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  1. I remember seeing after the bucs and broncos got new uniforms that there were pictures of the designs that were considered but not used. Is there anyway that we can get a hold of some jaguars prototype designs from this past year changes? Do you guys think they will fix the striping this coming season they had at least 3 different jersey cuts and it made the stripe placement different on some of the players. Has anybody heard if they are going to solve this problem? It bugged me alot las year.
  2. how do the jags look like the eagles? am i missing something here?
  3. colorwerx can you post the jags colors like you did the niners? not bad from the niners stripes kinda weird though.
  4. did the teal color change? the replicas on sale look almost green? is it just how they show up on computers or did it change?
  5. they should have used gold somewhere on the uniform beside the logo. i will have to wait and see the helmets when they play,to see what color they show up on TV. they look decent as uniforms. the stripes on the jerseys and pants could have been a little thicker. the away unis looks tight if you see them up close with the teal outline. but i dont think i will be getting a jersey anytime soon. if i do i will cut the sleeves off. the replica jerseys are terrible. too plain looking with nothing on the sleeves like that. they look good as uniforms because they dont really have sleeves. i loved the old uniforms but i think i will learn to love these too. just wished they would have threw some gold in there somewhere.
  6. now that they are out can you post the sheet that shows the colors and the design please.
  7. it doesnt look like there is an outline for the name plate. just plain white. i hate when teams do that looks even worse since there is a black outline for the numbers. make them both the same.
  8. well i hope it looks good in the front. does it connect from the front to the back? or are those just random stripes?
  9. i hate to talk bad about my team but the only thing they would do to the seats is cover more of them up because attendance is not looking good. if its true about no gold on the jerseys that will suck. if i could only pick 2 of the 3 colors though i would have to go teal and black but we will see
  10. plus u got to think about having to paint 73000 stadium seats if they got rid of teal. not going to happen
  11. i know it will be different thoughts for everyone just wanted to see what other people thought and maybe why u think that way. like what made u think they missed the mark.
  12. i got a bad feeling about these new unis. i hope im wrong though. for those that have seen them 1-10 what u give them?
  13. i realize that people might get in trouble i just see people talking about they are unique they are not fancy this and that, i was just asking if someone has seen them can the describe them. they dont have to post anything that would get them in trouble
  14. cant u just wait? whats it to u? do u kno wot i mean? question marks? im using my phone to type so im just trying to get my questions in fast. not a big deal is it.this is a site about uniforms right?????? so if somebody wants to find out about uniforms that are coming out wouldnt this be a good place to get some info???? ? ? ?
  15. how do u know about the jags unis? u seen them? can u describe them then