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  1. Really good basis you got there. The main thing that irks me is how the bat is pinned on to the basketball lines, like some butterfly in a museum. Give the poor thing more room to breathe! Maybe let the lines end with pointy tips or claws before they even touch the bat. As for colors - yeah, they're gaudy, but it works for this identity. 

  2. On 9/28/2017 at 12:03 PM, jdp said:

    For #3, any thoughts on adding "ARSL or "APEX" in the green space?

    If you want to add "APEX" on there, I would recommend to place it on the top, rather than into the green space.

  3. The second version is the better one in regards to conveying both the A and the mountain. However, I agree that the weight of the strokes is too heavy. Also, once the steering wheel was mentioned, it's really hard to unsee. Maybe you can add a bit more mountain details to counter that, and/or make it a different shape than a circle. A shield might work well here.

  4. Both of your renditions look good, but I also think the one with the white outline pops more. You should try it with different backgrounds as well though, to get a better feel for how it looks in different applications.



    The comment was regarding your previous renderings. I did not open the last page of this thread. ^_^