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  1. NIU's uniforms against Toledo for the peeps who missed it. I actually really like this uniform.
  2. This looks Great! My only problem would maybe be the hoop socks. Maybe trying just a straight black or red sock.
  3. These are Perfect!!!!!! and i love that you used google sketch-up for the stadium! you never see that on any thread. Again Great Job!!
  4. Maybe Try taking out the white and putting the light blue in plavce of it and the black where the light bue was. if that makes sense but keep up the good work!
  5. I think its fine without the gator. Not that there's anything wrong with it, it wouldn't go with all the schools using their letter logo. (idk what else to call it)
  6. Could you maybe brighten the red to the current red? it may match the wizards and nationals better then having a different. But this design is great keep it up!!
  7. Great job! nothing really to complain about. basically struck gold on the first try!!!
  8. THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! great job cant wait for Chicago
  9. Good logo! but maybe make the shark alittle more ferocious than just sitting still.
  10. Have to say... theses are one of if not the best concepts i have seen. Al ot of thought and sense went into to theses. Great Job hope you do other leagues!!
  11. It does make more sense now that you brought that up. Not everyone can afford the high end uniforms like Nike or Adidas for their sport. or those companies don't even make that type of uniform for the sport.
  12. My friend was wearing a Adidas Baylor hat today and it got me thinking. I thought Baylor had Nike uniforms and not Adidas . I looked up the uniforms and realized that Baylor had Nike for football and Adidas for basketball last year. Has there been any other colleges that have more than one jersey manufacturer?
  13. what is this im in phone the houston astros sunrise/sunset uniforms