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  1. You gotta go single digit if you're eligible to it's just too unique not too... I mean anyone can be 17...
  2. That's kind of interesting. Growing up here in Denver when we had a Triple A team when I was in high school I'd been around the stadium enough to know exactly what gate and about what time to show up and be able to walk right in... it was like the 4th inning or so they would leave the gates open and leave it unattended... I saw a lot of free baseball that summer.
  3. I think the single digits are cool as there are only 9 of them on a roster.
  4. S&T is science and technology so it make sense. I like it...
  5. I like to pick up hats when I travel... if I'm in NY and go to an Islanders game I get an Islanders hat... or the Blue Jays, Celtics, whoever.. I'm not fans of those teams but they are souvenirs of having been to see them in that city...
  6. WR's should wear 80's and then if necessary for a few they can roll to 20-25 but not teens... hate the WR's in the teens now...
  7. Why did Houston release a video showing zero changes?
  8. I've been burned so many times buying fitted hats online you'd think I'd learn but....
  9. So the White Sox would have an Old English C in the same division with Detroit? Brilliant...
  10. It hurts my eyes.. I'm not sure why.. sort of like looking at those magic eye pictures or something...
  11. That's crazy! What's the story behind that I wonder? That took a lot of work to create and there had to be a method to the madness...
  12. Yeah, is that "C" hated? At least it's unique unlike that crappy block C now...
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