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  1. As I've read through and caught up on this thread the Kraken thing has really grown on me, not sure I like it better than Metropolitans yet but it's the only other name concept I've seen that even comes close to that throwback. Love the merch stuff as well, some really great looks. One suggestion I'd have for Seattle is to take the throwback alt jersey as a primary home and your current home to an alt with a different logo. Specifically I think you take your "Release the Kraken" logo and replace "Release" with Seattle, drop the the and you've got an alt logo. For the Beavers I love the B logo and can't really complain about it showing up on all four jerseys but I also like the little skating beaver with the stick and think he deserves a spot on an alt. With the inclusion of the brown set I think there's actually a color that he'd look good on.
  2. Greece Mexico With a flight this afternoon I'm worried I might miss the medal round voting but it's not a big deal since all the designs are so awesome and I really feel any of them could have come out the champion.
  3. I missed a whole round of voting! Damn "real life" Anyway, I was wonderfully happy to see my design win a round even if it couldn't repeat the performance. There are so many great entries, it's a very tough competition. My third round votes: Scotland Greece Norway Mexico Vatican City United States South Africa Jamaica Qatar Sweden Croatia North Korea
  4. I don't remember well enough to know if I'm actually voting completely the same as I did last time, I felt some matchups where pretty close and they're all awesome. Kazakhstan Papua New Guinea Scotland South Africa United States Jamaica Luxembourg Greece Great Britain Poland Norway Qatar Mexico Sweden North Korea Djibouti
  5. I was able to go back to the original thread and find all the ones that I couldn't get to so I'm alright with closing voting earlier now.
  6. I'm currently getting photobucket errors for about half the entries so I'm not in favor of moving up the deadline for that reason.
  7. Alright, I've got some updates with different numbers and a few other tweaks. I switched up the font but tried to keep the feel I was going for, not totally sure if it works still. Like always, any comments are welcome.
  8. Nice looking jerseys but not NY Giants jerseys. The black instead of red gives them a totally different feel that's not Giants at all to me.
  9. Seems there's consensus that the numbers should be reworked, I'll see what I can do about that as well as perhaps simplifying a bit overall. Any other ideas?
  10. Any chance of this wonderful work being converted for photoshop?
  11. On vacation next week so probably won't move onto another sport for a bit but here are the football jerseys I've created. I would love to hear some C&C on these. And a couple variations, home and away with yellow pants
  12. Sorry for any confusion, the concept I am going for is a true sporting club. So there will be teams under the organizational umbrella that participate in a number of different sports. I've started with football but will likely have baseball, soccer, and hockey as well and possibly some others depending on what templates I can find and ideas I can think of. The idea is that it's a good exercise for me to get used to working with my design tools and with different templates.
  13. Thanks, I'm pretty happy about that Zia mark as well. It's very common for concepts in New Mexico (the basic NM over a Zia idea) but I think the addition of the turquoise makes it stand out. As for the body/wings issue with the thunderbird that's actually a stylistic choice to have the wings be slightly separated from the body itself. I'm having some trouble working with templates since I only have photoshop elements which can't handle layer groups but I've put together a rough draft of sorts for a football helmet and figured I'd go ahead and post it here. I'd be very happy to hear any feedback or pointers.