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  1. Nice. I would prefer a red jersey, red facemask, and no helmet stripes.
  2. I think that maroon, plus the current royal blue, would be a good look. Similar to the Avalanche.
  3. Wrong. The new Jets uni is clearly a blatant rip-off of the Farmingdale High School football team of Long Island, NY. Shame on the Jets for stealing these kids' uniforms. Sad.
  4. Yep. It's just another result of them forcing elements of the previous logo onto this design. The white on green only makes sense for the previous look, not this.
  5. That generic-looking helmet logo is just bad execution of keeping "traditional elements" for a new look. Complete fail.
  6. Most of this trolling I see on social media are people from Canada. Nobody from the U.S. is even thinking about the CFL. Did anybody ever fuss about the Joe Namath era uniforms looking similar to older Roughrider uniforms? Who cares?
  7. Probably because the colors are so lacking in the actual uniform, you're just happy to see them anywhere. Even scattered out on different players. Better than nothing.
  8. Makes a big difference. Marlins should definitely try that. Here's new shots with the roof off:
  9. But they wore the solid blue caps at home towards the end. It's a much sharper look, imo. Save the white panel caps for spring training and throwbacks.
  10. Yeah this graphic from last year made it seem it would be a lot lighter: I don't think an open roof would make that much difference for the appearance of the wall, but we'll see.
  11. Yeah I think an upgraded version of their red helmet would be a much better fit for them. These concepts aren't perfect, but it'll give you some idea: There was no reason to ditch red helmets for the OJ Simpson era white ones. On top of that, the only other teams with a red helmet is the Chiefs and the Redskins (burgundy). A royal blue helmet would look good too. The only other team with a royal blue helmet is the Giants. These concepts aren't perfect, but they give you an idea.
  12. But like you said, those pinstripes are subtle and it doesn't stick out when worn without a jacket. These are a different story:
  13. These pics can be "yuck", but the point is suggesting that a Kelly green and black scheme makes them look like they're copying another team makes no sense. A new set using this color scheme could look great on them, tie into their history, and still be a unique look in the NFL.
  14. Here's what I would love to see for future and potential expansion teams: NHL: Seattle: Unique shade of blue, maybe like the old Seahawks' steel blue, and lime green. Either that, or navy and lime green. MLB: Portland: Red and black, or red and green. Vegas: Dark gray and gold. Maybe with black trim. Similar to the Golden Knights. Charlotte: Carolina blue and black or dark gray. Montreal: Will most likely be another blue and red scheme, which would be brutal.
  15. It's no issue at all, to me. What else could they be? Green? The blue looks like it does in all these MLB uniforms with the color- boring and safe.
  16. Again- the point is what if all these teams had letters on their helmet instead of logos since the BEGINNING, not if they switched out their logos today. Letters on all these football helmets is still hard to imagine. The comparison with baseball cap letters and football helmet logos still doesn't make sense. And if you really think a W would be an improvement over the current Skins logo, I don't think I'm going to even bother debating this any further.
  17. I'm not sure what this proves. One football helmet logo that happens to look similar to one baseball cap logo. And? Letters on football helmets are not the norm the same way it is on baseball caps. The Giants use letters, but the Jets don't need it. But your argument is based how crappy logos would look on the Bears' and 49ers' helmets. Letters was just the best choice for them back then. Tbh, it's a shame a team called the Bears is stuck with a boring C logo, because a bear logo would be much easier to design today. Boring letters should be left to teams with names like the Packers. Imagine the Eagles helmet with a P logo or the Skins helmet with a W logo. Philly and Washington, DC are "iconic", but those teams didn't choose letters.
  18. The point here is that they don't need "LA" on their football helmets. Football helmet logos and baseball cap logos are two different things.
  19. Idk if we should compare football helmet logos with baseball cap logos. The Dodgers' LA cap logo is iconic, but that doesn't mean the Rams and Chargers both need "LA" on their helmets.
  20. Looks better than the actual jersey.
  21. The original Buccaneers colors, or something similar, would be a good look in MLB. I guess it could work for the Rays, fully embracing the Sun Ray theme. A slightly darker powder blue and yellow would look good too: