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  1. I just wanted to throw this one out there. I actually went through a similar issue with a middle school. I then designed them a new one from scratch; which they now use. I know it is a middle school, but sports logo design can be hard, especially in the internet age where there is always influence and sometimes coincidental likeness and inspiration taken from other logos. So even though this is a middle school, I still wanted to post it as I know this logo all too well. If anyone is close to him as a friend, maybe you could let him know so he is a least aware. BTW does anyone see this as harmless? Or an issue? and if it was your logo, how would you feel? I read the THREAD on him creating this and it did take him sometime to get how he wanted it. He also has it on his online portfolio HERE. http://ghills.metamora.k12.il.us/
  2. I just went through this ENTIRE 21 page thread and my hats of to you. I have been following upstart Pro Football Leagues since the UFL, and I will say it seems as though you have came up with a better marketing plan, back story, and presentation than these leagues of full staff have. They have great logo designers, but nothing compared to what you have created as a whole. I been following The Spring League really close and I would love for them to have a similar concept as yours going forward. I do know you stated venues are not at the forefront, but being from the Shreveport area, Independence Stadium home of the Independence Bowl would be a great venue. I'm glad you chose the port city over Baton Rouge. I'll def be following this post! Indeed inspiring.
  3. So a longggg time ago (2010) I ran across a couple threads to try to figure out what team names I should use in the EA NCAA Team Builder. This is their NCAA audio list of names with a couple of my revisions. Maybe they could help in ideas. This is an extremely long list and I tried to shrink it as much as possible. Since this is a thread for ideas, I hope these team names will help in gathering ideas. (Sorry for they Typos also). I did read the spread sheet in the OP and saw a couple of names in my list. I do apologize for that, but I do hope this helps anyways. A: Admirals, Aggies, All-Americans, Alligators, All Stars, Alouettes, Ambassadors, Anchor Men, Angels, Anteaters, Antelopes, Argonauts, Armadillos, Avengers, Aztecs, Aardvarks, Aces, Acolytes, Acorns, Aliens, Alligators, Amazons, Ambush, American eagles, Americans, Amigos, Anacondas, Andies, Angoras, Annihilators, Antlers, Appleknockers, Applemen, Archers, Arcs, Agents, Argyles, Arrows, Arsenal, Artesians, Astros, Athenas, Athenians, Atlas, Athletics, Atoms, Adams, Auctioneers, Auggies, Avalanche, Avalanches, Aviators, Attack, B: Badgers, Bald Eagles, Bandits, Bearcats, Bears, Beavers, Bees, Bengals, Big Green, Big Red, Bills, Bison, Black Bears, Black Bolts, Black Knights, Blackbirds, Blazers, Blitz, Blueberries, Blue Bombers, Blue Devils, Bluedevils, Blue Raiders, Bluejays, Bobcats, Boilermakers, Bolts, Bombers, Braves, Breakers, Brewers, Broncos, Busters, Broncs, Bruins, Buccaneers, Buckeyes, Buffaloes, Bulldogs, Bullets, Bulls, Butch, Badboys, Badnews, Bambies, Bananas, Bantams, Barbs, Barnstormers, Barrons, Baracudas, Barristers, Bats, Battlers, Battlin (INSERT TEAM NAME), Bishops, Beacons, Bells, Berries, Beware, Big (INSERT TEAM NAME), Billie goats, Biscuits, Bisons, Black (INSERT TEAM NAME), Blackwidows, Blackout, Blades, Blasts, Blasters, Blaze, Blink, Blitzkrieg, Blizzards, Blood hounds, Blue (INSERT TEAM NAME), Boa constrictors, Bombsquad, Bonackers, Bonnies, Boomerangs, Boomers, Bowmen, Boxers, Brahmas, Brickies, Bridgemen, Bridgers, Brigade, Britains, Browns, Bruisers, Bumblebees, Bubblers, Buckaroos, Buckin elks, Bucks, Bulldozers, Bunnies, Burgers, Burgundy (INSERT TEAM NAME), Burn, Butterflies C: Cadets, Camels, Captains, Cardinals, Cavaliers, Chargers, Cherokee, Chiefs, Chippewas, Claymores, Clippers, Clowns, Cobras, Colonels, Colts, Comets, Commandoes, Commodores, Conquerors, Cornhuskers, Cougars, Cowboys, Coyotes, Crimson (INSERT TEAM NAME), Crocodiles, Crusaders, Cubs, Cyclones, Canalmen, Canaries, Canners, Cannonballs, Canoneers, Capitals, Capitols, Caravan, Castleguards, Caterpillars, Cavalry, Cavemen, Cedars, Ceebees, Celtics, Celts, Centaurs, Chaos, Chameleons, Chaparrals, Charmanders, Cheesemakers, Cheetahs, Chemists,, Cherrybombs, Chilipeppers, Chipmunks, Choctaws, Clash, Clerks, Cliffhangers, Clockers, Clovers, Coalers, Cobbers, Cobblers, Cogs, Commandos, Condors, Conquistadors, Continentals, Copper kings, Copperheads, Cornjerkers, Corporels, Corsairs, Cosmos, Crabbers, Cranes, Crescents, Crazy (INSERT TEAM NAME), Crickets, Criminals, Crossfire, Cruisers, Crush, Crushers, Cutters, Cyclones, Chicks, Corps, Cows, D: Delta Devils, Demons, Deacons, Desperados, Destroyers, Devils, Dogs, Dolphins, Dragons, Ducks, Dutchess, Dukes, Daggers, Daisies, Dalmations, Daredevils, Dark (INSERT TEAM NAME), Darkhorses, Darts, Deacons, Defenders, Deltaforce, Democrats, Desert, Desert shield, Desert storm, Devastators, Devildogs, Devilrays, Devilpups, Diamondbacks, Diamonds, Diggers, Dinos, Dinosaurs, Diplomats, Dirt devils, Dirtbags, Disaster, Discoverers, Divers, Dobermen, Dodgers, Dogies, Dominators, Dons, Doughboys, Dragonslayers, Dragonflies, Dreadnaughts, Drifters, Drillers, Drive, Drovers, Dusters, Dutchmen, Dynamite, Dynamos, Dazzle, Ducks, E: Eagles, Eels, Enforcers, Eskimos, Explorers, Express, Extreme, Earthquakes, Eclipse, Electric Eels, Electrics, Electrons, Eliminators, Elite, Elks, Emeralds, Engineers, Evangels, Evergreen, Executives, Explosion, Exporters, Exterminators, Extreme (INSERT TEAM NAME), Elves, F: Falcons, Federals, Fighters, Fighting (INSERT TEAM NAME), Fire, Firebirds, Flames, Flyers, Freedom, Frogs, Fury, Flys, Fire Flies, Flashes, Fusion, Forts, Farmers, Fear, Feet, Fireants, Fireballs, Firebolts, Firestorms, Fishermen, Flame thrower, Flamin or Flaming (INSERT TEAM NAME), Floridians, Flyin (INSERT TEAM NAME), Fleet, Foothillers, Force, Forest rangers, Foresters, Friars, Fugitives, Furys, Fusion G: Galaxy, Gamblers, Gamecocks, Gators, Generals, Giants, Gladiators, Gold, Golden (INSERT TEAM NAME), Gophers, Gorillas, Green Wave, Green (INSERT TEAM NAME), Greyhounds, Grey (INSERT TEAM NAME), Grizzlies, Gunslingers, Golden (INSERT TEAM