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  1. Replace the Cardinals’ white pants with the red ones and now were talking. That symbolizes the Arizona Cardinals!!
  2. Rams will likely go white jersey/white pants. They wore blue pants earlier in New Orleans and lost, they wore white/white against the Saints last year (albeit in L.A.) and won. They will wear the outfit which they believe will help them win (and yes that is superstitious). It seems like the Rams play well and win wearing white/white compared to the white/navy referring to road games and home games before they made their throwback look their primary uniform.
  3. Too bad the NFL won't allow the Rams to wear their all yellow color rush against the Cowboys navy jerseys. That would be something to talk about.
  4. I just hope that Drew Brees and Sean Payton finally walk off of the sunset, that the Saints go back to a traditional look. More like gold pants more often and even white pants (not the Color Rush version), and if they do have black pants please put a STRIPE on them. And of course matching gold. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!
  5. My wish for the San Antonio Spurs for next season. 1) Get rid of the current silver alternate and replace a new silver throwback alternate or with the "Spurs" name on it just like they did during the 03-04 season and 06-07 season. That is the best throwback in the NBA ever. Why not change it. 2) The camo needs to go. Yes I understand it's a military city and it cherishes it but it just does not look good in a basketball jersey. Just please end it. 3) I wouldn't mind having a fiesta themed jersey with all the colors on an occasional basis but only on a special occasion but not too overboard. The Spurs have always had classic jerseys and I hope they do take it to their advantage of them without going too drastic. That's all I ask for.
  6. The Patriots unis aren't going anywhere. They won FIVE Super Bowls with them so why change for old time sake. Not happening so we either going to have to love them or loathe them (even though I prefer the latter)
  7. They look better in navy pants. The mono white looks more like their practice outfits. Just isn’t right.
  8. I'm thinking the Bucs will wear white jerseys/white pants against Carolina. Outside of the Steelers game earlier, I don't see the Bucs wearing red again at home this year. They will have to in Dallas at the end of the season.
  9. I’m surprised the Bucs wore white at home today against the 49ers. I expected them to wear the colors being this late in the year. Now I’m thinking they are going WAH for remainder of the season.
  10. Iowa surprisingly unveil a gray alternate for their game last night against UConn. I am really not a fan that uses an alternate color that does not resemble the schools colors (ahem black alternates that never use black as a school color). But in this situation I really like them, I wish use the word "Iowa" or "Hawkeyes" in the front of the jersey and use the Hawkeye logo in the back, otherwise it would have been a great and near perfect alternate.
  11. I meant the jerseys and you’re right, pants are optional. Still it would be awkward if they wore yellow jerseys with the regular white pants or navy pants. I believe the all yellow CR is their best option but we will find out soon enough.
  12. Nope they will continue to wear the all yellow outfit. They announced it earlier this season. They will not change it now.
  13. And were humiliated at home opening week against the Jets wearing the blue pants (with the blue jerseys). So you can't have it both ways.
  14. Back in the late 80s when I finally started following college basketball very closely. These were the unis I remember the best:
  15. I don't miss Adidas (unless they were the pre 2010 unis). Yes, I do like Nike and I do believe they are trying hard to create jerseys for merchandise, but some of the City edition are indeed an eyesore. But either way the jerseys will not be the same uniform than it used to be. I miss the Champion, Nike v 1.0, Reebok, Starter jerseys the NBA created. The 2006-10 Adidas jerseys were also solid. But now things went downhill when Adidas went to the Rev 30 and sleeved jerseys and although Nike unis have come a long way since the ripped jerseys in the beginning, it will not compare to the thicker style jerseys the NBA had in the early 90s until the late 2000s which by far and away the best and the most durable.