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  1. Why not double the size of the MLB while we're at it? AL East Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox Buffalo Bisons Durham Bulls Jacksonville Suns Montreal Expos New York Yankees Norfolk Tides Tampa Bay Rays Toronto Blue Jays AL Central Birmingham Barons Chicago White Sox Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers Kansas City Royals Louisville Bats Minnesota Twins Nashville Sounds New Orleans Zephrys Salt Lake Bees AL West Anaheim Angels Calgary Cannons Edmonton Trappers Houston Astros Monterrey Jacks Sacramento River Cats San Jose Athletics Seattle Mariners Texas Rangers Vancouver Cascades NL East Atlanta Braves Charlotte Knights Havana Blazers Lehigh Valley IronPigs Miami Marlins New York Mets Ottawa Lynx Philadelphia Phillies San Juan Statesmen Washington Nationals NL Central Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Colorado Rockies Columbus Clippers Indianapolis Chiefs Milwaukee Brewers Omaha Storm Chasers Pittsburgh Pirates St. Louis Cardinals Winnipeg Walleye NL West Arizona Diamondbacks Las Vegas 51s Los Angeles Dodgers Mexico City Aztecs Oklahoma City RedHawks Portland Beavers Round Rock Express San Antonio Missions San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants
  2. Am I the only one getting this vibe?
  3. I can get behind the Mexican cities/Havana/San Juan but I don't know, I only wanted 4 Europe teams, and good luck with NFL in Canada (y'know, since there's a CFL).
  4. What if the NFL doubled the amount of teams? AFC East Brookyln Atlantics (2024) Buffalo Bills Hartford Hurricanes (2040) Miami Dolphins New England Patriots New York Jets Raleigh Racers (2048) Orlando Citrus (2032) AFC North Baltimore Ravens Chicago Blitz (2024) Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Columbus Cannons (2032) Hampton Roads Colonials (2044, formerly Virginia Colonials 2040-2044) Indianapolis Colts Pittsburgh Steelers AFC South Austin Artisans (2036, formerly in NFC West) Houston Texans Jacksonville Jaguars Louisville Friars (2040) Nashville Titans (2028, formerly Tennessee Titans 1999-2027) New Mexico Diablos (2048) Oklahoma City Oilers (2032) San Antonio Marshalls (2024) AFC West Denver Broncos Fresno Mountaineers (2048) Kansas City Chiefs Los Angeles Raiders Los Angeles Stars (2032, formerly Los Angeles Chargers 2015-2031) San Diego Chargers (2032) Silicon Valley Visionaries (2024) Utah Hornets (2040) NFC East Berlin Thunder (2044) Dallas Cowboys Dublin Orangemen (2028) Edinburgh Claymores (2036) London Knights (2020) New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles Washington Warriors NFC North Anchorage Gold (2044) Chicago Bears Des Moines Speed (2036) Detroit Lions Grand Rapids Lakers (2028) Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings St. Louis Stallions (2020) NFC South Arkansas Boulders (2036) Atlanta Falcons Birmingham Bulls (2020) Charlotte Panthers (2048, fomerly Carolina Panthers 1995-2048) Memphis Music (2028) New Orleans Saints Richmond Royals (2044) Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC West Arizona Cardinals Honolulu Tikis (2044) Las Vegas Aces (2048) Los Angeles Rams Portland Pioneers (2028) Sacramento Redwoods (2020) San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks
  5. everything, from my time watching Islander games.Such is being an Islanders fan.
  6. I don't think the Texans would move though. I mean yeah there might be issues getting a new stadium but I feel like the county would definitely want to keep the Texans there and I feel like there will be enough public support to keep the team. Though on St. Louis, ouch. It looks more and more like the St. Louis Rams are gonna go away.
  7. I'd replace New Orleans and Vegas with San Antonio and Portland.
  8. They aren't anti-American, but they're pro-bribery.
  9. I'd like Pittsburgh Steelers division, conference, and Super Bowl championships. Anaheim Ducks/Mighty Ducks of Anaheim division, conference, and Stanley Cup championships. Los Angeles Clippers division championships. Iowa Rose Bowl wins
  10. I'm doubtful anyone's helping, but this is definitely interesting.
  11. Translation: "I don't want to be known as the governer who let the Rams leave." Which is totally worse than the one who had the Ferguson riots happen under him.
  12. The AFC North has so many rivalries in place it's foolish to switch it up.
  13. When'd you become McCall?

  14. So then what would happen with the Raiders? They aren't doing too well in Oakland right now, so San Antonio?
  15. I mean I get it was when the Clippers were the joke of the league but even then that's stupid.
  16. I'd prefer seeing them go to Quebec City because they already have an arena deal done. Seattle can wait it's turn.
  17. Clippers- I decided for them to be my favorite teams when the Lakers were at the end of their "dynasty". Though they're keeping me hooked by having alright seasons Ducks- Just the fact they used to have such a great identity. Too bad they threw it away before I became a fan. (This is Anaheim BTW) Steelers- Because bandwagon. Oh, and the fact they had the same uniforms as the Hawkeyes.
  18. Not really. The stadium is at an average of 94% full for a joke of a team. Not bad.
  19. If Gary Bettman was fired... Pacific: Anaheim Ducks Calgary Flames Edmonton Oilers Los Angeles Kings Portland Rosebuds (expansion) San Jose Sharks Seattle Metropolitans (formerly Phoenix Arizona) Vancouver Canucks Midwest: Chicago Blackhawks Colorado Avalanche Dallas Stars Detroit Red Wings Minnesota Wild Nashville Predators (debating on whether to move them or not) St. Louis Blues Winnipeg Jets Northeast: Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres Columbus Blue Jackets Hailfax Highlanders (expansion, I guess) Montreal Canadiens Ottawa Senators Quebec Nordiques (formerly Florida) Toronto Maple Leafs Atlantic: Carolina Hurricanes (also debating whether to move them) New Jersey Devils New York Islanders New York Rangers Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins Tampa Bay Lightning Washington Capitals
  20. FTFY. What makes you think Seattle is worse than Kansas City?
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