, but certainly not bad. I'd love to see you take a crack at a tiger head logo. Pittsburgh: Very nice, love the matte helmet. The logo keeps the good aspects of the current logo while removing the unnecessary white and grey. Houston: I love the Texans current identity, but this would be a great move if they wanted to go a new direction or even just a fauxback. Someone in the NFL needs to bring back the leather helmet, and I think it would work well with your cattle brand logo. Titans: Very nice, good call on avoiding the Spartan helmet, as that's been done many times before. If the Titans do anything similar this spring, I'll be thrilled Jacksonville: Definitely better than the two previous Jags logos. The nose perspective seems a bit off, but it's nothing major. Indianapolis: I've always wanted the Colts to tilt their logo into a C, and this is a great example of how well it would work. Love the helmet stripe and the blue facemask as well. Overall, fantastic work, take a bow!
  3. Swansea v. Arsenal West Ham v. Crystal Palace Huddersfield v. Liverpool Chelsea v. Bournemouth Everton v. Leicester Newcastle v. Burnley Southampton v. Brighton Man City v. West Brom Stoke v. Watford Spurs v. Man Utd
  4. LOVE that first one. Is it possible to incorporate the stripes? Maybe put them underneath the LUFC text
  5. Thomas Hatfield did, in my opinion, an excellent job of fusing the two eras to get the best of both.
  6. Brighton v. Chelsea Arsenal v. Crystal Palace Burnley v. Manchester United Everton v. West Brom Leicester v. Watford Stoke v. Huddersfield West Ham v. Bournemouth Manchester City v. Newcastle Southampton v. Spurs Swansea v. Liverpool
  7. Chelsea v. Leicester Crystal Palace v. Burnley Huddersfield v. West Ham Newcastle v. Swansea Watford v. Southampton West Brom v. Brighton Spurs v. Everton Bournemouth v. Arsenal Liverpool v. Man City Man United v. Stoke
  8. Bournemouth v. Everton Chelsea v. Stoke Huddersfield v. Burnley Liverpool v. Leicester Newcastle v. Brighton Watford v. Swansea Manchester United v. Southampton Crystal Palace v. Manchester City (Is it even worth picking City games anymore?) West Brom v. Arsenal
  9. Tottenham v. Southampton Bournemouth v. West Ham Chelsea v. Brighton Huddersfield v. Stoke Manchester United v. Burnley West Brom v. Everton Liverpool v. Swansea Newcastle v. Manchester City Crystal Palace v. Arsenal
  10. Arsenal v. Liverpool Everton v. Chelsea Brighton v. Watford Manchester City v. Bournemouth Southampton v. Huddersfield Stoke v. West Brom Swansea v. Crystal Palace West Ham v. Newcastle Burnley v. Spurs Leicester v. Manchester United
  11. Leicester v. Crystal Palace Arsenal v. Newcastle Brighton v. Burnley Chelsea v. Southampton Stoke v. West Ham Watford v. Huddersfield Manchester City v. Spurs West Brom v. Manchester United Bournemouth v. Liverpool Everton v. Swansea
  12. The concept is solid, but I'd try to integrate the bolts into the diamond more. They seem sort of tacked on as they are now.
  13. Burnley v. Stoke Crystal Palace v. Watford Huddersfield v. Chelsea Newcastle v. Everton Southampton v. Leicester Swansea v. Man City Liverpool v. West Brom Man United v. Bournemouth Spurs v. Brighton West Ham v. Arsenal
  14. West Ham v. Chelsea Burnley v. Watford Crystal Palace v. Bournemouth Huddersfield v. Brighton Swansea v. West Brom Spurs v. Stoke Newcastle v. Leicester Southampton v. Arsenal Liverpool v. Everton Manchester United v. Manchester City
  15. Chelsea v. Newcastle Brighton v. Liverpool Everton v. Huddersfield Leicester v. Burnley Stoke v. Swansea Watford v. Spurs West Brom v. Crystal Palace Arsenal v. Manchester United Bournemouth v. Southampton Manchester City v. West Ham
  16. You've got a great start here, but as the others have said, it still feels more like an illustration than a logo. Here's a couple of steps I'd recommend to take it to the next level, in no particular order. 1) Smooth your curves. Try to use as few curves and points as possible when you're drawing a logo, while still expressing your meaning clearly. Using Inkscape would help with this tremendously, as its pen tool is far more powerful than Paint's line tool. 2) Work on the waves. The variance in the space between the waves is bringing the logo down a bit, I'd make the negative space a smooth curve, with a consistent width. 3) Cut down on colors. I count 11? colors in the logo, which is too many. Cut down on the shades of browns and blues specifically to make the logo simpler. 4) Make your linework thicker and bolder, the key thing that separates a logo from a sketch or illustration is thick outlines around your shapes. This is an area where Inkscape will be more helpful than Paint. Upping the thickness of your border, and making the masts and flags bolder will make your mark stronger. 5) Clean up shading/highlighting. You've got it all in the right places, but it could use some cleaning up. The lines on the bottom of the boat seem sort of tacked on, I'd cut it down to 2-3 thicker stripes that are a shape rather than just a line, have the thickness taper off at the end and then come to a point. Think like this. Also, I don't think you need a border between all of your shading, especially on the "inside" of the ship. Just putting the two colors next to one another should be enough to get your meaning across. 6) Reduce empty space/Add a background. It's no fault of yours, but any drawing of a ship will feature plenty of empty space between the sails and the actual ship. One way to fix this would be to add a shield or rondel in the background. I'd recommend making the background smaller than the actual ship, so the front, back, and maybe the sails, would be sticking out. Putting in this shape would also help the logo to look better on a variety of color backgrounds without having to recolor things.
  17. Brighton v. Crystal Palace Leicester v. Spurs Watford v. Man Utd West Brom v. Newcastle Arsenal v. Huddersfield Bournemouth v. Burnley Chelsea v. Swansea Everton v. West Ham Man City v. Southampton Stoke v. Liverpool
  18. West Ham v. Leicester Crystal Palace v. Stoke Man Utd v. Brighton Newcastle v. Watford Swansea v. Bournemouth Spurs v. West Brom Liverpool v. Chelsea Southampton v. Everton Burnley v. Arsenal Huddersfield v. Man City
  19. That's an interesting question, and one I hadn't considered. Kind of crazy a sport as big as rugby had no professional presence for over a century. I'd imagine that the USA was the first to introduce professional rugby, keeping in line with the other big sport of the early days, baseball. The other big rugby nations (England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand) would hold out for a while, but once players started to defect overseas to get paid, the other nations began to introduce it, probably in the 40s or 50s. The Rugby World Cup would probably be introduced around this time, and would certainly be much bigger than what it is now. The US would probably have been behind the traditional powers for the first couple, but would catch up quickly, and would likely challenge New Zealand's dominance today. The contracts would be about the same as the NFL, maybe a little bit higher even because there are fewer roster spots. I'd think there'd be a handful of foreign players on each team, but most would stay closer to home.
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