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  1. I don't know man, I think the Tampa Bay Canucks have a great chance this year. Same with the Atlanta Famous Flames.
  2. The lion looks like an old bearded man with a monocle
  3. I don't think anyone here is really attacking the fanbase when they want the Coyotes to be moved, but maybe I'm wrong. I think it's a mix of frustration with the stubbornness the NHL has shown in trying to make the team work, despite it very clearly not working, and the idea that it's kind of likely that their continued existence has literally killed people through what Glendale has had to cut to keep them. And I don't mean figuratively when I say literally. I mean literally. Ah, okay. That makes sense. Relocation would still would suck for the fans, even if they are few.
  4. Hm, as much as I'd like to go under-70 for the cut-off, the Jackets would be under the bar and I think they're fine. So idk. I have a question to ask, do you guys feel like we're a little harsh on the fanbases like say the Coyotes? Just curious, not trying to be mean.
  5. Love the color scheme, and I dig the mountains. Good job!
  6. I won't seriously believe that an owner as dedicated to his city as Khan would move his team.
  7. They lost Lopez and Wes Matthews too so maybe not too harsh. It could be another Kyrie Cavs situation.
  8. I didn't read the entire thing but it looks like he's a somewhat intelligent guy. Good for him.
  9. Tbh I like the idea of an NHL and a CFL team sharing a stadium (or stadiums, will this count as seperate stadiums?). The CFL part doesn't look amazing, however. Maybe it will look better irl.
  10. It's funny that the NFL Season thread and the Anti-thread are now the same things. Who knew it would come to this?
  11. Maybe Rivers getting his contract means the Chargers aren't moving