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  1. Don't need help identifying a font...... For our font gurus on here........ If you were designing a wordmark for a team named the Eagles what are your favorite fonts that maybe use seraphs that resemble claws etc. I want to use something different than the Philadelphia Eagles look. It's for an elementary school. Thank you!
  2. Any ideas on the font for "Live?" I know it is similar to the NHL font but some of the letters are different. Thank you!
  3. Any gurus here recognize either of these fonts?
  4. I've never understood the nostalgia for the old Pittsburgh colors. I agree that their current uniforms are the best they've ever worn, and if you're going to change anything, just make the helmet logo consistent with the collar logo. Simple. Only other suggestion would be to invert the stripes so that they're G-B-W-B-G.I'm indifferent to which wordmark I like more, though. I see nothing wrong with the PITT wordmark and like it in a vacuum, but I also like the script. In college football, there's pretty much no way any team can wear those colors and not be immediately compared to Notre Dame. They own navy and gold. I'd put Pitt back into royal blue and mustard gold because, in my mind, that's their colors, and they're pretty unique. I wouldn't necessarily say that. The gold numbers and striping help differentiate Pitt from ND, as do the white and blue pants options. Now, Navy before they switched to UA? There I can see your point. Plain gold - plain blue/white - plain gold with white and blue numbers? And it was especially bad considering we play each other every year. I've honestly never thought Notre Dame when looking at Pitt. Sure the colors are similar, but I've, at least, never made that connection. If you read the origin stories of many schools and their colors, it's pretty interesting to see how many of them are based on other schools/copy cat jobs. My understanding for Ohio (green and white) is that we had a coach circa 1900 who came from Dartmouth and instituted the colors. I believe Ole Miss chose Harvard crimson and Yale navy blue because of their respect for the academics/tradition? Not saying that there is a similar situation with ND and Pitt, but definitely a rich history of "borrowing" from other colleges.
  5. So close to perfection. Get rid the facemask stripe and put the logo on both sides That helmet would be beautiful with the logo on both sides I think that the I-beam gold look in the middle of the helmet is clever-my guess is that it's supposed to represent a train track?
  6. Any guesses for VOTE TCU/Purple Reign? I know I have seen similar fonts but just cannot place it in my mind. Thank you!
  7. Does anyone else think of Falcor from The Neverending Story when you see this? Oh how I love this! I have never seen this particular Bobcat logo. It would look wonderful in my collection = ). I have some neat vintage Ohio Bobcat items that I will have to share once I finish unpacking. Have a nice piece from the 1968 Tangerine Bowl. This is probably our dopiest mascot short of what was the actual costumed mascot from the late 90's-2000's. Here's a nice article/gallery with some historic images: http://www.ohioalumni.org/bobcats-mascots.
  8. Anyone have a vector of this image? My brother in law is a Lehigh grad and I would love to make him something with this. Thanks!
  9. I am working on finding a new font for our high school's athletic department. The nickname is Cougars. I want to use a font that has seraphs/details that looks like claws/teeth. There are several fonts I have found that fit the bill but don't want to risk any legal problems. Here are a few that I find attractive: -type in MONARCHS Any suggestions on fonts that have similar looks that would be open source? Thank you!
  10. Any thoughts on what font "Davidson" is?
  11. Does anyone have access to the font that Michigan State is using? I believe it is a Nike proprietary font?
  12. Does anyone know what fonts are used here?
  13. Does anyone know where I can get free vector art for the modern looking football helmets, with the more aerodynamic look, with venting etc.?