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  1. That is one of the best road combo in the NFL, even though they are at home. Ranks right up there with Packers, Raiders, and the Browns white jersey/orange pants combo. Glad they did this, I hope to see it more often in future games.
  2. What about Oklahoma City? Or Omaha? Both great college football cities it could do wonders with NFL.
  3. I'm all for the Broncos to update the look. However, I would like to see them have royal blue instead of navy, that would look better. Besides we have enough navy teams not just in the NFL, but all of sports (college or pro), and little of the royal kind.
  4. I usually think differently. Helmet/jersey/pants don't think about the socks. But either way is the right way depends on how you post it.
  5. Doubt Washington is going to wear white at home. Although that would be cool if they did, I always liked that look.
  6. The O/B/O stands for Orange helmet, Brown jersey, Orange pants. Sorry I should have clarified it.
  7. I think Arizona will come to their senses and wear red jerseys/white pants in Carolina. I would like to see the Panthers wear white jerseys/black pants at home for once they do it on the road several times, why not at home change things up. Browns should wear O/B/O in Dallas their best combo bar none. And its still too early for the Eagles to wear green pants this year.
  8. I guess I am a traditionalist. Yes I know NBA and NHL has mono, but they have done so for plenty of years and does look fine on television and in person. I'm just used to not seeing mono in the NFL until several years ago. I was more of a fan of the unis 20 years ago because it looked good and more I can say professional when it was just one color jersey and a different style of pants, and I don't mind mono white because it was traditional (Dolphins, Vikings, Browns, etc.), but doesn't mean I am a huge fan of it. That is the reason why I adore the uniforms of the Packers, Chiefs, Raiders, Bears, Colts, Steelers, etc. because they kept it traditional with the exception of a color rush game every now and then.
  9. I hate friggin mono everything!! Mono blue mono black mono white mono orange etc. Wear a color jersey (or white jersey if you are an away team) and a different color pants. Not that hard is it.
  10. To be honest with you, I thought this will finally be the time the Seahawks will wear white at home against Dallas this year. I would love to see Seattle finally pull the stunt and be the team to cross the never wear white at home off their list. I don't understand why they don't.
  11. I think the Saints will wear the white color rush against the Packers or the regular all white combo. They wore the WCR against Dallas in week 4 last year and they will likely do it again.
  12. A few points about Virginia's new logo/unis/etc. 1) I like the updated "V"/sabre shaped logo. I don't understand the controversy of the logo, but not much different than the old one just modernized look. 2) The cavalier secondary logo is good not great or spectacular. I think they worked way too hard to make it look fantastic but in hindsight it may have overdid too much to have that "Wow" factor. 3) The uniforms, OTOH, don't amaze me. The numeric fonts I dislike and the "Virginia" and "Cavaliers" wording looks eerily similar to their state rival Virginia Tech. Why UVA let Nike go that route is beyond me. The basketball uniforms (with fonts, numerical and lettering) they had, was one of the best, if not the best in college hoops, why suddenly ruin it. The football uniforms were good too but now it looks like that made it "too busy" with that update. Overall I give it a C. The logos are good, but they took a step backward with the new unis they have. We'll find out come fall if it changes, but for now I think its a fair grade.
  13. If they replace the blue helmet with a silver one, it would be a knockout!! Well what are they waiting for?!!
  14. I love the new Browns jerseys, they have to be in the Top 5 if not Top 3 uniforms in the NFL. I wouldn't mind buying one of these in the near future (even though I am not a Browns fan). I would love to see them do good on the football field for once. Maybe the classic unis could put a spark to that team, it can't hurt.
  15. Surprised the Colts still use the old template, I thought they would switch to the new Nike VU template, maybe they will once football season approaches.
  16. I maybe in the minority for this, but I would like to see the Colts go back to these, but only in a modern look. Keep the regular helmet as is and add a blue home jersey with the same template. They could look ultra cool, if done right.
  17. And don't forget the mid 70s Spurs silver jerseys. Even though we are talking about a different subject not relating to this.
  18. Sorry but pink even with pink trim just doesn’t look good. They need to go back to the drawing room, referring to UA.
  19. It would have looked terrific anyway regardless of the Super Bowl outcome.
  20. Nah the Falcons unis aren’t ugly, their just boring. If I want to cure my insomnia, I’ll just watch an old Falcons football game with their current set, works all the time.
  21. Hopefully if the Saints wear their white tops, at least they would be smart to wear gold pants or black pants. Maybe they will surprise us by wearing the all white color rush jerseys this weekend. Anything but white/stripeless white.
  22. And so do the Falcons, they need to stop living in 2003. An overhaul would do wonders.
  23. If the Panthers insist on white pants, then switch to a white helmet and scrap silver altogether. They have too many colors (black, blue, silver, and white) for their uni combos.
  24. I was thinking 2021. However they should leave the current set alone, but scrap the white pants altogether and just have silver and black pants. I also believe they should use the blue jersey as the primary home uni and have the black jersey as an alternate. Otherwise, leave it untouched. I would love the Panthers use the silver pants with the white jersey to match the silver helmet. Surprised they have only done it just ONCE in their franchise history. Looks a whole lot better than the white/white combo with the silver helmet. I'm all for it!!