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  1. First year for the ST jersey is what I was saying.
  2. If you're going with one color + white, why not have the helmet in your one color? Should've been done long ago.
  3. I can see the white script ST jersey starting off as an alternate. Maybe replacing the white stars and stripes Curly W alt. Funny that this is the first year for those and they share their ST facility with the Astros. Wasn't the Astros' navy sunrise jersey originally just a ST jersey too?
  4. "Midnight Poop" for the anti-brown people on the board. Atlanta is a poop sports town.
  5. Yep. And as long as it's not any darker than the throwbacks they wore in 2014, it'll be perfect.
  6. The distance calculator has it at 1H 47M: https://www.distance-cities.com/distance-saint-petersburg-fl-to-orlando-fl
  7. Manfred himself brought Vancouver up as a possibility, so I'm sure it's getting respect as a candidate from the people who counts. I don't know if it'll get a team before Portland though, unless it falls through for some reason. It has about the same metro area pop as Portland, and is about the same distance from Seattle.
  8. Here's my predictions for division realignment after expansion and relocation is done: NL East- DC, Philly, Mets, Montreal NL North- Pitt, Cubs, StL, Mil NL South- Cinc, Atl, Mia, Charlotte (or Nashville) NL West- SF, Dodgers, SD, Ariz AL East- Bos, Yanks, Tor, Bal AL North- Det, Chisox, Minn, Cle AL South- Col, KC, Tex, Hou AL West- Sea, Portland, Oak (or Vegas), Angels
  9. It's very noticeable, especially to us. There's people on social media who are seriously suggesting the Nats wear Expos throwbacks during the WS. Huh? It's especially irritating considering the Nats are obviously sticking with the navy jerseys the rest of the way. It just shows that they're not as much fans of the franchise as the Washington Nationals, but just want their Montreal Expos back. Of course I feel their pain, but at the same time a lot of their rhetoric is just disrespectful to DC and baseball fans here. Relocation is never pretty. As far as Angelos, he would've sued as well. When there was brief discussion of adding a third expansion team for DC in that last round, he made his opposition known. He was the only owner who voted against the Expos move, and he and the Nats have been in court for years just over TV network revenue (MASN). It JUST got settled a couple month ago after years of appeals, and ruled in the Nats favor. "The owners already had settled on Phoenix and Tampa, but Collins says some were intrigued with the idea of locating a team in Washington. When one of the owners introduced a motion to add a third team and open up Washington as the potential site, another owner "went nuts," according to Collins. It was Peter Angelos, the new owner of the Baltimore Orioles." https://www.washingtonian.com/2005/04/01/how-dc-got-baseball-back/
  10. As a Nats fan I would've much rather received an expansion team than hearing Expos fans whine every day. Not complaining though. Ironically, MLB picked Tampa Bay in the last round of expansion over our nation's capital just to appease to Peter Angelos and his team in Baltimore. Now the Rays are looking to move to Montreal, and rumors of the O's moving to Nashville are circulating. Go figure.
  11. They've practiced in those caps before. They're not going to wear them in the game.
  12. Again, nobody is denying the marketing of on-field gear. That's not the point here. The point here is that people who wouldn't buy certain authentic gear because it's "too flashy" just aren't the same type of folks who wouldn't buy fashion caps because it's not authentic. There's plenty of money to be made from both authentic AND fashion gear. There's no need for teams to tailor their look around what people wear outside in this day and age. Quite the opposite.
  13. Nobody is denying the value of authentic gear. That's not the point in this discussion. The point here is that no "White guys in their 40s" who need something less flashy are going to worry about it being authentic or not. Fashion caps have been popular for years already. There's no need for teams to tailor their whole look based on people's casual wear in 2019. Maybe that was true 20+ years ago, but not today.
  14. The point is when rappers rap about "fitteds", they don't necessarily mean authentic fitteds. They don't care about it being on-field or not. They're all 5950's. People who want authentic gear don't care about it not matching their outfits. That goes for fans or rappers. Rappers who rock authentic gear specifically will match their clothes with that authentic gear. They don't care about it being too "flashy". I'm still trying to figure out who this segment of consumers are who cares about the gear they wear being authentic, but won't buy it if it's "too flashy". There can't be that many.
  15. Fitteds are one thing, authentic gear is another. New Era fashion fitteds having many different color options is how they became popular in the first place: If someone is looking for a cool authentic to wear, they aren't worried about how flashy it is. They'll buy clothes (shoes, shirts, etc) to MATCH that authentic: