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  1. Calgary Flames recently changed their Twitter picture to the retro logo and are hinting at an October 5th announcement for returning to retro full time
  2. CHL has announced tonite that all CCM quicklite jerseys will be revealed in the morning.
  3. Over the weekend, the Kingston Frontenacs held their rookie camp. during said camp they had the rookie photo shoot in which they were wearing the new ccm cut. same look as last season save for the new collar
  4. In my personal opinion, an almost bigger problem than the remaining RBK edge template desasters is the numerous teams that blatantly use NHL teams templates with little to no change, other than the logos on the jerseys. Teams like Niagara ice dogs, who use the blackhawks jerseys with little diferences and the mississauga steelheads who are a spitting image of the early 2010s Maple Leafs. Theres the odd team that due to historical designs either draw from cities pro hockey history or have ties to NHL teams, and for them i give a begrudging pass, but these newer teams with nothing other than the want to look like pros to without putting in a pro effort, those teams i can barely stand to watch.
  5. looks like Kingston will have some sort of throwback jersey or jerseys this year. i suspect they may reveal them at the teams preseason meet & greet this wednesday.
  6. Does anyone know when the CCM deal is up for the CHL jerseys? If i remember correctly they were 2 seasons behind the nhl to the edge platform, would that be the same wait time before a potential adidas take over there?
  7. To say I'm amazed by this series is a bit of an understatement. I personally tried something similar a while back but never came close to what you've got done so far. With that being said the brick and sand colour scheme for 'Zona is brilliant. It allows the cards and coyotes to keep solid marks and make sense of the name plus gives a beautiful recolour to the suns.
  8. We're within a month of St Patrick's Day, any idea if/when the Leafs will reintroduce the ST. PATS jerseys?
  9. According to my source the bulldogs have been ruffling feathers in the OHL since leaving Belleville. when the name was first announced Niagara was Furious with the fact that there was another team nicknamed "the Dogs" and they fought the OHL to try and get it changed.
  10. Speaking of the Fronts. I inquired about the reasoning behind kingston wore their military inspired jerseys for a road game in Hamilton and the response was amazing. as it turns out the Hamilton bulldogs requested the green duds after kingston's first trek to the steel city in which the Hamilton faithful began cheering kingston for scoring because they look so similar that the casual fans couldn't tell the teams apart.
  11. All 3 teams have respectable looks, Kingston pays homage to a previous Frontenacs team which served as a feeder team for the bruins. Hamilton takes the colours of the steel city's historical franchises as well as the Pittsburgh template, in homage to steel city USA. And what other colour scheme would the sting of sarnia wear? 3 great looks but please ohl no more black and gold. Get a little more creative please.
  12. The guy who runs nhlunfiroms.com posted a concept after seeing your post (he mentions it on the post) Looks 100X better than their current set I genuinely hate to say it because this looks phenomenal, but all I can see is the LA Kings. If tampa wants to embrace Blue over Black they need to ditch black altogether and add grey or silver. or best case both. Only wear black if they decide to go back to their original uniforms or an updated version of said sweaters.
  13. if they use the team's previous black third as a base for the new set, add brick red shoulders ringed with tan, and widen the tan stripes on the sleves, they'd have a winning set IMHO
  14. With Calgary I have to say v1 is my personal favorite. one thing I would recommend would be black numbers on the dark sweater. the white numbers seem out of place compared to the mainly black stripes and crest. or you could try making the crest and stripes mainly white with black trim to match the numbers. it may look good as well.
  15. KBacon93

    Ti-Nick's NHL

    Chicago's is actually missing the cuffs on the road jersey but actually an improvement in my mind.