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  1. I wish you had made up of all those but I am gonna say the last two.
  2. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim deserves a mention not because of the nickname, but because of the entire name itself. But if we are including that, might as well also mention the Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights.
  3. No. 5 - Laredo Law (2004-2004) Arena Football 2 Thank goodness the Law only lasted a season. Seriously, how do you even go about branding a team called the "Law" anyway? Jerseys plastered with the Constitution? Plus its one of the words that if you look long enough at it, it doesn't look like a word at all. I guess the only upside to this one is you could use the motto, "No one messes with the Law" but I am guessing no one capitalized on that idea. No. 4 - Minnesota Fillies (1978-1981) Women's Basketball League A filly is a "young female horse too young to be considered a mare." And yet even the Minnesota Mares or Minnesota Foals would have made a better name than the Fillies. Any ignorant sports fan would hear this name and possibly ponder whether the Phillies relocated Minnesota to compete against the Twins. No. 3 - Greenville Grrrowl (1998-2006) East Coast Hockey League Words cannot describe this team nickname, because Grrrowl isn't even a word. You'd think by the 2000s they would realize that making team with useless repeating letters was a bad idea, but no. In fact, the Grrrowl lasted into 2006 without a rebranding. No. 2 - Memphis Maniax (2001-2001) XFL The Memphis Maniax nearly grabbed the top spot on this list, but sadly branding wasn't a factor in the decision making, because if it were the Maniax would soar beyond the number one spot. Like the Grrrowl this is just a common case of cheesy spelling on team names to try to sound original. Although Maniacs isn't any better, an X certainly doesn't salvage this terrible idea for a Memphis-based team. No. 1 - San Francisco Fog (1980-1981) MISL This one renders me speechless. I don't even know what to say. Teams nearly making this list: Iowa Cornets (WBL) Los Angeles XTreme (XFL) Los Angeles D-Fenders (NBA-DL) Calgary Rad'z (RHI) Kingston Hubs (Colonial League) So what are your opinions? I would like to hear them.
  4. I personally think Dolan's response was far more rude than the initial letter in my opinion.