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  1. here's my point: saying "we live in a society that permits the free exchange of ideas/we have freedom of speech" is only true for as far as you believe yer ideas are exchanged equally, right? "That yer ideas are your own" is even a reason why Christianity don't jive with the First Amendment, because Christians get electrical impulses from Jesus who tells them what to wear. Problematic because ppl always use this expression to make an issue disappear while attempting to be optimistic. "We have these rights," is ridiculous. "What rights we don't have" are not as easily known to people as "freedom of speech." Children don't "have Freedom of Speech." Are they gay? Ok, that last part didn't make sense. I am saying this: authorities write, enforce, and interpret the constitution for us. I am jealous. Any time I hear some guy quote the Constitution like the Bible, I have the same reaction. I throw half my body out the car window and drag my face through the street. How can you prove you "have freedom of speech?"
  2. How valuable is the sick child's right to "the entitlement to his opinion" when his parents think prayer is better medication? Some people's can't express their opinions. Some people's opinions don't matter. "We have Freedom of Speech" is an extremely problematic idea.
  3. Every text can be interpreted in different ways. I get upset with the ease at which Christians come to belief when "interpretation" is so easy and requires such huge responsibility and honesty. I went to college and studied textual interpretation. I'm out of college and have applied for forebearance on my loans because I have no job. All day I ride around in my car listening to "Christians" on conservative talk radio shame poor people and exhibit zero responsibility in their interpretations of the modern world. Whether they are entitled to an opinion is a huge debate for me, because their speech exhibits such a lack of understanding and responsibility. "Interpretation" is a reason to live. It's mine. I make sure to choose whom to support ( ) and support them publicly because words DO have meaning when an authority is the one who gets to write the rules and interpret them. Whether Christians know that they have historically held this position of authority or not should make all previous attempts of Christians in their efforts of denying public opinion and common decency is and will always be grounds for my total dismissal of their holy opinions.For example, a teacher (an "authority") saying "Guns don't kill people" should go to jail. That's my opinion.
  4. I think Christians lack the ability to find themselves in any "sinful" situation (it's a lack of empathy). You could interpret my statement also as "I see myself in the Christian/ist ideology." So I gave myself a trophy (because I saw the similarities with them and :censored:ed em over in one sentence): I've heard an interpretation of "Job" that God gave Job all these maladies and disavowed his creations for no reason because he wanted Job (and Sean Hannity) to know that even God didn't understand what he was doing. Just another interpretation for you all to use in every aspect of your daily lives.
  5. Yeah, my interpretation of the Book of Job is that God doesn't even believe in himself ("good luck finding any meaning in a giraffe, fellas" - God). Anyone's interpretation of any text is going to be argued. "The political climate/political motivations of the author/s shouldn't matter," an author's intent (impossible to know), and "the enjambment!" are tools often used to describe some more "legally binding" texts than THE BIBLE, but Sean Hannity doesn't give a about "meaninglessness" when confronted with the opportunity to " suck up to-, " "appease" (he has some dad issues), or out of guilt, "praise," a transcendental signifier. How does Jason Collins handle the meaninglessness of life? Maybe I can't stand Christians because they are so ridiculously easy to fully understand. Sean Hannity, though.
  6. Weird, I had basically the same predictions a few posts back! First Round: -I think we were only off by an average of less than 2 games per series with the same winners in 7 of the 8 first round series (I had Boston losing to Toronto) Second Round: -3 out of 4. You chose Boston over Montreal, I ended up having Montreal over Toronto in the conference finals. Conference Finals: -Our entire Western Conference bracket is exactly the same. We both have the Penguins winning/going to the Cup Finals Finals: -I chose Pens over Blackhawks in 7, you chose Pens over Blackhawks in 7 ... With the exception of Boston beating Toronto and Montreal, I think our perceptions of the playoffs are almost exactly the same (I had Toronto beating Boston, Montreal beating Toronto). For fodder: Regulation Records (SOW and SOL count as ties), average PointsPerGame% of opponents during regular season Toronto: 26-17-5, 1.092 Montreal: 26-17-5, 1.090 Boston: 24-17-7, 1.069 Boston is tired. Toronto is amped. Montreal vs. Toronto in the Conference Semifinals will go 7 games. Mark my words.
  7. Name calling - check Personal attacks - check Refusing side of argument they don't agree with - check If I am these things, how are you different So sorry, Christians. I didn't mean to call you names, attack you "personally," or disagree with you...I just REALLY believe that what I am saying is 100% the WORD OF GOD... I am not like you because you would base your judgements of all people (completely uncalled-for, illogical, unfounded) on a single source so obviously not subjective, not capable of being fully understood, or admissable in court. I get frustrated that my opinion counts as much as a hillbilly who's never-left-"Barnville" and those Barnvillians believe they have the true word of God. There's so much more than the Bible. Why aren't the Catholic priest pedophiles subjected to the laws they have become "authorities" of? Basically, Christians/religious people haven't recognized that "interpretation" (and their amateur, hillbilly "method") is their raison d'etre, and all the adults of the world have to listen to these children talk about "the only book that matters." God doesn't even believe in himself (Book of Job).
