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  1. I like the new Revbusters logo!
  2. I smoked these sticks as a rebellious teen, feeling cool AF because of that skull with top hat.
  3. I like the shark and uniform for Auckland, but the Mako wordmark kinda ruins it a bit.
  4. The "Krakheads"/"Krakhouse" jokes will get old even faster than the "Release the Kraken" call. Besides, I saw a fair amount of people calling them "Squids" already...
  5. "Saint" and "Louis" are both 5-letter words, which does give it a nice balance, e.g. for logos, stadium signage, soccer scarves, etc. I guess that could be one aesthetic reason for spelling it out.
  6. Gotta admit I wasn't in the Kraken camp prior to the release, but I'm also wowed over! I'll chime in into the songs of praise which are well deserved for this beautifully crafted logo and identity package. In regards to the meme critics - well, no denying that the #releasethekraken meme has some role in all this, but the brand had more than enough depth to go twenty-thousand leagues and more beyond it, once that meme becomes tired. I got one question to @IceCap though, as he is so upset that the beast got tentacles rather than being a fish - Does it also bother you that a "Krake" refers to a type of octopus in Norwegian, Swedish, German and Dutch?
  7. Looks neat, but as others said the W gets lost on the badge. Maybe I'd put it on the helmet without the badge.
  8. The placement of text has improved for sure, but I like the old ball better.
  9. Could this be a ploy to ease in shirt sponsorships? I'm getting flashbacks of UNICEF on Barça jerseys...
  10. Yeah, some of those gifs don't/didn't age well...
  11. One of the designers of Biden's logo published a little project page about it, which is worth checking out: https://aimeembrodbeck.squarespace.com/biden
  12. Hi Big Red. While I like the Coat of Arms as a whole, I think you're right, that the references to Bavaria and Ireland could be a bit more subtle. Maybe you can find a way to mash up some Bavarian/Irish symbols without just using their flags, e.g. include a Bavarian pretzel styled like an Irish knot design or something. What's the significance/meaning of the arm and arrow by the way?
  13. At first I was "meh", but then I saw it on the hood... Pure class!
  14. If your hero is called omega, wouldn't you make the symbol resemble an Ω?!
  15. Dang, that concept is really amazing! Especially love the fresh Roy Lichtenstein version!
  16. Take-off and landing? Just guessing.
  17. It's a cute jersey, but what does it have to do with the Berlin Wall?
  18. I like the combination of flags going on in this logo:
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