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  1. Wouldn't mind seeing the white pants with the home uni's on the odd occasion either. gives it that '94 look
  2. Hi, Thanks to all those who commented. With your feedback in mind and my own issues with the original here is the latest update. Thanks for pointing out the issue with actual shape IIfhockey, not sure how I didn't see that until you pointed it out!
  3. Hi Guys I'm working on a Skull and Dagger design currently. It's been a while since i've worked on something like this so was hoping to seek some feedback from the forum on areas that could be improved/developed. Thanks
  4. Had spare hour, so thought I'd have a crack at a quick and dirty uni swap, never tried it before. Here's Deforest Buckner in a niners uniform. Its always fascinated me how this is done when its done well.
  5. Hello, I am a student at Oregon State and would like to use your "caracals" logo for a research design. I am using the original one not the one you edited and was just wondering if the original piece was created by you. Hope to hear from you soon

    1. Sharpir0


      Sorry, only just seen this not logged on for months. Yes i produced the origina loo,. What exactly would you be using it for?

  6. Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions. I've put list together of each so will take a look for some Hi-res shots I can get for each and get to working on the next one! will update here as soon as its complete.
  7. Hi All, I'm currently working on some super slo-mo style 2D animations using still images. Here is a quick proof of concept using the Eddie Lacey image below. Are there any scenes any of you guys think would make for good super slo-mo sports scenes? I'm thinking as I get the hang of this i'd give the Odel Beckham Catch a go as it'd lend itself well, with enough requests I may use a number to make a compilation. As ever critique, consideration and comments are always welcomed.
  8. Here's my latest update that have included some of your suggested updates. Quite a few changes have been made though some may look relatively minor. I've uploaded a version with and without and eye (either way eye has been modded, thanks Sportsherald for the reference). Not sure if it makes it all a bit busy. My thought throughout has been to use as simple as possible geometry but who knows! Again any C&C's are welcome and also apologies for the watermarks if they impede the view to much! Thanks again for your help
  9. Thanks guys for the feedback and tips. Will take a look at making some of the suggested amends this week and have a revised version up later in the week.
  10. Hi Chuck thanks for your comment. Yeah i've faded it, added noise and spot lighted the colour slightly as a watermark of sorts. Think I remember there being people talking about vultures stealing work from the site so can never be to careful. Such a shame when its such a great site.
  11. Thanks for the comment. Oops yeah i did mean Caracal. Sorry didn't relise i'd made the typo(s) in my haste. Here's version with wordmark (a in progress) and correct spelling!
  12. Hi All Have been working on a Caracan (cat) log for the last couple of days. Think its mostly there part from the wordmark but having issues getting the hair on the ear correct. Having looked at it for a while I think it needs a fresh pair of eyes. Any c&c's you may have about the logo or resolving the ear would be really useful. Thanks
  13. Revised Good shout on the helmet Brandon. TBH the helmet and facemask were probably the most difficult parts to work with due to the specular highlights and the detail in the facemask. I thought overall it was a bit to detailed, but found it difficult to pinpoint exactly what needed altering. Thanks for your comments, really useful to get a second pair of eyes on it and look at from a fresh perspective.
  14. Hi all Been working on a patch illustration today whilst working on improving with the pen tool. Thought i'd post here for some feedback if possible. As always any critique and/or tips would be more than welcomed
  15. Absolutely brilliant tutorials these, incredibly useful. Currently working on one now see below current state. Having issues with highlights and still need to clean a few lines up.