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  1. OK... So, if I could blow up all the conferences, this would be my "Fantasy League....": Conference 66: The Mother Road Conference North: Notre Dame, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State South: Texas, Texas Tech, New Mexico, Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA, USC Every team plays all of their division (6 games), 1 permanent cross-division rival, plus 2 additional rotating cross-division games Cross-division rivalries: Oklahoma/Texas (In Dallas) USC/Notre Dame Texas Tech/Oklahoma State The rest would be "fillers," as there are no "natural rivalries..." UCLA/Illinois? Arizona State/Kansas State? Arizona/Kansas? New Mexico/Missouri? *Oklahoma/Texas would (as always) be played in Dallas. Additionally, Kansas/Missouri would resume play in Kansas City, and Notre Dame/Illinois would play in Chicago.
  2. Most "minor league" teams in Tulsa have something to do with oil. It is tradition. Additionally, Blue is kind of Tulsa's color. I suggest "Tulsa Crude." I'm thinking something like an oil well, with the top forming the top of a "T"