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  1. The only time we see salmon pink from salmon is when they are chopped up into fillets and ready to be cooked and eaten. I don't think that's the way to go.
  2. Why is that? A spider is just a creature people step on or smash with a rolled up magazine when they see one crawling in their house. You might as well call them the Cleveland Cockroaches.
  3. It's just an ugly little creature that creeps most people out. I know some people find them "cool", but most people just see them as pests. I just don't understand branding any sports team as Spiders.
  4. You just pretty much argued against reviving that dumb name Spiders in the first place. It's just a crappy name with no historical value. They might as well go with something new.
  5. Teal with with light navy or dark royal would be a good look for Seattle too. Seattle should pick colors that fit with their brand and city, and not based on what their rivals have. That would be huge loss right out the gate. Obviously it's not ideal to pick the exact same colors, but different options are clearly there. Look at the Yankees and Red Sox. Or the Braves, Nats, and Phillies. Differences in shade, or color balance, is enough.
  6. Steel blue, navy, and splash of lime green would look sharp and unique. Just like the previous Seahawks look.
  7. Yeah there's plenty of nice options they can go with without looking anything like Vancouver.
  8. If they go with a dark navy or unique shade of blue (like steel blue), and lime green, it'll set them apart and still tie in with Seattle.
  9. Yes, we are all aware it's a type of Salmon. Sockeye Salmon fillet is available at every local grocery store. Saying Sockeye is a good hockey name because it sounds like "sock 'em in the eye" or whatever is just cheesy and stupid. A complete stretch...
  10. Yeah the "sock eye" thing is just silly and forced.
  11. I always thought that, but that combo of royal blue and red is not as common. With the red brim and the cream, this look immediately stands out. The red uniforms look too much like the Nats/Reds/Cards/Angels/Rangers. Even with pinstripes. I would put the Reds back in pinstripes, if I had my way.
  12. Phillies need these full-time. Only teams with royal blue and red that even come close to this look is the Cubs and Rangers. Either this, or maroon and royal blue.
  13. Amazing work! Can you post another that shows off the colors more? Maroon and royal blue looks awesome, and I would love to see the Phillies go with it. I would love to see Sedona Red replace the black here. I think that would be the winning color combo for Arizona. Black trim at the most.
  14. I think the writer is incorrectly guessing there's a hint specifically to a change of color scheme. Here's the quote from Demoff he's referring to as a hint: "It has been a great process and I think the one thing we look at is we’ve had the ability for the four years we’ve been back to listen to fans, to see the emotions around the uniforms. The Super Bowl will always hold great memories to me the first time the Rams could wear blue and yellow in Atlanta was a change really thanks to all the fans and petitioning the commissioner and having him hear the difference that made to our fans,” Demoff continued. “But I think the goal of the uniforms is to make people feel proud of the Rams, proud of the colors, but really emphasize that this is the 2020 Rams moving forward and the next chapter while making sure that we honor the past.” I don't think that means different colors like the writer seems to believe. Demoff is just emphasizing that it'll be a modern take of the Rams moving forward. They are actively meeting and listening to fans, just like they did with the throwbacks, so that's a good sign.
  15. https://theramswire.usatoday.com/2019/04/25/rams-uniform-redesign-update-2020-colors/
  16. I don't think it's any louder than the Dbacks original purple and teal that many want back. Here's an example of purple and silver: Idk how silver would be implemented past trim. Their baseball team doesn't have any sign of silver: I do think a dark charcoal gray instead of black would look good. I would love to see charcoal in MLB, similar to the "Black Jays" gray.
  17. And the Rockies probably would've gotten away with the color change back around that ASG too. Don't know if they would do it now, but it would look good. Adding more purple would go a long way, regardless.
  18. Apparently Marlins players also complained, looking at the tweet.
  19. Welp. Here's a couple videos to give you an idea:
  20. But the focus in those pics is on the interaction between the brown and orange in the stripes, which has no white in-between. What does the white jersey have to do with the stripes? But it's the Browns' Color Rush that's popular, not the throwbacks like the Rams. It's the Color Rush Browns fans want the team to continue wearing. That's why we're talking about them in the first place.
  21. Good point. Dodgers and Giants were never associated with pinstripes. Mets' pinstripes always came across as the poor man's Yankees uniforms, even after those WS wins. 1986 Mets had them, but they also had racing stripes so who cares. They are perfectly fine for occasional throwbacks.
  22. White numbers, sure, but everything else is fine. The uniform on the left here is perfect:
  23. So what you're saying is all these stripes here are a "blurry, nasty mess"? I don't buy that. I don't look at those stripes and say "Man, they really need to throw some white stripes in there." I don't look at the brown mask and say it needs to be white. Even the brown and orange are together on the helmet. Do you want to change that too? The Browns' Color Rush is beloved because it's simple and smooth. The way the orange pops off the brown is gorgeous. Throwing white in there where it's not needed just takes away from it. Like I said, I would only go with white numbers.