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  1. I'll be honest I don't think Creamsicle and Pewter can ever go together. They're too polar opposites of colors and they just don't contrast well. I'd just kept it simple with Red, Orange, and White.
  2. I like them, however I think putting the spear logo inside the of the roundel instead of the "W" would be a better primary logo.
  3. I like it, only thing I would change is make the Green slightly brighter, and use the round neck of the Emerald City jersey on all jerseys. The classic fit looks more appealing Outside of that I have no real issues with the concept. Great work.
  4. An updated version of this uniform bringing back the purple would be the best option. Hopefully go a step further and get rid of the wishbone collar for the classic round neck design. It would give them a unique look over the already redundant Red/White/Black color scheme that nearly every team with red uniforms has.
  5. I'd love to see a return to the Royal Blue, Green, and Silver with the Seahawks.
  6. Can I see a red helmet, white jersey, white pants, red undershirt, red socks, white shoes combo?
  7. Yeah the update does look Falconish. Instead I'd like to see you combine both concepts and just go Red, Creamsicle, and White removing the pewter all together.
  8. Everything looks perfect. Only three things I'd say is change the grey facemask to white, and put a helmet on the dolphins head, and shrink the numbers slightly.
  9. I agree with most people and just say go back to the previous uniform set, aswell as fixing the grey face mask and making it white.
  10. Logo is nice but the "Los Angeles Clippers" font is not that great. I'd suggest changing it maybe going cursive. However I'd like to see what these logos would look like with the San Diego Clippers colorway.
  11. Finally they go powder blue primaries. This was years in the making and I hope they go all the way and get rid of navy blue all together and embrace the Powder and Gold.
  12. I think the Ravens purple needs to be a bit more brighter. I can't really tell the difference between the purple and black.
  13. Curious to see what the 90s purple for the Suns would look like on those jerseys.
  14. Im just curious to see what Powder Blue would look like instead of navy.
  15. Chargers Powder Blue and Gold with no navy in your first concept is perfect. Two shades of blue in most cases are terrible, also add to the fact that navy is one of the most boring colors in sports and isn't necessarily a color you picture when you think of So-Cal.
  16. Blazers look great only thing is the red alternate jersey font placement. I know you're trying to be unique with it but the off centered wordmark is off putting.
  17. Only thing I'd change about the Vikings is that you use the same shade of purple in your avatar instead of the really dark purple in the concept. I think it would make the jerseys pop out a little bit more instead they kind of look too dark.
  18. Well it is now officially been unanimously voted. Seattle will get an expansion team and be the 32nd team in the NHL.
  19. Love the Chargers look and definitely think the Powder Blue and Gold should be the main colors. I'd even take it a step farther and get rid of navy entirely and make the alternate jersey Gold.
  20. Otherworldly fire. Beautiful concept and very unique. You must send it to the Suns organization.
  21. I think the Mavericks template design is great except for the shade of blue that's used. The navy is too dark and doesn't mesh as well with the green. I think instead of Navy you should with go with a Royal Blue, to make the jerseys really pop more.
  22. Creamsicle Bucs jerseys are better however the two-toned look doesn't really mesh that well. Also think the numbers on the white jersey should be orange with red outlines.
  23. Make the blue brighter. Similar to the old Washington Bullets blue. Navy is too bland.
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