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  1. Detroit's and Dallas' jersey look similar to each other and have similar looking shades of blue, but the shoulder stripes makes it easier tell them apart
  2. Robert Wentz, owner of 1 McDonald's in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights, owner of 10 Ford Dealerships in Chicagoland, and co-founder of the Crusaders Legion the largest of the supporters groups for the Crusaders in 1947 Age: 48 Favorite Team: Chichago 1. Minneapolis: Close to other NAML teams and a large population ready to support a professional markball team. Also gives the Crusaders and the Gatekeepers another rival. 2. Omaha: There CML team has the loudest supporters in the Midwest and would get a huge following being the only professional team in town. Also sets up close geographic rivalries with Chicago and St. Louis 3. Dallas: Would help the NAML expand into a market that gives a footprint in the State of Texas that could grow into the 4th largest metropolitan area in the US and their CML team has had consistent fan support despite some lean years before becoming a consistent team recently. It would be a long trip for Dallas for most of their road games with over half of the NAML teams being in the Eastern Timezone
  3. NDA Option 2 American Conference East Chicago Gaels Cincinnati Monarchs Cleveland Lakers Milwaukee Muskies Minnesota Blue Oxen St. Louis Expolers West Los Angeles Jaguars Oakland Squirrels Sacramento Condors San Diego Dreadnoughts San Fransisco Dragons National Conference East Detroit Pumas New York Heros Philadelphia Brawlers Pittsburgh Paladins Toronto Titans Washington Commanders West Calgary Wolverines Denver Mountaineers Portland Chinooks Seattle Thunderbirds Vancouver Ravens
  4. On the NFL alignment, I would go with a different name for the Coastal Division since Dallas in about 300 miles form the Coast. It could be the West Division but only two teams our on the west coast, it makes sense though because that's what the NFL Divisions were called in the 60s. NDA New Alignment East Chicago Gaels Cincinnati Monarchs Cleveland Lakers Detroit Pumas Milwaukee Muskies New York Heros Philadelphia Brawlers Pittsburgh Paladins St. Louis Explorers Toronto Titans Washington Commanders West Calgary Wolverines Denver Mountaineers Los Angeles Jaguars Minnesota Blue Oxen Oakland Squirrels Portland Chincoks Sacramento Condors San Diego Dreadnoughts San Francisco Dragons Seattle Thunderbirds Vancouver Ravens
  5. I like the designs of the team and the concept of driveball. One thing to note about your MLB alignment that the AL has 10 teams and the NL has 8 teams, I would move the Astros to the NL to foster a rivalry with the Rangers or the A's to have a rivalry with the Pirates. Go Portland Chinooks and Minnesota Blue Oxen! Are you planing on doing a southern league also?
  6. Could you the Dallas Chaparrals and the Fort Worth Flyers?
  7. If the Claymores move to New Orleans, they would an insant rival to the new Dallas team! Once you are done with Dallas' logo can you make me sig for them?
  8. Can do a combo for the Texas Rangers and Frisco RoughRiders and a combo for the Dallas Stars and Allen Americans?
  9. I with hawkfan89 on Cleveland being the next city to get either an expansion team or relocated Canadian team (maybe Novita Scota or Ottawa). Other cities that might get a team by expansion or relocation 1. Cincinnati 2. Portland 3. Houston 4. Atlanta 5. Oakland 6. Dallas Can't wait to see KC's and especially Miami's looks
  10. Milwaukee's logo and jerseys are great! Fan of the Choppers until Dallas gets a new team, Choppers going all the way to the Lewis Cup!
  11. This is a long post Andrew Quinn was born on December 2nd, 1955 in Brooklyn, New York to Irish parents Sean and Molly Quinn. The summer before Quinn turned 5 his family moved to Calgary, Alberta because his dad got a better job then the one back in Brooklyn. When Quinn was just 3 years his dad took him to a New York Imperials and Boston Captions game, which when Quinn fell in love with the game of football, even after they moved to Alberta the Imperials were Quinn's team and if he was lucky enough listen to their games on the radio. Quinn started playing organized football, although it was Canadian football. He excelled at WR and DB, but through Junior High he was clear WR was his best position and presently put on offense by high school. Quinn played at St. Mary's High School from 1968-1971 in Calgary, where he lead them to 2 Province Championships and 3 Calgary City Championships in football, was named All-First Team as Sr. and Jr. and 2nd All Team as a sophomore. He racked up 3,250 yards and 47TDs receiving and 551yds and 15tds rushing (Jr. and Sr. years). Quinn received scholarship offers from the Universities of Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto but ended up at the University of Michigan, where went on to finish 2nd place in the Heisman voting his sophomore and junior years, he decided to go pro but got injured in the Rose Bowl vs. UCLA ending his football playing days. Quinn went back to Ann Arbor to get his masters in business management and marketing. Upon graduating form Michigan in 1975, Quinn returned home to take over the family oil business which he turned it into the most well know and successfully Oil Companies in North America with offices in Houston, Dallas, Calgary, and Edmonton and many on and off shore oil wells by the spring of 1980 in just five years. Quinn Oil is worth an estimated $10 million Canadian dollars and $13 million US dollars. 1. Hamilton - Would give the Dukes an instant and potentially intense rivalry, financially stable ownership group, and a great stadium plan 2. Halifax - Would bring in a new fan base, already have a stadium in place, wealthy committed owner (all be it brash), very connected family with huge influence, and only team in the Atlantic Provinces 3. Quebec City - Would give the Maroons an instant and potentially intense rivalry, have stadium plan agreements on the province and city levels, NFA is really popular in the city, and can support a pro team well 4. Regina - Would give the Yellowheads an instant and potentially intense rivalry wealthy ownership committed to the city, plans to increase the stadium to seat 32,000, and have historically supported a pro team
  12. I am hoping they stay put in Big D, but if they move I think it will be to Kansas City
  13. All the new jerseys look great, especially Houston's update and new colors are great!