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  1. So the original plan was to be a walking OVO advertisement and Jay-Z/Brooklyn knockoff, but it was changed into a dried-out husk of their former identity because of DeRozan? Uh-huh, sure. You'd think somebody would go, "Hey, this retro gear is selling pretty well, maybe we should do something in line with those, like, I dunno, use purple again or something?"
  2. They would've been a lot better in my eyes had they not gone for the asymmetric look.
  3. I'd like to see the Rams in Navy & Yellow (with an emphasis on yellow) and the Chargers in Powder Blue & Yellow if they both end up in LA. The Raiders are fine as-is.
  4. So you mean that after all the time spent on building up the Sierra Mist brand (I actually prefer it over Sprite these days), they throw it all away to go with a brand that screams "Mountain Dew 2." Why?
  5. This was a damn good game, fans of both teams should be proud. Hell of a game.
  6. Ehh, this could look really dry on the court thanks to Adidas' terrible jersey template...as a matter of fact, it looks pretty dry now. I always liked the 90's Sonics' colors and the way the Storm utilized it later on (using red as an accent rather than a secondary color), so I'm very sad to see it go. Honestly, if they absolutely had to change, I would've rather seen them switch to a color scheme more in line with the Seahawks/Sounders/Mariners - it would go better with their name.
  7. I honestly think that both the Falcons and Bengals are on the verge of having great looks, but they have to add by subtraction. For the Bengals, the side panels and number font have to go. Another type of pants stripe would help too, the Broncos' style isn't quite working for them. For the Falcons, I've always liked their shoulder design, but they need to lose the piping. Replacing that with pants striping that matches the shoulder caps would make for something pretty nice IMO. Bringing back silver could also freshen up things.
  8. Haven't had time to perfect the text, but here's a mock-up with the Jaguars logo recolored. Wow. I think I like the recolor more than the original.
  9. There are two things I've always wanted to see the Steelers try out of curiosity (and a preference for matching helmets/pants): Black pants, or going back to yellow helmets.
  10. Really, using the gold as trim is the only thing that allows them to get away with using both dark purple and black heavily. Emphasizing gold more creates a bit of an imbalance, and muddies the two darker colors.
  11. Those gold pants look awful. I honestly hope they never see the light of day again unless a complete uniform overhaul comes with them. And for some reason, they remember to put a stripe on those ugly things, yet continue to neglect putting one on their black pants.
  12. That's a really cool football/soccer jersey.Oh wait...
  13. I just don't understand why they had to make the color scheme so dark. The color balance on the helmet is near-perfect, and it baffles me that the color balance throughout the rest of their set is nothing like that. Detroit gets it, why don't the Eagles?
  14. Wow, you know "simple" design's gone overboard when even an apostrophe is considered clutter. Seriously guys, proper English please.
  15. I'll bite. To me, the most dated aspect of that uniform is the logo overkill. The helmet logos reappearing on the sleeve is something I can live without, pesonally, but by the time we get to the hip and there they are again, I'm well over it. OK, we got it the first time. Very 90's. And also, as the Admiral says, those helmet and pants stripes were cutting edge about 15 years ago... now, not so much. Gotcha. It just seems strange to me to call an entire look "dated" because of only a few visual quirks. We can call most, if not all, looks "dated" using that criteria. 95% of the Panthers' look is as traditional as it gets, so I'd say that those elements are what sets it apart from similar looks, what makes it unique.