NAME), Geese, Galaxies, Galloping (INSERT TEAM NAME), Gangsters, Geckos, Gentlemen, Ghostriders, Glaciers, G-men, Goats, Gobblers, Godzillas, Goblins, Gorlocks, Gothic Knights, Governors, Granite diggers, Grass rats, Grasshoppers, Grave diggers, Gray (INSERT TEAM NAME), Great Danes, Great whites, Greenies, Gremlins, Grenadiers, Grinches, Gryphons, Griffins, Gulls, Gunners H: Hatchets, Hawkeyes, Hawks, Highlanders, Hilltoppers, Hitmen, Hogs, Hokies, Hoosiers, Horned Frogs, Hornets, Hurricanes, Huskies, Hens, Hoppers, Hammerheads, Harbormen, Hardrockers, Harpooners, Harriers, Harvesters, Hatters, Haybalers, Haymakers, Heartbreakers, Heat, Heatwave, Herders, Hermits, Heroes, Herons, Herrons, Highclimbers, High voltage, Highwaymen, Hi-liners, Hillbillies, Hillcats, Hillclimbers, Hillers, Hippos, Hoboes, Honeybears, Honeybees, Honkers, Hooters, Horned toads, Horsemen, Hotshots, Howlers, Hoyas, Huffin' puffins, Humpback Whales, Huntsmen, Hurricane, Hustlers, Hustling or Hustlin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Hyperactive, Hyper (INSERT TEAM NAME) I: Indians, Invaders, Ice (INSERT TEAM NAME) Ice breakers, Icestorms, Icemen, Iguanas, Illusion, Impact, Impalas, Imperials, Infection, Inferno, Inflictios, Ingots, Ink spot, Insanity, Inventors, Ironheads, Iron (INSERT TEAM NAME), Irrigators, Islanders J: Jackets, Jaguars, Jayhawks, Jets, Jesters, Jokers, Juggernaughts, Jack Hammers, Jack rabbits, Jade tigers, Jaguar, Jaspers, Javelinas, Jazz, Jeeps, Judges, Jumbos, Junior, Justice, Junglemen, Jungle Cats, K: Kangaroos, Kings, Knights, Kickin mules, Kiwis, Killer bees, Killer whales, King cobras, Kingsmen, Knicks, Knightriders, Koalas, Komodo dragons, Kryptonite L: Lakers, Lancers, Leopards, Liberty, Lions, Lobos, Longhorns, Lumberjacks, Lynx, Leathernecks, Lasers, Larvre, Labradors, Lady (INSERT TEAM NAME), Ladybugs, Lava (INSERT TEAM NAME), Lawmen, Lawyers, Lawless, Leaping (INSERT TEAM NAME), Legends, Lemmings, Lemondrops, Leopard tigers, Leopard Cats, Leprechauns, Lethal, Lizards, Lobsters, Locomotives, Loggers, Lords, Lucky, Luckycharms, Labrador Retrievers, M: Magic, Magicians, Mammoths, Masked Men, Maniacs, Marauders, Mariners, Marines, Marksmen, Marshals, Moon Men, Maulers, Mavericks, Midshipmen, Miners, Minutemen, Moccasins, Mohawks, Monarchs, Monsters, Mountain Lions, Mountaineers, Mummies, Musketeers, Muskets, Muskies, Mustangs, Mystic, Machs, Maples, Mapleleaves, Mean Green, Machine, Musty (INSERT TEAM NAME), Mighty (INSERT TEAM NAME), Maccabees, Maddogs, Mad hatters, Mages, Magics, Maidens, Majors, Manatees, Manta rays, Mantis, Maple Leaves, Marauding or Maraudin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Marcos, Marlins, Maroon (INSERT TEAM NAME), Madness, Monkeys, Marshmen, Martians, Mastodons, Matadors, Mean (INSERT TEAM NAME), Machinists, Mechanics, Medics, Mercenaries, Mercury, Meteors, Mets, Midgets, Midnight express, Midnight madness, Midnight rage, Mighty (INSERT TEAM NAME), Millennium, Millionaires, Milkmen, Missionaries, Moguls, Mongooses, Monks, Monsoons, Moundbuilders, Mounders, Mountain (INSERT TEAM NAME), Muddogs, Mudbugs, Mules, Mystic knights, Mutants, Mystics N: Nittany