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  1. I don’t. Cowboys never look good with the white jersey CR or not. These look like glorified practice jerseys IMO.
  2. BTW: Kansas State has new basketball uniforms. I like them!!
  3. I’d like to see the Giants use their CR white unis as their permanent road unis, and not for a random home game. Blue should always be their color jerseys at home. Maybe 1-2 games with their current road unis tops. I would like to see the Ravens use the purple CR jerseys as their primary home jersey as well. They are nicer than the current ones. Plus I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but I wish they get rid of the black jerseys. I’m not a fan of them, purple looks a whole lot better.
  4. Unfortunately, I don't agree with you. IMO, Cowboys with the blue jersey and silver pants is one of the best looks in the NFL, and the white jersey and nauseated greenish blue pants is one of the worst. Cowboys need to wear their colors more often at home, especially in an indoor stadium. This cool gimmick of wearing WAH that peak in the 70s and 80s for most NFL teams is starting to wear thin now. Time to change things up.
  5. Cowboys should wear navy at home for all their home games. So tired of seeing them wear WAH all the time, its annoying. Maybe then other home teams will stop forcing the Cowboys to wear blue on the road.
  6. Surprised Wisconsin added players name on the back of the jersey. They never did in the Bo Ryan era so why are they doing it now? Just as long as Indiana doesn't follow suit.
  7. I'm thinking the Giants will wear the White Color Rush at home against Washington in Week 4 to complete the NFC East trifecta (last year vs Philly the year before vs Dallas). That doesn't mean won't do so against the Cowboys, anything is possible. I also wouldn't rule out Philly to wear WAH against the Cowboys as well, but coach Pederson is more heavily wearing the green jerseys at home so we shall find out.
  8. Anything that has orange trim or orange as a secondary color works for me. I don't understand why and probably never will, but I always a fan of a combination of navy blue and orange. And my favorite of them all:
  9. I believe the Vikings will wear a color rush jersey sometime this season. Maybe week 4 vs Chicago or perhaps the "Duluth Eskimos" throwbacks via purple color. And I do believe the Giants will wear the White Color Rush against the Redskins in September 29 they will probably be wearing at home once against each divisional team on a three year cyclical basis.
  10. I hope they post at least replica jersey online for sale (Fanatics, Lids, Dicks Sporting Goods, Eastbay, etc.). I would love to buy one.
  11. And I wouldn't be totally shocked if Philly wears white at home against the Cowboys as well. It's not like they haven't done it before.
  12. I like Virginia's college basketball unis and as a result started to be a fan. And yeah because of their national championship run too.
  13. I am usually a huge fan of teams wearing orange and blue (navy or royal) as their colors (Yes, call me crazy). But I love Virginia's basketball uniforms. Their numeric and NOB lettering font is unique and one of a kind. It also helps that they now won the national championship wearing them. I wish they would use the same numeric/lettering on other sports like most schools do. Still they look fantastic and have done so since 2009 (with a small minor tweaks here and there).
  14. My guess is the Giants will wear the white CR unis against Washington at home on 9/29. They wore them two years ago against the Cowboys and last year against the Eagles. Might as well make it a divisional trifecta.
  15. Well since the Baltimore Ravens now own the dark purple, I don’t see that happening. Besides two distinct shades of purple should separate those two teams. I don’t think anybody wants the exact same shade of colors or color combos Imo.