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  1. I like the creativity! I would like to see yours concepts in vector versions though just to get a better view of the jerseys..
  2. Krimo


    is there any NBA Adidas revolution 30 template?
  3. I like the font, just need some minor adjustment. I think you should add some colors on the shorts perhaps create some stripes.
  4. Krimo

    Name That Font!

    Number font and also the name font for this one?
  5. thanks alot for the tutorials, really helped me knowing the software better!
  6. Hello everyone! I did these concepts a couple a years ago just for fun (first time doing concepts on a computer). Lately I've decided to design some new concepts for the Rockets and perhaps some other teams. Before I begin with my new concepts I would like to have your input on theses old concepts but also I'd like your advice: how to execute better regarding stripes and outlines of texts? Are there any "hidden" rules? what software to use? I currently use Photoshop and thats mainly because I suck with vector graphic... I also did this logo (photoshop): Thanks for a great site!