Lions, Norsemen, Nasties, Nasty, New (INSERT TEAM NAME), Nanooks, Nationals, Navy, Nighthawks, Nets, Nightmare, Nimrods, Ninjas, Norse, Nuggets, Northman, North Pole, O: Oilers, Orangemen, Outlaws, Orangatangs, Owls, Oranges, Orange (INSERT TEAM NAME)Oakers, Oaks, Olympians, Oracles, Ore dockers, Orioles, Orphans , Ospreys, Otters, Operators, P: Pacers, Panthers, Patriots, Peacocks, Peecocks, Penguins, Phantoms, Pilgrims, Pink (INSERT TEAM NAME), Pioneers, Pirates, Polar Bears, Polar Express, Polars, Prarie Dogs, Predators, Pride, Pumas, Purple (INSERT TEAM NAME), Paladins, Phoenix, Peaches, Plums, Power, Ponys, Planets, Pythons, Packers, Pandas, Papermakers, Peach, Peasants, Pelicans, Pharaohs, Pheasants, Phillies, Pied pipers, Pilots, Pink (INSERT TEAM NAME), Piranhas, Pistons, Plainsmen, Players, Plowboys, Poets, Pods, Pointers, Poison ivy, Polars, Popes, Porcupines, Potters, Power, Punks, Prairie (INSERT TEAM NAME), Praying mantis, Preachers, Prayers, Preppers, Presidents, Pretzels, Privateers, Professors, Prophets, Profits, Pros, Prowlers, Psychos, Pulverizers, Pugs (DOG), Punchers, Punishers, Purple (INSERT TEAM NAME), Pounders, Pigs, Q: Quakers, Queens, Quakes, Quarriers, Quick silvers, Quails, Quick (INSERT TEAM NAME), Questors, R: Racers, Rage, Ragin Cajuns, Ragin (INSERT TEAM NAME), Raiders, Rampage, Rams, Rangers, Raptors, Rattlers, Ravens, Razorbacks, Rebels, Red (INSERT TEAM NAME), Red Devils, Red Dragons, Redbirds, Redhawks, Redmen, Redskins, Renegades, Roadrunners, Rockets, Roughriders, Royals, Rush, Robins, Rubies, Roccons, Rabbits, Radicals, Radioactive, Radiowaves, Railmen, Ramblin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Ranchers, Rapids, Rattle snakes, Razors, Reapers, Riot, Racers, Regals, Reindeer, Resorters, Retrievers, Revolution, Rhinos, Ridgerunners, Riots, Riptides, Rippin (INSERT TEAM NAME), Riptide rush, River (INSERT TEAM NAME), Riverhawks, Roadkill, Roar, Roarin (INSERT TEAM NAME), Robins, Robots, Rockcrushers, Rockers, Rocket power, Rockies, Rockin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Rocks, Ropers, Roughnecks, Rovers, Rowdy (INSERT TEAM NAME), Royal (INSERT TEAM NAME), Runnin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Rustlers S: Sabercats, Sabres, Saints, Scarlet (INSERT TEAM NAME), Scorpions, Seagulls, Seahawks,Seahorses, Seals, Seawolves, Seminoles, Senators, Sharks, Shockers, Showboats, Skyhawks, Soldiers, Sea (INSERT TEAM NAME), Sooners, Spartans, Spiders, Spirit, Squirrels, Stallions, Stampeders, Stars, Statesmen, Storm, Sugardaddys, Sun Devils, Sunbirds, Suns, Salukis, Sycamores, Scorpions, Sharks, Sonics, Streaks, Stringrays, Squad, Squadron, Sprouts, Stinky (INSERT TEAM NAME), Strikers, Sparks, Sabotage, Satellites, Sailfish, Shellfish, Sailors, Sails, Sand (INSERT TEAM NAME), Savages, Scoopers, Scrappers, Screamin' eagles, Seasiders, Sentinels, Serpents, Setters, Shamrocks, Sheep, She-(INSERT TEAM NAME), Sheep herders, Sheiks, Shiners, Shipbuilders, Shootin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Side Winders, Silver (INSERT TEAM NAME), Strikers, Sioux, Skeeters, Skiers, Skippers, Skylights, Slammers, Slaters, Slayers, Slicers, Smashmouths, Smashers, Smashing (INSERT TEAM NAME), Snails, Snakes, Shoemakers, Snow (INSERT TEAM NAME), Soarin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Soul, Soultakers, Space Monkeys, Sparks, Speed Demons, Splash, Spoilers, Spuds, Stags, Stampede, Starbursts, Starfish, Stateliners, Stealth bombers, Steamers, Steamrollers, Steelers, Steel heads, Steel men, Steers, Sting, Stone crushers, Strike force, Strikers, Subzero, Sugar plums, Sultans, Sun, Sun dragons, Superstars, Super sonics, Surge, Swamp foxes, Swamp Rats, Swamp Gators, Swordsmen T: Tarheels, Terrapins, Terriers, Texans, Thoroughbreds, Thunder, Thunderbirds, Thunderbolts, Thundering Herd, Tiger Cats, Tiger Kats, Tigers, Timberwolves, Titans, Tom Cats, Tornadoes, Toros, Tribe, Trojans, Turtles, Thunder, Tidal, Tidal Waves, Tsunamis, Tadpoles, Tailhawks, Terminators, T-birds, T-rex, Tarantulas, Tarpons, Tars, Tazmaniacs, Tazmanian devils, Technicians, Templars, Termites, Terrific tigers, Terror, Terrorizers, Thunder (INSERT TEAM NAME), Ticks, Tidalwave, T-N-T, Tractors, Trailblazers, Transformers, Trappers, Travellers, Triggers, Trollers, Trolls, Tropics, Tropical storm, Truckers, Tsunami, Tulips, Turbo chargers, Turkeys, Turfdogs, Typhoon U: Utes, Ultra violets, Unicorns, Urchins, Uniformed (INSERT TEAM NAME), V: Vandals, Vikings, Volunteers, Vulcans, Venom, Vipers, Vultures, Voyage, Voyagers, Valkyries, Vanguards, Venom, Ventures, Villians, Violets, Vixens, Volcano blasters, Volcanoes, Voodoo, Vultures W: Warriors, Wasps, Waves, Wildcats, Wolfpack, Wolverines, Wolves, Wranglers, Warhawks, Whales, Wizards, Wardens, Wardogs, Warpigs, Warhorses, Watchdogs, Watchmen, Waveriders, Waverunners, Westerners, Whalers, White Sox, White (INSERT TEAM NAME), Wildebeasts, Winged beavers, Witches, Wizards, Woodchuckers, Woodsmen, Wreckers X: Xtreme, Xplosion, Y: Yellow (INSERT TEAM NAME) Yellowjackets, Yachtsmen, Yankees, Yanks, Yeomen Z: Zips, Zebras, Zapoos, Zebras, Zephyrs, Zizzers, Zombies, Zippers,
  4. Although I agree with you on that particular combination, the new all white color rush uniforms were prob one of the higher rated uniforms the public liked. With that being said, I would not be surprised if they did use this color jersey color again for a color rush game. I would imagine it would be the same design as the white color rush ones with a gold dark much more bolder look closer to the helmet color. If I wasn't so lazy right now I'd do a photoshop chop to what it would look like. Speaking of New Orleans DC must of been relocating to New Orleans. They was just testing the colors out I guess. It is interesting that that they did have a Zyephers uniform on too. However, Chicago in green was always weird to me. The first one looks like they were trying to do the whole Christmas thing, but I guess it was a Green Initiative campaign they were doing. That jersey looks like the Bucks. The second one, I get the whole St. Patties day celebration so I can't knock them for it, but I remember looking at highlights one day and thought my eyes were playing tricks on me because I saw one of the players in green and was like "when did he go to Boston"??? (I think it was Noah.. maybe) Then I was like ohhh I see.
  5. I agree, in this image I attached you see the Notre Dame logo, but its in red. I ask who produced this for the school, and how did this school get their hands on this. As a manufacturer, I would leave these things alone to avoid any issue being involved with this all. I know overseas, its hard to control, but in the US im sure they can go after them. Anyways, This is a school located close to me and it is amazing how much of the ND logo they have on their items, and yes they do sell and make a profit with that logo on their merchandise. There is a school store website and all. I see these Decals all over the area in Blue in red colors. I again ask, who produces these for them? I agree with the graphic design aspect resolution, aspect ratios, or perfecting colors etc. You are 100% correct man do not understand. However I have worked with people who I have done logos for, and I have given them large, large versions of each logo in color, black and white, in a PNG and TIFF format. I have also given them all the RGB color numbers, and the color hex codes. I have given them the fonts, and again mega high resolution files straight from illustrator. For me its crazy that they the manufacturer won't take the time to properly consult with the designer or design team to get proper logistical aspects taken care of. Also from a price standpoint. From the email I received from the licensing coordinator, he said they will send a cease and desist letter and a phase out plan. I think depending on how much of the logo they used, that phase out plan could be extremely costly. In terms of the images I posted below, I know it would cost that school a TON of money. I say why not get past the cost standpoint in the beginning, get it right from the start and avoid legal issues in the future. I want to report this school, but to imagine the cost this school will go through will be heavy. As a designer, I HATE logo thieves, even those that may not know. Its 2016/2017 its time to get in the know. The cheerleader uniforms have the same logo. Its on the football field, in the gym, its everywhere. This is a newly built school with all grade levels on one giant campus in separate sections.
  6. I'm going to bust out an old thread as to not re-post a new thread (Forum etiquette I guess). I know I went 6 years back but coming from a car enthusiast thread user, this is a pet peeve of many hardcore forum users who hate those who post the same questions when they could have searched for a thread already on the topic. ANYWHO I will start by saying some of these stories on this thread are pretty cool and its always cool to see many people and their experiences with PRO athletes. In reply to the above post 6 years ago lol. It seems like Kevin Garnett was rough guy to deal with. So here is my list (I will not name celebrities, just athletes) some are indirect and some are direct: Dak Prescott: I graduated a year before his older brother who should have been a big time collegiate player also his middle brother. Both were great in their own rights. Anyways Dak graduated from my high school in Haughton, LA. My step brother who played at LA Tech with Kenneth Dixon (Baltimore Ravens), and a couple of other recent NFL drafted guys also is still good friends with Dak. Dak was the QB and my step brother was the RB. My step mom was good friends with Daks mom, and the ESPN stories are true about how his mom is a huge reason why he even went to Mississippi State. My step mom also shared with me some of her last conversations with his mother, and it was hard to hear. I will say that the ESPN video of all the coaches doing interviews besides our high schools head coach (Coach Guin) at the time is not all of truth. In my home town, there should be 20 Dak Prescotts at least at a collegate level, but I will leave it at that. This is why is say his brothers were great players and athletes in our local area and my step brother along with others were great too, but the coaches will not help these kids go to big schools. As I stated, Dak's mom did not want here third son to get put on the waist side by my high school's coaches. Another note is that many reports don't mention Dak's father, but he played a large role in his life too. My step brother actually beat out Kenneth Dixon in spring camp, BUT, in college football, why sit your starter when he is selling tickets. If only he was helped by coaching, we later found out he could have went to Auburn and prob started. My high school does have a couple kids FINALLY... MAYBE going to D1 schools but we will see how they fare. It was not with the help of coaches that's for sure. For Cowboy fans Mo Claiborne and Dak played each other in HS. Mo was a superstar in High school. For LSU fans, Dak was highly recruited by Les Miles in the end, but it was too little too late. If you go up the road a couple of miles there is a rival school that had a QB named Brandon Harris who was good friends with Dak as well. Les went and got him but he was recruited early. Chuck Lidell: I was standing next to him at a Vegas club the week before he fought Rashad Evans (and got KOed). I didn't bother him, but those UFC guys are massive in stature. It was some celebrities there but that's another topic. Wanderle Silva: I ran into him indirectly at a Vegas club