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    Anime, sports, robotics, food, music, martial arts, all in no particular order.
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  1. Sorry I'm late to the party, but how about "Seattle Squadron" for the team with the aviation theme? You can also imagine the merch: "#SquadGoals" :P
  2. Granted, I have a huge bias when it comes to my high school, but I think that Fountain Fort Carson is one of the best dressed HS football teams in Colorado, even if they wear off the shelf Russell stuff.
  3. As the multitude of prospective college football players are prone to say when looking at their new gimmick uniforms for the coming season, THAT'S SICK. Thanks a ton, that's friggin' awesome!
  4. Can I please get a U of Hawaii sig? Text: Where I come from...'Bows chant before going to war. (If you come up with something better, go ahead and use that, this is the best I can come up with right now. lol)
  5. As a UH fan myself, I really miss the simple kelly green and white look: However, I hope that the UH Athletics Department continues the tradition of incorporating native Hawaiian patterns and visual themes into the uniforms and doesn't overdo the whole rainbow scheme like they did back in ye olde days with those shoulders... Go 'Bows!
  6. "Lighting the lamps" is also hockey slang for scoring a goal. There are lights behind each net that turn on when a goal is scored.