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  1. I think one could even say that NYC FC is arguably the most inclusive name possible in regards to New York's ethnic neighborhoods, because the "City Name + FC (or SC/AC/etc.)" team name formula is pretty much the universally common style accross the globe - whether in Latin America, on the Balkan or on the British Islands, you find City Name FCs everywhere you look!

  2. The problem is I can't think of a single example of a unique nickname developing organically at a North American club to date. Maybe it just takes more.

    For example, in the case of Toronto FC, the most common nickname used to date is the Reds. Pretty boring and generic if you ask me, and while I'm not completely sure of where it developed, I believe the club was using it as a nickname from very early on, so it may not have even come from the supporters.

    In general I'm a fan of the way MLS does it, a hodge podge of American and Euro naming conventions keeps things interesting. I just hope club supporters get a bit more creative with their nicknames over time.

    City wouldn't be the worst nickname, but can't we come up with something better? The Boroughs? The Tokens? Big Apples? Something!

    I see your point, but your post also gives me hope as you came up with some ideas straight away.

    "The Boroughs" has a nice ring to it actually :)

  3. Will New York fans refer to their team as City FC? Let's go City? "Did you watch the City FC game yesterday?" I couldn't tell you.

    While "City" is the most obvious nickname in the running, I hope fans and media can come up with some more creative alternatives as well...

  4. The best solution for NYC is when the team/fans/media/etc. come up with organic unofficial nicknames for the team. Something nice would stick eventually, I reckon. If it'd be "City" or something more creative and unique we shall see...

  5. GatorHunter, please don't take my previous post as a discouragement. I realize that you came here with the best intentions with your work and all I have done was being an uber ass. I guess some more contructive feedback would serve you better. So here are some pointers...

    1) Take it to pen and paper and start from there. Later you can still scan it and play around with PS.

    2) The "Graffiti Of War" word mark should be in tag style, as it is a bit too long for a style with fill in. So practice "tagging it", until you've found a tag that looks cool as a whole and where the individual letters fit neatly to each other.

    3) The "GOW" is more suitable for an artwork with fill in. Given what it stands for, I would propose a blocky silver style with sharp edges and/or some dirty outlines with messy drips.

    I hope that helps and I am curious what you can come up with.

    Again, sorry for my bluntness before.

  6. Honestly?!

    It looks like you used some of these whack graffiti fonts you'd find on or something. If you ask anyone out of the graffiti community, that is pretty much the lowest form of style biting there is. And if you really can't draw up something yourself - by hand! - then at least chose some font that is not such an ugly toy style. Graffiti produces some of the best caligraphy and lettering of modern times, but also some of the worst...

    Sorry for being so blunt.

  7. When you visualize the logo more in it's applications, on sportswear and other apparel, it's actually a very nice design. Of course it will take some time until it will "scream Reebok", but it will happen eventually once people are more familiar with the new look.

  8. I am just hoping that the NYFC front office will listen to their supporters with respect to the logo and make changes appropriate to what looks the best for the identity of the club. You have seen it in the past with clubs saying they are open to suggestions and ideas from their supporters. But as soon as supporters make appropriate suggestions to the club, the club turns a blind eye saying it's not "fiscally responsible" or "the right fit for the the club", etc. The club doesn't look like they have egg on their face when accusations of not being open to supporters. A two sided sword...

    What you say would make a lot of sense if a majority of the NYCFC supporters were up in arms about the logo options...

    That said, I kind of fail to see 1) that there is actually a strong and vocal "fan base" in place already, 2) that none of the given options pleases the crowds already, and 3) that there is any concencus what the ideal logo would look like if it's not the shield or roundel that are on the ballot now.

  9. In the 1st logo you almost have a capital J going in the negative space between bird and circle. Maybe it would look cool if you can find a way to make that more visible. I love logos with good use of negative space.

  10. If Scotland does separate, I would take off the St. Andrew's cross, but keep the blue background. It still looks like the Union Jack, it's distinct from the pre 1801 flag, and it still has that nod to history without directly including Scotland. Tell Wales to adopt a solid blue flag if they want to be on the UK flag.

    Nah, it's way easier to come up with a solid justification for the blue background: Of course it symbolicly embraces the European Union!!! :D

  11. Sorry to be a little late to the party, but I give you a Flying Fox! ;)

    The sigil of the Flying Fox Squad, or FFS for short, sports a winged red canid which is flying across a clear blue sky over a garish green forest of some sort. While flying atop this lush secenry, the canid dismissively extends one paw to form the letter "F", and as if by chance, the wings incidentally form a second "F". Of course, one might argue that flying foxes actually look entirely different, but let's not trouble ourselves with such pettifogging bits and bobs...


  12. ^^^ Why the hell doesn't Kia use that on their cars?

    In Asia they do use it on most of their cars I think. I see it in front of me while car lounging in the jam home everyday, and rather rarely see their 'KIA-in-an-oval'. But then again, here they are obviously also not positioning themselves as 'the cheap car from Korea'.