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  1. My friend plays for Sun Prairie, so I'm disappointed to see them fall short. From what I saw of the game, though he played really well, and looks set to go to Whitewater next year. Kimberly is incredible though. 70 straight wins and 5 titles is no small feat.
  2. Gameweek 12 Fixtures: Arsenal v. Spurs Bournemouth v. Huddersfield Burnley v. Swansea Crystal Palace v. Everton Leicester v. Man City Liverpool v. Southampton West Brom v. Chelsea Man Utd v. Newcastle Watford v. West Ham Brighton v. Stoke
  3. Thanks for pointing that out. I figured since Premier Rugby would be as big a business as the NFL in our universe, the teams wouldn't need sponsors, and the shirts looked empty without something on the front, which led to me including numbers.
  4. Dallas Jackalopes The replacement of football with rugby has had the biggest effect on Dallas, who went from hosting "America's Team" to these scrubs. The Jackalopes have been around since 1973, but have managed to win exactly nothing in 44 years. The team has made the playoffs only twice, getting blown out both times, and has generally taken a place in the bottom of the standings. Dallas fans are notoriously fickle, and First Texas Bank Stadium often sits empty. The team has contemplated moving away from Big D for a while, but the team seems to have better days ahead. The Jackalopes have slowly developed a solid core of young players that, if managed correctly, could contend for the Schroeder Cup within 3 seasons. The fruits of this clever drafting have yet to appear, as Dallas is still rooted in last place of the USRU West. But as their rivals age, Dallas's key players will be entering their primes, and will look to leap back to the top of the standings. This concept is a little out of the box, but I think it's my favorite so far. I had difficulty settling on a color scheme, and experimented with light green, light blue, and even pink as a replacement for the orange. The Jackalopes are the only team in Premier Rugby to feature a logo on the socks, something they've done since the 80s.
  5. Great start! There's just a couple of things that I would change. 1. I think you lost some of the character when you digitized the logo, specifically in the eyebrow and the teeth. Curving the eyebrow like in the sketch and adding back the teeth would help it to look more like a rabbit. 2. The gap between the cheek and the ear is too small, I'd either bring them together so the black parts connect, or separate them so the gap is slightly more significant. 3. I don't think you need a white outline, you'd be fine moving the red in one
  6. I thought about moving the Bantam to the chest, but the team has had the B on the chest for forever, so I went with that. The Bantam does see plenty of action on merchandise, though. Now, the third straight team initialed BB Baltimore Bishops Another one of Premier Rugby's 19th Century club, Baltimore has been moderately successful, but generally average over the course of 119 years. They've won the USRU 9 times, and taken won the Schroeder Cup 5 of those times. Their most successful era was the early 50s, where the Bishops never finished with a losing record, winning the USRU and the Schroeder Cup in '50 and '52. Injuries and bad luck stopped a Bishops' dynasty, but the '52 team is still regarded as one of the greatest in Premier Rugby history. The Bishops play their games at Camden Yard, which they share with the Orioles. Since their last title in 2009, Baltimore has been mired in mediocrity, and have started this season with a blase 9-9 record. The team's core is mostly veterans from the 2009 campaign, and coach Kevin Andrews is the longest tenured in rugby at 19 years. Many fans are pushing for some new blood to kickstart the stagnant franchise, but ownership is reluctant to change, so the Bishops seem to be stuck with what they have, at least for now. The Bishops are famed for their all-white home kit, a look they've sported since the 1925 season. The primary logo is a simple script B, and the secondary is a collegiate looking Bishop mascot logo, which was first adopted in 1991. The kits feature a basic diagonal line pattern, mimicking a Bishop's movement on the chess board.
  7. Brooklyn Bantams Downtrodden doesn't even begin to cover it for the Bantams. Though they are the oldest surviving rugby club in the US, Brooklyn has managed just one Premier Rugby Championship, all the way back in 1937. The Bantams have won the USRU 7 times, but have fallen in the Schroeder Cup on 6 occasions, most recently in 1963. Though the Bantams are rarely better than middle of the pack, they still have a loyal fanbase that packs Colland Row for every match. The Row is the oldest stadium in the US, constructed in 1897 and only being renovated once since, in 1954. Since they haven't seen very high-quality product on the field, Bantams fans have turned most of their attention to cult heroes, most notably Ewan Lopez, a Brooklyn born and raised player who wore the Blue, Silver, and Orange for 16 years. Though Lopez stood just 5'3", he played with an unmatched tenacity and grit. Bantams fans fell in love, and when he retired in 2007, he was quickly added to the coaching staff, rising all the way to manager in 2013. Lopez's teams have inspired some hope for the Brooklyn faithful, as their team has steadily climbed up the table and hopes to compete for USRU East titles once again in a few seasons. The Bantams got their name in 1903, when owner Paul Willow's pet rooster Ferdinand ran onto the pitch during a game, and was nearly trampled by the players. Ferdinand survived, and many in the crowd suggested Willow give him a uniform for the next game. The club has always worn blue, silver, and a pale orange that is unlike any other in sports. The classic B logo has been around since the team's inception, and has not been changed for over a century.
  8. Stoke v. Leicester Huddersfield v. West Brom Newcastle v. Bournemouth Southampton v. Burnley Swansea v. Brighton West Ham v. Liverpool Spurs v. Crystal Palace Man City v. Arsenal Chelsea v. Man United Everton v. Watford
  9. Don't want to identify too strongly with either of the main universities in the state? Problem solved.
  10. Maybe try putting the stars in the empty slice on the bottom? The logo is a great start, but it was a little difficult to read without knowing what it was supposed to say.
