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  1. I'm very certain that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will wear the same outfit as they did in Super Bowl 55. White jersey/pewter pants in week 1. Meaning Dallas will wear navy blue. The next week the Chargers will wear WAH as well, meaning again navy for Dallas. I wouldn't rule out Washington Football Team and the Giants wearing white against Dallas as well, especially the Giants wearing WCR against Dallas like they usually do every other year.
  2. I’m still shocked that Viva paper towels didn’t become the sponsor of the Las Vegas bowl. Viva Las Vegas Bowl. Yeaaaaa!!
  3. I think it looks almost the San Antonio Spurs unis, more similar to the throwback unis.
  4. Here’s mine: 1) Cardinals 2) Ravens. Like the current set but they need to make the CR Purple their new home set, and make something similar for their road set. Emphasize more purple and less black. 3) Giants. Time to go back to the 80s-90s set. CR white needs to be the permanent road uni and make a similar blue uniform for home games. 4) Panthers. They should either get rid of either silver or black (make light blue their primary color). I rather prefer ditching the black the silver is okay. 5) Texans. They may no longer be the Oilers, but they can bring back Oiler colors. Bring back light blue as the primary, red as a secondary and change the helmet to white with the logo staying. Not hard.
  5. I was referring to the regular season and playoffs, not the preseason games. But thanks for the info anyway.
  6. IIRC, the Minnesota Vikings wore purple an eye popping 12 times back in 2014. And as a bonus, the 1989 New York Giants also wore blue jerseys 13 times (12 in regular season and their one home postseason game), including all EIGHT of their division games (back when the NFC East had five teams). I don't recall any other team wearing their colored jersey more than that other than the two I mentioned.
  7. The Bucs have the coolest road set. White jersey/pewter pants. And they won the last 2 playoff combos with that set, they should continue that trend. Don't see why they would change just because they are the "home" team in the Super Bowl.
  8. I may be in the minority in this, but I would like to see the New York Giants upgrade their set. The road uniforms with red heavy (numerals, lettering, trim, etc.) is atypical for a team that describes themselves as "Big Blue Nation". Yes I get it, they won two Super Bowls with set, but that don't mean I like it. In fact I despise it. Their 2000-04 set was better with a combination of red and blue in their set. However, they need to go back to the 1980s and 1990s look with a full blown modern set of today. They need to go back to the White Color Rush as their road jerseys with a few minor upgrades here and there. And make a similar set with the blue home jerseys again with minor upgrades. Time for the Giants to step up the plate and go back to the similar unis that saw them win the first two Super Bowls, and make it work. And yes, I also like to see them bring back blue pants, in which they wore up until 1979. I really dig them even though it was a symbol of disappointment during that time.
  9. Not really I just wish the Cowboys mix it up more and wear blue jerseys at home for a few games. I'm tired of the excuses of the Cowboys don't play well and lose because of the blue jerseys, it is tiresome and annoying.
  10. Okay I thought it was white helmet/blue jersey/white pants. I don’t pay attention to the socks like some people do.
  11. So that means the Patriots are wearing WAH right?!! I’m not saying you’re lying but just awkward they are doing this late in the season. I just want to find the source to know it is true.
  12. That is one of the best road combo in the NFL, even though they are at home. Ranks right up there with Packers, Raiders, and the Browns white jersey/orange pants combo. Glad they did this, I hope to see it more often in future games.
  13. What about Oklahoma City? Or Omaha? Both great college football cities it could do wonders with NFL.
  14. I'm all for the Broncos to update the look. However, I would like to see them have royal blue instead of navy, that would look better. Besides we have enough navy teams not just in the NFL, but all of sports (college or pro), and little of the royal kind.
  15. I usually think differently. Helmet/jersey/pants don't think about the socks. But either way is the right way depends on how you post it.
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