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  1. So the original plan was to be a walking OVO advertisement and Jay-Z/Brooklyn knockoff, but it was changed into a dried-out husk of their former identity because of DeRozan? Uh-huh, sure. You'd think somebody would go, "Hey, this retro gear is selling pretty well, maybe we should do something in line with those, like, I dunno, use purple again or something?"
  2. They would've been a lot better in my eyes had they not gone for the asymmetric look.
  3. I'd like to see the Rams in Navy & Yellow (with an emphasis on yellow) and the Chargers in Powder Blue & Yellow if they both end up in LA. The Raiders are fine as-is.
  4. So you mean that after all the time spent on building up the Sierra Mist brand (I actually prefer it over Sprite these days), they throw it all away to go with a brand that screams "Mountain Dew 2." Why?
  5. I honestly think that both the Falcons and Bengals are on the verge of having great looks, but they have to add by subtraction. For the Bengals, the side panels and number font have to go. Another type of pants stripe would help too, the Broncos' style isn't quite working for them. For the Falcons, I've always liked their shoulder design, but they need to lose the piping. Replacing that with pants striping that matches the shoulder caps would make for something pretty nice IMO. Bringing back silver could also freshen up things.
  6. Haven't had time to perfect the text, but here's a mock-up with the Jaguars logo recolored. Wow. I think I like the recolor more than the original.
  7. There are two things I've always wanted to see the Steelers try out of curiosity (and a preference for matching helmets/pants): Black pants, or going back to yellow helmets.
  8. This has always confused me...how come those Teal Pistons jerseys show up as a vibrant darkish Blue in some pictures?
  9. While I much prefer the look of their current logo, I really loved the "Fiesta" colors and would love to see them return in a tasteful manner.
  10. The shorts are really nice, I actually love them. It's by far the best use of the new logo that I've seen thus far. The rest? Trash. Boring, stale, uninspired trash. The numbers don't really match the letters, they did almost nothing to improve the color scheme, they have an alternate jersey named after a kinda-sorta-fan-of-the-team rapper trying to be seen and bite off of Jay-Z (and I actually like Drake as an artist...), and they kept so many elements of the old jerseys that a change seems completely unnecessary. I really don't understand what they were trying to accomplish here. At best it's a lateral move.
  11. Pac-Hawk is right there along with the J-Note as a wonderful secondary that has no business being the primary, especially with their new set. Shoot, the fact that most people read it as something else entirely (which is how it got its nickname) makes it a bad primary logo. There was nothing wrong with keeping the full-bodied hawk (though it does need some cleaning-up, slightly too busy) as the primary, and using the Pac-Hawk (with an outline or two) as the secondary. That's really what secondaries are for, to go on places where a full logo wouldn't work (such as the jersey). As it is, the Hawks now have a logo that totally clashes with their look (and is actually a tad bit too traditional for the original 'Nique set), and is, IMO, the biggest flaw in their set. Sorry, this is totally off-topic. Okay, the full-bodied hawk and the Pac-Hawk are analogous to the cartoon Raptor and the old ball-n-claw - one was created to be a strong primary, while the other serves as a secondary mark to use in situations where the primary wouldn't fit (such as the jersey, smaller merchandise, etc.). Ideally you'd want something like the Pelicans' logo, which is a little bit of both, but those aren't easy to make. The strong primary/secondary combo is something that works very well for basketball. Something like the Raptors' new logo works better as a primary in another sport, such as football. There, that's better.
  12. I really liked that "Raptors" script, I wonder why it never made its way onto a jersey?
  13. Wait. So you mean to tell me that they would've introduced a logo with even more black in it than the one they use now, yet run with a jersey set completely devoid of even a hint of it? What is it with this franchise and their apparent inability to use black correctly?
  14. You're not the only one. "Phila" always looks incomplete to me, and it really sounds stupid when you say it. If they absolutely just have to use an abbreviated version of "Philadelphia" as opposed to just using "Sixers" (which isn't that good itself, when you think about it), then why not use the abbreviation that everyone both knows and actually uses? Shoot, I actually think they should take a shot at putting "Philadelphia" on the jersey. If the T-Wolves managed to fit "Timberwolves" onto a jersey, the 76ers using "Philadelphia" can be done.
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