during a DJ Teisto concert. To be honest I had no idea who DJ Teisto was but I was there with some USMC buddies of mine. Anyways we were originally upper VIP and before we got in, we ran into some rich Canadians who also had VIP but on the floor. Later that night they invited us to the floor VIP were Silva was. I didnt really mess with the guy because he was hammered. A UFC guy hammered;.... I was in the Marine Corps and I know how that may have went down. Drunk fighters.... Ill pass. I was hammered myself but I remember he had 3 groupies that were jaw dropping, but the guy himself had an unappealing huge face. I'm sorry lol, but you could tell he had been in some fights. His neck and jaw looked like it could take a sledge hammer. He was stocky and jacked even in regular clothes lol. I wish now I would have talked to him but knowing my Marine buddies, if something rude was said ill just say Marines will be Marines. Brian Stann: UFC fighter... As I said I was in the Marine Corps. Sir as we called him was in charge of us right before I got out in 07 at the Regiment I was at. He was that Regiments Company Commander. Really, really nice guy. However, he also had a neck and jaw the that was downright scary. Like those UFC heavyweights are stupid big. Anyways, I always bust my buddies balls, because he got yelled at by him and another First Sgt for not having his room squared away. We were short timers about to get out, and were already in civilian mode. Anyways he was actually one of the last guys to sign off on my discharge papers. Like I said, super nice guy and had great morals. Joe Delaney: His jersey is retired for the Kansas City Chiefs. Many don't know that him and Dak are connected by hometown and High Schools. Anyways, this is a tragic story, but a great story on a heroic act. He was even honored by President Regan, and my hometown controversely built a memorial park in his honor. I say controversily because it was supposed be in a different location and the controvesy to many has to do with demographics of race in terms of the location of where the park was finally built. Anyways, I went to high school with his nephew who also was a great RB. I will again say those dog-gon coaches at my local high school again. Anyways, you should really read about his ESPN 30 for 30 story and link here: http://www.espn.com/30for30/film?page=delaney Mark Ingram: So my buddy ran into him in Miami this past summer. I guess they met him at some bar and started chit-chatting with him, and he hung out with him for some of the night to watch some sporting event and go to some bar; I really don't know the details. Anyways, soon as my buddy met him in the beginning he texts me that he's hanging out with Mark Ingram. Being a Saints fan I get super excited and tell him he's lucky and that's a Heisman trophy winner in his presence. I thought he was BS-ing so I had him send me some pics and it was true. So he tells Mark Ingram about me and how much of a fan I am of the Saints. So he starts texting me about what they are doing. So as an LSU fan I start texting about Alabama and how much they suck in a joking manner. He ended up showing Mark Ingram who apparently busted out laughing. IDK i thought that was kool. In my fandom mode i'm like "i got Mark Ingram to laugh out loud" haha. That same friend of mine also lives up the street from TE coach Wade Phillips or Wes Phillips for the Redskins (one is the dad the other the son). His wife is also kool with Chris Cooley and his wife. So every now and then, I would get the inside story on RG3. I actually knew before the media when his was gonna get benched and Kurt Cousins would take over. I also got an inside track on how he was and the coaches did not like him. I was like damn, i feel like Adam Shefter.. Jimmy Graham: So when one of my Marine Corps buddies who both of us are Saints fans was in AAfghanistan on R&R he got to meet Jimmy Graham when he was a Nola Saints and he and other Saints players did a USO trip to support the troops. A week earlier I post on facebook, that we signed Jimmy Graham for too much and it will bite us in the ass and we won't be able to afford him. So I said in all sadness lets just trade him for two first round draft pics. He comments, i'm gonna tell Jimmy Graham what you said when I meet him. I'm like whatever dude..... So a week later he tags me on facebook that he told him lol. I'm like no way!! I guess Jimmy Graham also had a good laugh, but its ironic because we did ended up trading him that next season. Other lesser known athletes i meet and are still acquainted with are: Crystal Smith: (WNBA player) went to my high school and grew up, up the road from her and her siblings. Still FB friends lol Myron Baker: played for the Bears he also played for the Panthers the year the Panthers and Packers played in the NFC Championship game in 1996. Really good friends with my uncle who also was a casualty of my old high school coaches. Myron Baker: MMA fighter, who may go big time. I was in the Army Reserves (BAD DECISION; sorry army guys) with him. Real cool cool guy and a great leader in the midst of the bad leadership at that reserve unit. Working in Wash DC I have meet other celebrities and politicians, but this is a sports thread and I'd be here forever naming names and stories of them.
