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  1. Country Roads. Calgary me home. To the place I belong. On the golf course. Best in the West. Lost in 5.
  2. Caps returned the favor, drubbing Carolina 6-0, a few days after losing 5-0. Ball's in Washington's court to end it.
  3. This, honestly, shouldn't even BE a series. But, it is. I'm hoping this is a Raleigh thing, and not something really wrong. Hope they get their stuff together when the series shifts back to DC.
  4. Nashville gave up a 4 spot to Dallas in the first period.
  5. The wicked djinn, stroking his goatee, leans in and rests his hand on Cooper's shoulder; "Eh, Jon, what's in a number?" "I hope you like BIG, ROUND numbers!" *coughzerocough*
  6. You beat me to it, I was just about to post this. Lightning in two and a half
  7. Oh God, Patrick Crayton. 14 year old me woke up that morning thinking about the best Cowboys team he ever saw. Went to bed, heartbroken and crying. I, to this day, still hate Patrick Crayton. HOW DO YOU DROP A WIDE OPEN PASS!
  8. Don't remind me of that, I still have repressed memories about that series. Halak is my NHL repressed memory equivalent of Patrick Crayton.
  9. I'm sitting here, patiently awaiting the soon-to-be released "Congrats Lightning! (2019)" and "Congrats, Pens! (2019)" from Tree. Now, Washington, don't you disappoint and finish off Carolina.
  10. Hey Tampa, Looks like you've got a buddy to keep you company in your Summer of Discontent. Pittsburgh.