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  1. While Arizona isn't ready to win right now; they're still a team with potential. They're not as strong as Green Bay, or Buffalo, or had a brotherly influence like Pittsburgh, but they were no slouch.
  2. I still agree with your sentiment that the Jets can become the king if they draft and develop smart. Because it seems right now like the Giants are like a car on the side of the road with a flat tire, or multiple flats. It's not within reach right now, but can easily be within a few years.
  3. *coughNew Jerseycough* But, if you can rebuild the Jets (remember, there's nowhere to go but up), and with how pedestrian the Giants are; the crown is ripe for the picking.
  4. Well, AJ certainly had an eventful weekend. Cindric and he got way too aggressive just for stage points and it completely derailed his chances. Then in the Cup race, he has a pit road problem and swamped him back in the pack. But, unlike the Xfinity race, he salvaged a Top 10.
  5. I didn't really pay much attention to the race after the wreck and the start of the rain delay that I actually realized that they went back to racing. Considering the checkered flag fell a little past midnight on the East Coast, that makes sense. The Top 3 winless droughts to start a career have all been snapped at the Daytona 500 (Michael Waltrip, Michael McDowell and Sterling Marlin). Next week, ROVAL; Daytona Style.
  6. The Knights set looks real nice and clean. Very heavy Detroit Tigers looking, but that's a minor nitpick. Also, got a little bit of Auburn University in there. Like you put the Detroit Tigers and Auburn in a blender. Echoing the sentiment; great to see this series back.
  7. Toronto is going to be stacked in the lineup this year. Vlad Jr., Bichette, Biggio, Teoscar, and adding Springer and Siemien. They also added to the bullpen with Kirby Yates. I feel like it's going to take a year for the team to gel together, but adding to shore up the back end of the rotation, and making sure they don't grind Ryu into dust; 2022 is shaping up to be a year that may have Toronto kicking down the door in the AL. Their starting lineup is strong enough to keep them in a lot of games this year. It's just can the pitchers pick up the slack if the lineup has an off day; and vice versa.
  8. That's the closest we've ever gotten to a home team/home stadium Super Bowl.
  9. It took 55 years, but a team is going to be playing, in essence, a defacto home game for the Lombardi Trophy. And of course, Tom Brady has to be in, yet another Super Bowl. Joins Craig Morton as the only QBs to play in the Super Bowl for both the NFC and the AFC. Patrick and Josh, you're our last hope!
  10. Tom Brady has to be part cockroach. Dude just cannot die.
  11. Stafford was given basically no chance to succeed in Detroit. He had Megatron. His next best option? Brandon Pettigrew. After that? A regular Rogue's Gallery. A porous defense, shoddy offensive line, and subpar receivers outside of two players? You're basically doomed if you're a QB in that situation.
  12. Patricia was doomed to fail. He was sent to Detroit; aka NFL Siberia (sorry Cleveland, Detroit has been miserable far longer). Not to mention, the whole "Belichick disciples are notoriously awful head coaches" shtick, and you have a recipe for failure. He tried to copy the formula for success that New England had, completely forgetting that it was in large part because of a generational QB and head coach combination, the likes of the which the league had seen maybe once, or twice before. When you try to copy something, you often get watered down imitations. See Houston (under O'Brien), Detroit (under Patricia), Denver (under McDaniels), Kansas City and Cleveland (under Crennel).
  13. Craig Morton was the first. Dallas (to get to Super Bowl V), and Denver (to get to Super Bowl XII).
  14. The "Buffaslug" is underappreciated. I think, had they took a little inspiration from the Buffalo Bills logo, I think the logo could've survived a lot longer then it did.
  15. Hey Pittsburgh; you do realize these games count, right?