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  1. Indeed there it is, thank you so much. I'd have never guessed that myself.
  2. Not totally sure if this is the right place to put this but I've been having some trouble figuring out a forum how-to. Specifically, how do I change the title of a topic I have created? I know it is possible since I see other titles change but I've looked everywhere I can think of and haven't been able to figure out how to do it. Thanks!
  3. Damn you all! I feel like this is going to jump start playing Football Manager again for me, which I really do not have the time for. Seeing these awesome concepts in that game seems too tempting to pass up though.
  4. More awesome work, thanks for the updates. As a current resident of the Minnesota area I do very much like the Twin Cities entry (Target might not because they are sticklers about their red). I think it's another awesome crest and clean, slick looking uniforms. Thanks again for the entire series.
  5. Thank you SO very much for including my all too often overlooked home city! (even though I don't live there now) I love all your designs and this one is one of my favorites for the local connection as well as the overall amazing quality. Those secondary uniforms are simply amazing and similar to ideas I have had for incorporating the Zia symbol into a uniform for years, though I lack any skill to bring them further along. One rather small nitpicking sort of issue is the little bird. I know it is included in the city flag and I know many cities use their flags a lot (Chicago's for instance seems to be all over the dang place), however I was unaware Albuquerque even actually had a flag until pretty recently. Putting it simply, the flag is rarely used or seen and I have no idea where the designer of the flag got that idea anyway. It claims to be a stylized thunderbird, which certainly is a symbol associated with the region, though I have never seen it looking anything like what is on the flag. The more traditional thunderbird look that I am aware of is something like these: Or the logo (current and past) for Sandia National Labs (one of the city's largest employers): As I said it is a very nitpicky point and one I am sure the fans would have no problem overlooking, especially as it does come directly from the official city flag. Overall, I love it and thank you again!
  6. I'm totally new to the site, just found it a couple days ago and honestly have spent probably 95% of my time reading through most of this thread, simply amazing work! I have long been a fan of sports logos in particular, as well as a fan of soccer and hockey. The work you've done here is simply splendid and I think the very few things I have seen and not been a fan of are still considerably better than some of the ugly logos and looks the real world has forced upon us (Buffalo's slug logo and the Mighty Ducks jersey with the full duck flying out of the ice immediately springing to mind). I used to have enough free time to play Championship Manager (the football/soccer management simulation game) and would always try to edit it to create an American league with promotion and relegation, though I often gave up on even attempting to make actual logos and I am sure yours would easily blow any of mine out of the water. Overall I am really very, very impressed and I hope to see the last few teams getting posted soon.
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