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  1. New lids in action are looking good!


    I don't like that the orange in the helmet stripe is virtually invisible in this (and any far away) pictures. I wish it was bigger, and was the colour of the pants.


  2. Eric Morris just tweeted this pic of some Texas Tech helmets. Not sure if we've seen them or not and I'm not digging through the thread.


    The black helmet is really sharp. Not too keen on the other ones though. Numbers on helmets has been so overplayed lately too and I'm willing to bet there's a huge red raider on the other side, too. Numbers on the helmet only work if they are on both sides and you are the Alabama Crimson Tide.

    The 49ers have numbers of their helmets.

    Ah nice catch. I should have been more specific. Don't need big numbers in the side, not on the back or front so players can identify them on the sideline.

    I think he means the fact that "49ers" is on the helmets, so he's being a smartass

    49ers have SF on their helmets