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  1. When I was really, really little, my first exposure to hockey was reading the World Book encyclopedia mention the Islanders during their Stanley Cup run. So my tiny brain just accepted that they were a big deal. It always weirded me out how a team that was so dominant could just disappear.


    Now I feel like I've come full circle in a strange kind of way. 


  2. I miss the World Series patch being on the left side of the cap. The camera angle they use on the broadcast made it so much more prominent and helped to make it feel like an event. 


    Now they've flipped it for that stupid New Era logo and you hardly see the patches at all. It just doesn't have that same magic.

  3. 41 minutes ago, Red Comet said:


    Thing is, I had an old co-worker at a ticket broker I used to work for (long story) who said that when he worked at a liquor store, Rex Hudler would come in and get 5 shot bottles of Seagram's 7 before he'd go to the booth for Royals home games. I imagine that those were simply liquid appetizers. 


    Rex is certainly one of those love him or hate him guys. But, he's certainly not forgettable which is a trait that so many broadcasters now unfortunately possess.

    There's been a definite slide into blandness in the broadcast booth the last few years, especially since all the older guys have been retiring. I know that guys with the charisma of a John Madden or Harry Carey are hard to find, but there doesn't seem to be much of an effort to replace them, either.

  4. When I was a kid I had one of those gigantic Little Tykes plastic toyboxes that was shaped like a football and I'd climb inside it and pretend I was in a race car.

  5. I hated the Mighty Ducks when I was younger. The fact that they were a Disney team just completely offended my teenage jackwagon sensibilities. Now that I'm older and I have kids and I've realized some things just aren't made for me I think the Jade and eggplant are just about perfect for that team. Tweak it a little and bring it back full time. 

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