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  1. To me, it's much easier keeping warm than keeping cool. (Kind of goes without saying, tbh.) Really, it's some of the same issues the Rangers had when they soap boxed for a new stadium (although, they have the potential for wicked thunderstorms, whereas Phoenix doesn't get them as much).
  2. The future looks bright for Toronto. Although, I have a feeling the Jays are going to grind Ryu into dust sooner, rather than later. The rest of the pitching staff needs to be ready to pick up the slack, and contribute so it all doesn't have to fall onto Ryu's shoulders. Still 4th best team in the division, though. At least we're not Baltimore...
  3. I feel like, this was a freak accident. A combination of bad drafting and Newman trying to block. NASCAR does need to do something about the tandem drafting, but it's a fine line you're treading. Because you're trying to make the races and the drivers safer; but you also don't want to neuter the cars and the racing, and make superspeedway races nothing more than a glorified, 200-lap, follow-the-leader freight train.
  4. Ryan had someone riding shotgun with him on that night. Fans are saying that it's Earnhardt, others are saying God. Anyway, whoever it was said to him; "It's not your time. You still have a lot of life to live." (Apparently, people like to think Dale Sr. is the Guardian Angel of Daytona, considering how Austin Dillon managed to escape his frightening crash in the July Daytona race a few years ago.)
  5. Latest report says he is awake and is talking to doctors and his family, so that's good. I can't imagine what Corey LaJoie was thinking. He had absolutely nowhere to go; he was going to tee off on Newman no matter if he sideswiped him, or hit him full bore like he did.
  6. Absolutely nasty crash Ryan suffered. Please, don't let it be anything serious. You could see in both Blaney and Hamlin's faces they were obviously extremely worried and upset about what transpired. Hamlin's getting a lot of flack for his "celebration", but they did temper their celebration and Hamlin may have actually celebrated for a few seconds. Blaney was obviously very stricken, you could see it in his mannerisms and his speech patterns. Even Mike Joy and Jeff were choked up. We probably won't be able to know about Newman until tomorrow.
  7. I kind of hope that, the comic book illustration style for the players was only because of the Super Bowl and what not.
  8. I liked it, just needs some minor cleaning up and tweaking. The down and yards to go overlay just needs to be a bit of a deeper color for the offense, so it doesn't have a chance to blend into the turf, or something.
  9. Hey Mike, don't be so down. So you blew another lead in the Super Bowl. At least it wasn't a 25-point lead this time.
  10. While I hated the Lakers vehemently, Kobe was someone you really couldn't hate. He had the drive, and determination you'd look for in a basketball player, or any athlete in general. This is really tragic, RIP to all, and every team getting a shot clock violation on their first possession of the game I felt was a fitting, impromptu tribute; given the circumstances.
  11. KC, I think, will win a close, defensive game; 24 to 20.
  12. Everyone associated with this is downright radioactive; especially Ludnow, Hinch and Cora. I want to say Beltran was an unwitting associate, but he's guilty by association. Ergo, he's also radioactive.
  13. Cora may possibly lose his job as there's a report that Boston stole signs en route to the 2018 World Series title. As he was apart of this 2017 Astros' coaching staff.
  14. Tennessee is playing with house money and wants it more.
  15. Yeah, I'm not sure about McCarthy in Dallas, but I'll take anyone over The Crimson Clapper right now.