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  1. I'll edit my post...that's my bad. I thought the Matadors was the San Diego Toreros alt logo. I should've looked it up before posting. Carry on.
  2. No...."the shape of hurricane." Hahaha. Even the design of the graphic is bad. Notice the lonely orphan on the helmet and top shoulder descriptions? So very bad.
  3. That monogram H logo is a refresh of the original Crawdads logo. I would guess it was kept around for nostalgia sake, or management wanted to keep that logo in some fashion.
  4. He's wearing former UNC defensive end Kareem Martin's jersey. That's Caleb Pressley, former walk-on QB turned signal caller. He has to wear something that stands out so the offense can see him, and we thought it would be cool to wear former UNC football players' jersey's to grab some attention. He wears a different NFL jersey every game too. Pretty cool Carolina Chrome graphic too. Bet the guy that made that is totally awesome
  5. Just want to say how much I enjoy this blog. Great designs and I really like reading the reasons behind each flag. Great work and please keep it going!
  6. Charlotte hosted the DNC back in 2012 pretty successfully I think. I think it will be a great city for All-Star weeked.
  7. UPDATE: Took out the apostrophe. That does look cleaner.
  8. Yeah that was a concern of mine. You think the aesthetics is more important than the puncuation in this regard? You're probably right, let me see what it looks like with it out.
  9. Well also as a native North Carolinian and employee of the state's flagship University, I understand fully the disgust for our cousin to the south. But it's just a concept I had and wanted to flesh out. As far as the colors go, I wanted silver and black to be the main colors, purple being the clash kit and not overused in the badge logo. And it being similar to the Sacramento Kings colors, I think it being a different sport, and on the other side of the country, as well as being a pretend team, I think it'll be ok haha. Appreciate the input everyone.
  10. Here is my idea for a team based out of San Diego, CA. The idea was if you had multiple uniform options, why not have multiple nickname options based off of those uniforms? I went with a base color of navy blue, with the options of Gray (Sharks), Pink (Flamingos), and Aqua Green (Sea Turtles). I undertand flamingos are not native to southern California, but I wanted a hot pink color option so that's the basis for that. I liked having animals representing the names since the San Diego Zoo is generally regarded as a top zoo in the US. The badge is the shape of the city of San Diego city seal, with a fairly standard interlocking SD. The different nicknames are represented up top with their corresponding color. "S-F-T" abbrev. is for Sharks, Flamingos, Turtles appropriately. Again, I'm not big on uniform design so it's fairly basic, I just wanted to explore the idea of three different names to go with different uniform colors. Have at it.
  11. Appreciate the input everyone. And like I said, I'm not very good at uniform design and it was something to put with the badge. I'll see what I can do to rework some aspects on it. I did in fact choose Pepsi becuase of it being born in NC, and I don't want a sponsor logo on top of the stripe. That is one of the elements that comes off the badge into the kit design for some consistency, and I'm not sure if I want it being covered up with a sponsor logo. I understand it may not be real/accurate to current soccer designs, but that's not neceessarliy what I'm going for. I wasn't even going to put a sponsor on there to begin with, just did to add some local flavor to it. Hope that makes sense. Have another with a little more uniqueness than this one coming up shortly.
  12. I haven't posted a concept on here in ages, and with all the World Cup mania going on I had an idea or two for some soccer concepts. Here's a concept for a team based out of Charlotte, NC. I wanted to do a team that could represent both North and South Carolina, so I didn't want to use colors that were already used by any pro sports teams in Charlotte, or any significant colors used by major college teams. I went with Black, Silver and Purple for colors. Black and silver being strong and neutral, and purple representing the regal name of the Queen City. I thought the possesive nature of the name represented both Carolina's equally, and Charlotte could be a center point between the two states. The outer "C" forming the badge is an abstract racetrack oval, and the crown on top is an obvious nod to the Carolina's being named after King Charles I of England. I am self-admittedly not very good at uniform design, but I tried to put something together that would work with the badge logo. Any thoughts are appreciated. An idea for a team based out of San Diego is coming up next...