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  1. http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/92558-please-help-me-get-rid-of-texas-ams-beveled-logo Here is my thread about Texas A&M's stupid beveled logo. I think that most colleges would be better off not using a beveled logo.
  2. Captain Tsubasa, You made some good points. I included a brief executive summary in my cover letter and in my email. It would have been redundant to repeat the summary in my letter. Smith03, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glossary_of_Texas_A%26M_University_terms Everything and everyone at Texas A&M has a nickname. It probably has a lot to do with our history as a small, all-male military institute. TexAgs takes the lexicon to a new level. Examples of Texas A&M Vocabulary: - Fish = Freshman - Pisshead = Sophomore - Serge Butt = Junior - Zip = Senior - t-sip = Texas Longhorn - 2 Percenters = Aggies not following A&M traditions Examples of TexAgs Vocabulary: - stocking = stalking - moran = moron - tceh = Texas Tech - 2/10/sharp knees/WNB = Any hottie pic because every guy on TexAgs is dating or married to a super model - skinny ankles/subway/hair = if you see someone well known in Bryan-College Station you must report on how their ankles looked, whether or not they were eating Subway, and how their hair looked - Germans bombed the moon = this is old news
  3. I appreciate the constructive criticism. Texas A&M is all about tradition and the Bevel is not a tradition - I guarantee you that. Even on TexAgs most of the Bevel Huggers admit that they like the Classic Block aTm on the helmet better. For them it is more about entertainment and trying to defeat those of us who are pushing for the logo on the helmet. They are more against the Bevel Slayers than for the Bevel. Most Aggies hate the Bevel and many won't buy beveled gear. Hopefully the administration will wake up soon.
  4. It is bad enough Texas A&M followed Texas Tech back in 1999 and beveled our logo. Now if we bevel our football helmets we will be following Texas Southern University.
  5. I appreciate the olive branch. I have one thread on the Bevel on TexAgs. I don't think I started another Bevel thread on TexAgs in 2013. Other Aggies have started numerous Bevel threads (such as the Student Senate De-Bevelization Bill) that I have posted on, but I did not start them.
  6. http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/49485-new-texas-am-logo-may-have-been-leaked CajunAggie08, Your comments about me below are interesting since your 2007 thread here about the Bevel is how I found this forum in the first place. See the link above.
  7. Sorry Aggie Brother... just found this website. At least say something bad about the Bevel!
  8. Evil G, You wouldn't think it would be that difficult. Removing the Bevels from the Classic Block aTm logo is proving to be more difficult than moving from the Big 12 to the SEC and avoiding lawsuits from Baylor and Ken Starr. Michigan Dave, It is a good point about the Michigan Split M. I heard about this two weeks ago on TexAgs. I did not know about it when I wrote the letter. I was just trying to select some AAU public schools ranked above Texas A&M (A&M is AAU as well) that have what I would consider classic, collegiate logos. I was also trying to choose schools from different conferences. In my opinion a banner across a M reading "MICHIGAN" is not nearly as bad as geometrically incorrect bevels, but obviously Michigan fans wanted it changed. When you do a search for the Michigan logo the Split M comes up more than anything else. What are they going with from this point forward? Is is just the "M" without a banner across it?
  9. rams80, Even longtime TexAgs subscribers like myself would chuckle and agree with you. TexAgs.com has good and bad just like any other website. Texas A&M is heavily invested in TexAgs. The following entities advertise, participate, contribute, and have had exclusive interviews with TexAgs: - Association of Former Students - Texas A&M Development Foundation - 12th Man Foundation - Mays Business School - A&M System Chancellor John Sharp - President Bowen Loftin - Associate AD for External Affairs Jason Cook - AD Eric Hyman - Head Coach Kevin Sumlin TexAgs has also interviewed Mike Slive and has relationships with other people in the SEC office.
  10. Thanks, I appreciate the comments. I'm used to the criticism and personal attacks. I was getting ridiculed daily back in June of 2010 when I was part of a small group of A&M fans that started a grass roots campaign to garner support for the idea of Texas A&M moving to the SEC. I made and sent out 6,000 SECede bumper stickers for free to any A&M fan that wanted one. Obviously I realize that not everyone is going to be interested in the Texas A&M logo, but that can be said for almost any team represented on this forum. The Classic Block aTm is still on the helmet and has been on the helmet since 1965. This season the numbers won't be beveled so there will be less beveling on the uniforms this year than last. Texas A&M is a top-notch engineering school. We also have programs in architecture, construction science, and computer visualization. All of these curriculums use geometry and 3-D renderings in their core classes. It makes no sense for Texas A&M to have a beveled logo that is geometrically incorrect. In addition it is visually unbalanced, lacks in aesthetics, and looks bad on small embroidered items such as caps. As far as the length of the letter it was written to the administration as a letter and a study on the use of the beveled logo. I do not think a one sentence letter as suggested earlier would have the same impact. Aggies have stated that different parts of the letter appealed to them. Some cited the surveys and polls, others the beveled Tennessee T, misuse of the bevel, graphic analysis, SEC - Big 12 comparisons, etc. I'm not sure which parts I would cut out. Even if I eliminated 10 of the 15 pages some people would complain that the 5-page letter was too long, so I really can't win on the length argument.
  11. How is this not a sports logo topic as well as a Texas A&M topic? Are you the Sports Logos Forum police? Obviously anything I do here will be wrong in your eyes.
  12. dfwabel, I'm new here - I apologize if this is the wrong forum. This is a sports logo issue I posted on a sports logo forum. I guess for that reason I assumed the topic was appropriate. Sports fans are passionate about their team's logos and uniforms. I thought some members here might be interested in this sports logo topic. I've been telling a lot of my friends about how awesome this forum is... if you are a typical member maybe I made a mistake. So much for a friendly welcome...
  13. phutmasterflex, It looks like I fixed it now. Every forum is different as far as posting. Here is the rest of the letter...
  14. I think this is a great website... I just discovered it yesterday. This is my very first post. There are a bunch of Aggies trying to get rid of our stupid beveled logo. We have been complaining about it for years. Overall probably two-thirds of Aggies don't like the Bevel and it is our primary logo! I would appreciate any ideas, opinions, or advice. The NCAA has banned beveled numbers, so at least that will be gone. The Classic Block aTm logo is still on the helmet (and has been on the helmet since 1965). The Texas A&M Student Senate signed a Debevelization Representation Bill and is adding a vote on the Bevel to the Fall 2013 Student Body Elections. Here is a thread on the Bevel (posted on TexAgs.com April 13, 2013) with almost 700 replies. http://texags.com/main/forum.reply.asp?forum_id=5&topic_id=2295921&page=1&msg_id=35381370 Here is a website where you can download the pdf letter and submit comments... http://nobevel.com Below is the letter I sent to the administration. I posted the first 10 pages (the website won't allow me to post all 15 pages), but you can read the entire letter at NoBevel.com.