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  1. I don't think anyone here is really attacking the fanbase when they want the Coyotes to be moved, but maybe I'm wrong. I think it's a mix of frustration with the stubbornness the NHL has shown in trying to make the team work, despite it very clearly not working, and the idea that it's kind of likely that their continued existence has literally killed people through what Glendale has had to cut to keep them. And I don't mean figuratively when I say literally. I mean literally. Ah, okay. That makes sense. Relocation would still would suck for the fans, even if they are few.
  2. Hm, as much as I'd like to go under-70 for the cut-off, the Jackets would be under the bar and I think they're fine. So idk. I have a question to ask, do you guys feel like we're a little harsh on the fanbases like say the Coyotes? Just curious, not trying to be mean.
  3. I won't seriously believe that an owner as dedicated to his city as Khan would move his team.
  4. I didn't read the entire thing but it looks like he's a somewhat intelligent guy. Good for him.
  5. Maybe Rivers getting his contract means the Chargers aren't moving
  6. Wow. That's just awful forcing citizens to see their taxes be used for a stadium project that looks more and more like a pipe dream as the days go on. Could probably be used on a ton of more important things.
  7. I think it's only inevitable. Though the ACC would probably always want to remain an even numbered set of schools, thus creating a bidding war or whatever for another spot. Yeah and I think the American would die before Louisville rejoins
  8. Is he bringing Willis McGahee with him?
  9. no Intercourse, Pennsylvania sounds better. For Satan's Kingdom, Massachusetts we can move the Devils there.
  10. Oh look, TrueYankee is also doubling the NBA like I did with the NFL and MLB let's see what he... ..oh
  11. Are you saying any of us would be surprised? Is Tukwila way out there or something? I'm pretty optimistic about Seattle as an NHL market, so I'm curious why everyone's discussing it as a bad idea.
  12. I can see the Rams going first, followed by the Chargers. Maybe the Raiders get into the action but god I hope not. Let's keep them in the AFC with the Chargers.
  13. True, but that won't stop Mr. Bettman! The expansion groups probably have arena plans anyways if they're applying.
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