  11. I've been asked to create a logo for my cousin's punk band, The Psychic Spies. He didn't really give any guidelines, so I just went with what I thought was best. Any C&C would be greatly appreciated, as I've never done something like this before. Here's what I have
  12. Man United Arsenal Crystal Palace Liverpool Stoke Man City Chelsea Brighton Everton Newcastle
  13. Brighton & Hove Albion Chelsea Manchester United Manchester City Newcastle United Bournemouth Leicester Southampton Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur
  14. Liverpool v. Man United Burnley v. West Ham Crystal Palace v. Chelsea Man City v. Stoke Swansea v. Huddersfield Tottenham v. Bournemouth Watford v. Arsenal Brighton v. Everton Southampton v. Newcastle Leicester v. West Brom
  15. You've got a really good start, the otter rendering is a superb. Love the Space Needle in the shading. To take it to the next level, I'd suggest simplifying to make it easier to read. Right now, you have 5 colors going, which I think is at least one too many. Replace all the black with the darker blue, and maybe darken that darker blue to increase contrast. The second way you can improve is by cutting out some extraneous lines, and thickening the lines you have. The whiskers especially will be lost at small sizes. A final suggestion would be to change your outlines and shading to be more geometric than they are now. You have an excellent illustration, but simplifying will make it seem more like a logo. Try to use as few lines as possible to get your meaning across, and you'll have a bolder, more effective mark.
  16. The bolt was one of the hardest parts for me to get right, but I think thicker may be the best way to go. How's this?
  17. I was originally going to go division by division with these concepts, but I was too excited with this one to not post. Buffalo Bolts A surprise addition to the American Rugby Association in 1975, Buffalo is known for its rabid fanbase and blue-collar approach to rugby. Erie County Stadium, located right on the lake shore, is known as one of the toughest roadtrips in the federation, and the Bolts have ended many opponents' title pushes with a home victory in the frigid New York winters. Like Omaha, the Bolts draw their fans from a relatively small area, almost exclusively upstate New York. But when they play, the whole area seems to drop everything to watch, either at the stadium, the bar, or at home. Jeremy Donaldson, the club's owner, is known as one of the most fan-friendly bosses in Premier Rugby, keeping tickets and merchandise at some of the lowest prices in American sports, even when the team is competitive. While the gesture does cost Donaldson some revenue, it is more than made up for through the obsession Buffalo has for Bolts rugby. Buffalo is almost always competitive in the East division, though rarely breaking through into the playoffs. The club's best sides came in the 1990s, when Buffalo took the East division 3 times in 5 years from 1991-95, winning the Schroeder Cup in 1995. While they have failed to capture any silverware since that season, the Bolts have continued to compete in the tough ARA East, frequently charging up the standings late in the season to steal a division crown. In the 2016 season, Buffalo pushed the eventual Premier Rugby champions all the way to the brink, losing out on the division by only one point. But with almost every player returning from that team, the Bolts are one of the favorites to claim the division this season. The primary logo (probably my favorite I've done), features Zeus, the Greek lightning god, and was created in 1998 to help modernize a brand many viewed as stale. The old primary logo, which borrows heavily from Buffalo's flag, was eventually added back as a secondary, and the Bolts' original look has come back into favor with many of the fans who wanted it gone, and the club's clash kit is now a throwback to that era.
  18. San Francisco Jailbirds Originally founded as the Cincinnati Owls in 1962, poor ownership caused the club to only stay 4 seasons in the Buckeye State, heading west to San Francisco. The team kept the Owls nickname for 14 years, finally rebranding in 1976 as the Jailbirds, a reference to Alcatraz, the famous prison located just outside the city. The club has had moderate success in the USRU, frequently challenging for the league, though always falling just short. The team fell to its lowest point in 1982, winning just 1 game in the campaign, and rumors of a move out of California began to swirl. In 1990, the 'Birds grabbed one of the most unlikely titles in Premier Rugby history. After finishing second last in the USRU West the previous season, and with no notable additions, nothing much was expected. But the Jailbirds were in contention all year, stealing the division title from Illinois on the final day to make the first playoff appearance in club history. After an upset victory in the USRU final, San Francisco overcame the longest odds in Schroeder Cup history to claim the club's only title. After this magical run, the team faded back to the bottom of the standings, making their triumph possibly the strangest occurrence in Premier Rugby history. The Jailbirds have been one of the most forgettable franchises throughout their existence, rarely challenging for the title, but never having truly terrible records. Beside the 1990 run, the team has rarely gotten much attention from the media, even though they play in one of the largest media markets in the country. Today, San Francisco is mired in the bottom of the USRU West, having not even managed a top half finish in the last 4 years. Without a lot of power in the free agent market and a poor run of draft picks, it looks like the 'Birds will be near the basement for the foreseeable future. Nothing too crazy on this one. The primary logo is a seagull in a prison uniform, and the secondary is a simple SF monogram. The club uses black and white as the main focus of the color scheme, with gold only appearing on the bird's beak and on the numbers for legibility. The kits are notorious for causing clash issues against certain teams, but Jailbirds' fans love them and have come near riots any time a change is suggested.
  19. Originally a planned to keep the team locations a surprise, but since a couple of people were asking, I came up with a compromise of sorts. Alright, so this is a Premier Rugby "heat map" based on fan support for each federation in each state. With a little thinking, you can probably figure out most of the 28 remaining markets and which federation they fall in, but there are some tricky ones. I'll try to remember to update this post whenever I finish a new team.
  20. Over the years, the USRU and ARA both spread themselves out pretty evenly across the country, so they're pretty similar to the AL/NL or AFC/NFC. There are pockets of the country that are dominated by a specific federation, but it's pretty even as a whole.
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