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  1. Buncha Jerks is just Carolina's name now, isn't it?
  2. Did anybody else think it was poor form for the Blues to take that shot with the goalie writhing on the ice like that? I mean, I don't blame them, take your chances while you have them, sure. But it bugs me.
  3. The Jackets showed up for about eight minutes in the third period, then I don't know what happened.
  4. Aside from the Blue Jackets I'm mostly indifferent to everyone but Dallas, and that's pretty much a pavlovian thing.
  5. You ever get the feeling you could just roll dice to pick the Stanley Cup winner and do just as well as anybody?
  6. I've been feeling a little ambivalent about this series because I've only really been a Jackets fan for three years, since I moved to the Cincinnati area. Before that it was mostly hate-watching the Stars because they were the only team in my market. Now that that's out of the way, though, screw it. Go Jackets! And if you blow it, I'm going with the Sharks. Because reasons.
  7. I don't really remember where I heard it, but in the playoffs the team with the hottest goaltender usually wins. This year it looks like the Islanders.
  8. The Blue Jackets really seemed to come to life the last half of that period. My wife said "our coach doesn't look like he knows anything about hockey. He looks like an economics professor that bid to coach one game for charity."
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