  7. I have had this question a lot on my mind and I have found this a question of moral and what is right. So I have been going through my state to see how many schools violate these policies. I have found across many boards that a lot of folks seem to think its all about selling items etc, etc however it is way bigger than that. This is how I know. I recently contacted a University in Maryland (not university of Maryland btw) that I will not name about a local high school I will not name. I asked them some of the same questions found on this board and I will provide a copy of the exact reply without names. I think this is a perfect example of how some schools deal with these issues. Simply put, all you have to do is email them and they will indeed answer if you have any questions. Licensing is big big business. I will link a couple of websites below that give everyone here an idea of how serious these issues are as these schools pay, key word pay outside companies to represent them for protection purposes. Fermata is honored to have the opportunity to represent the trademark licensing rights for The University of Georgia, the University of Kentucky, the University of Miami, the University of Notre Dame, the University of Oregon and the University of Wisconsin. http://fermatacollege.com/universities/ The Collegiate Licensing Company below is also another place that represent the trademark licensing rights for a boat load of schools and provides a ton of information on each school and their rights. If you have questions EMAIL them or the school directly as I did. I say in all caps, because this is the age of information and the folks will not bite us. They are never too big to take questions about their licensing. It's good business. Many of us here create logos, and if my logo was used without permission, I would want to know about it. https://www.clc.com/ I learned a lot about how business is conducted in the area of NCAA rules on using their logos. As far as pro teams, if I find a violation I will email them. I will also post it here if it helps. BTW the NY Giants have given a local semi-pro team in Baltimore, MD a desist letter. I know because I was approached by a player to redo their logo and he explained the issue in detail. They were NOT selling anything. The NY Giants issue had to do with the semi-pro team putting the NY Giants ALT logo on their jersey below the collar line. Some Giants' fan must have found out and reported them; who knows. This was the 3rd team in that league that was given a desist letter by two other NFL teams. Yes NFL teams. None of the players get paid to my knowledge. Maybe they did it because it was a semi-pro team. I ask with that being said, how far will they go? Maybe the pro teams have changed their about this all. I know how many NCAA teams handle this, and i'm sure Pro teams take a similar stand. So as far as pro teams, I would not go by what others may say, I say go find out and EMAIL them LOL.
  8. Hey folks, Im back with the other side helmet. Again props to the OP for his awesome work. Anyways I had a random request on my deviant art page for the other helmet. It took me a while but I finally got to it. Here is the screen shot and the link. I am phaseing myself out of Gimp and into photoshop/ pixelmater. But i will do more if needed in Gimp format (.xcf). I am in art school/ full time job, and parent so bare with me on the time issue. BTW Sorry about the visor and the rough edges, the conversion is hard to do. Also when adding the logos, you my have to use some of your own personal artistic touch to make everything blend in well.. If I have time, I will try to make a layer for logos, I will also add the visor and clean up some of the rough edges. Hope this works for all those gimp users out there!! LINK!!: http://djray1985.deviantart.com/art/V2-Revo-Helmet-2-Template-442712722
  9. Thanks I was hoping to help some. I went to a High School in Haughton, Louisiana (Haughton High), the Buccaneer logo was our mascot, but I guess West Jefferson HS would work too since they have the same mascot. I used to live in Harvey, LA so id be down to let them use it as well....
  10. Brand new to the site, like 30 mins ago new, but i been visiting this site for the last couple of years, don't know why it took me so long to join up. Anyways I been reading this thread for the last 2 days and It seems like some people are having trouble with using the helmets based in the program they use. This one was my attempt at it using gimp. I did my best, there is a small transparent gap in the facemask area, too little to even notice, but here is the "revo" style helmet in .xcf format..... I have i linked at my deviant art page for the .XCF format. Just tryna help. Hope I didn't step on the OP's toes with this. And by all means props to him, his work is very inspiring. Here is a screen shot from what I got in my gimp program. Editing the colors should be pretty self explanatory. And adding the logo, I just simply added it a layer above the green helmet layer. It turned out pretty decent to me, considering its not Photoshop. Hope this helps all those gimp users..... Gimp Template link: http://djray1985.deviantart.com/art/Revo-Helmet-Template-366832330?ga_submit_new=10%253A1366493429 Probably could have did better with the actual placement/ angle of the logo but I was actually in a rush and im kinda still messing around with it all. Anyway this is a logo I have been working on for my old HighSchool, still a work in progress...
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