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  1. Not bad GoRedSox! :)

    To improve it further I'd suggest to expand the galaxy a bit, so the letters don't stick out so awkwardly. Also, if the quasar could be placed in the center of the galaxy, it would make a bit more sense beyond just being there for "recognition value".

  2. I'm not really convinced that a train that has left town is really the best moniker, but if you wanna go down that track I would definitely use it's beautiful maroon and gold color scheme. 




    That being said, I would probably elaborate more what you could do with the Tigers identity. 

  3. On 5/31/2017 at 1:35 PM, TheLogoManiac13 said:



    For this one, I decided to play with the idea of spelling out Hawaii with the lava instead of abruptly end it. I know it doesn't look good now so I just want to know if I should look into it digitally (and much cleaner) or do something different.


    I like the direction this one is taking! :)


  4. 7 hours ago, Gothamite said:

    Maybe it's not fair blame the Wilpons for this script specifically, since it predates their ownership of the team, but I'm pretty much down with blaming them for anything we can. :D


    +++Conspiracy Theory Alert+++


    Nobody is supposed to know this but... It's actually a very subtle NLP advertisement from Nike.  :o



  5. 11 hours ago, upperV03 said:

    We've already seen mockups and early leaks of the new Juve home jersey, but Juan Cuadrado just leaked it again on his Instagram:



    I like it more and more! The new J logo looks razor sharp, where the previous logo would just be a blur at this distance.

  6. 2 cents for the jar:

    The orbiting ring needs to be placed a bit different or it should show on the backside of the the O as well. I would also center-allign the ring, as it is now skewing a couple of mill to the right. In regards to the toy comment, I agree that it looks a little too cute. If the orbiting ring would get some additional shape or structure elements, that would probably help.

  7. On 4/1/2017 at 10:56 AM, IPDESIGNS said:





    Your best so far! :)

    And while some of the comments here may seem a bit harsh, it's true that you need to experiment more. The evolution from your first design to this one shows that you can do better. 

  8. On 3/22/2017 at 7:57 AM, johnnybgoode said:

    I really like the idea behind the Whitecaps, but the contrast between the top and the bottom is too strong. I'd try lightening up the blue and maybe making the transition more of a gradient, same with the away.

    Weird. I like the concept behind the Whitecaps kit as well, but for me it's exactly because of the stark contrast the mountain/wave zigzag has with the rest of the tops. I feel it's surprisingly clean for such a unique design element.

  9. I dig the concept and think it's already a vast improvement over their current cartoon logo. The ears of your hound look a bit too asymmetric too me though. Also, as Whittier S said, make one simplified version as well that could be on the cap. In regards to the wordmark, I find the font suitable but agree that the two enlarged letters look off. Imagine how this wordmark would look on it's own on the front of the uniform.


    As I wrote in the general Soccer Uniform Thread, I think side by side Juve's new logo looks so much nicer on their upcoming kit than their old one. 






    They made some pretty baffling fumbles in their roll out (e.g. no easing in or foreshadowing, choice of presentation venue in Milano, no availability of merchandise with the new logo, bad social media response), but once the dust has settled that will all be a mere footnote. I think in it's application you can see the new logo is a very good look on Juve.