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  1. I've been burned so many times buying fitted hats online you'd think I'd learn but....
  2. So the White Sox would have an Old English C in the same division with Detroit? Brilliant...
  3. It hurts my eyes.. I'm not sure why.. sort of like looking at those magic eye pictures or something...
  4. That's crazy! What's the story behind that I wonder? That took a lot of work to create and there had to be a method to the madness...
  5. The N? The D is clearly a capital if nothing else...
  6. Yeah, is that "C" hated? At least it's unique unlike that crappy block C now...
  7. As soon as they are allowed you know they will add a black hat with a blue brim... I'm shocked they would launch with only one hat and not like four...
  8. The road with the orange pants.
  9. They should have played on the same field. Now that I would have tuned in for.
  10. Better than before. Anything that eliminates baby blue is good.
  11. It's weird how both the hat and the jersey now look like cheap, bootleg, knock offs.... so bad and a double fail which is actually hard to do...
  12. Hate the name it's just been around so long you sort of forget how terrible it is.