  8. The Bible Brunch Club have discovered a new way to claim victimhood on an issue that has absolutely no direct affect on them! Tell me more about how much you "believe in" the Bible. I found the comments that I knew I would find. You are bigoted, ignorant, and uneducated. That stupid attitude of "We Christians are tired of being called bigoted, ignorant, and uneducated for merely disagreeing with homosexuality." Choke on it.
  9. This seems accurate. There's also the question of whether you or I, deep-down, want our favorite teams to lose. ...It has been proven that we are more emotional when our teams lose than when they win...
  10. Chicago, Minnesota - CHI in 5 Anaheim, Detroit - ANA in 5 (why is this so difficult?) Vancouver, San Jose - VAN in 6 (San Jose takes advantage of a season of lucky breaks to win 2 vs. Vancouver) St. Louis, Los Angeles - LA in 7 (LA wins Game 7 in St. Louis in OT) Pittsburgh, NY Islanders - PIT in 4 (Winnipeg would have given PIT a better series) Montreal, Ottawa - MTL in 6 (close series, Ottawa loses at home in Game 6) Washington, NY Rangers - NYR in 7 Boston, Toronto - TOR in 7 (BOS is just too tired to play the underappreciated Maple Leafs, but go far in the series) Conf Semis: Chicago, Los Angeles, CHI in 6 Anaheim, Vancouver, ANA in 7 Pittsburgh, NY Rangers, PIT in 5 Montreal, Toronto, MTL in 7 (Best series of the season) Conf Finals Chicago, Anaheim, CHI in 6 (Chicago is that good) Pittsburgh, Montreal, PIT in 5 (MTL has no experience in the playoffs, or in Pittsburgh) Stanley Cup Final Chicago, Pittsburgh, PIT in 7 (Pittsburgh lets one get away late in the series, but then whoop Chicago in Chicago in Game 7)
  11. I think this series is anything but a guarantee for the Kings. LA should have home-ice, but doesn't, and these teams are closer than any matchup in the West in the first round. However, the margin between LA & STL < CBJ & SJ (CBJ and LA are better)...IMO "Simple Rating System" Rankings (using 'Playoff Records' from the regular season ('W+OTW - L+OTL(-SOL) - SOW+SOL')): Western Conference (3 standard deviations above mean) 1. Chicago* ('above average teams') 2. Anaheim* 3. Los Angeles 4. St. Louis 5. Vancouver* 6. Detroit 7. Minnesota ('below average teams') 8. Columbus 9. San Jose 10. Phoenix 11. Dallas 12. Calgary 13. Edmonton (2 standard deviations below mean) 14. Nashville 15. Colorado SRS Playoff Matchups (Real-life seed in parentheses): (9) Columbus @ (1) Chicago* (8) Minnesota @ (2) Anaheim* (7) Detroit @ (3) Vancouver* (4) St. Louis @ (5) Los Angeles SRS = (win %*)+("avg. win % of opponents") -win % = ((2*ROW)+SOW+SOL)/GP*2) -avg win % of opponents: add up the win % (points per game using "Playoff Record in Regular Season") of each opponent a team has played and divide by GP *A clusterf*** occurs at around the mean in both conferences. ***I'll continue to log each playoff game and I'll post the Eastern Conference pre-playoffs and post-playoffs results for each conference (at the end of Game 1 of the Finals, I could combine both conferences into one for the first time all season...I'm excited)...
  12. The San Jose Sharks and the Toronto Maple Leafs will be the playoff teams most affected by the "shootout win is equal to a regulation win" travesty: -The Sharks have a losing regulation/OT record ! "SOW = 2 pts" record: 25-15-7 "W+OTW - L+OTL - SOW+SOL" ("Playoff Record") record: 17-18-12 -The Maple Leafs would be in first place in their division if Shootout Wins did not count as 2 points, Boston would be in 3rd, a Montreal win and a Toronto loss (in regulation or OT, of course) in their last games would tie the two teams. I'll post my year-long project "'Playoff Record' Win Percentage + Average 'Playoff Record' Win Percentage of Opponents" after the BOS-OTT game tomorrow. Fewer surprises than expected during the year of tracking the data; things have started to mesh, right now, both conferences differ by only 11% from the "cumulative (2-2-2-1-1-0) point system." Florida is more awful than Pittsburgh is boss. Why must SOW be worth anything more than a point?
  13. Brandon Albert was given the franchise tag, does that affect his ability to be traded? Geno Smith goes first if Albert can't be traded.