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  1. These rumors are interesting but very unsurprising because we still don't officially know what his Hollywood Park land is after at least 6(?) months. (I think it was in January, but maybe I can't remember right) I usually take leaks with a grain of salt. However the grains are starting to pile up.
  2. Logan Mankins? Wow. He's a top 10 guard. EDIT: And that's my 1000th post. Yay me!
  3. It's either that or a guard who has barely played in the last two years.
  4. Unless Mark Davis sells the Raiders to him, which would be interesting but it seems unlikely.
  5. I don't think the Malcolm Glazer Buccaneers look is the greatest look in the franchise, much less one of the best in the NFL. It was bland with no reason to be bland. Logo wasn't anything special either.
  6. First off, that's your 666th post lol. Second, I honestly think it's either the Bay or LA for the Raiders, but I was stating Portland as a general area, not specifically the Raiders. I'm assuming that Portland could be willing to build a new stadium but I don't live there so I don't know. Except for the NHL, where the Moda Center is right there.
  7. Why not? Portland is a growing city with no fall sports (other than maybe Oregon but I think that's far enough). The Seahawks are the only problem I see, yet I feel like Portland is big enough to have it's own identity without Seattle.
  8. It's likely just bluffing, so I'm not going to take this seriously for now.
  9. Congrats to the moderator job!

  10. Now let's wait for Vinnie Viola to be found for illegal activities...
  11. Who, exactly, do you expect to pay for a new park?well, can´t the city and some companys who get great advertising space in the new park get together and find the money ? . They did in Miami, and they have zero spectators compared to the popular A´s Isn't Oakland economically terrible?
  12. They put it in San Jose, and it is a widely known concept that didn't happen because territorial rights.
  13. Looks very modern. I like it.
  14. All of the times this occurrence has occurred since the 1st Super Bowl: 2014- Los Angeles Kings/San Antonio Spurs (Black/Silver) 2013- Chicago Blackhawks/Miami Heat (Red/Black) 2011- St. Louis Cardinals/New York Giants (Red/Blue) 2010- New Orleans Saints/Pittsburgh Penguins (Black/Gold) 2007- Boston Red Sox/New York Giants (Red/Blue) 2006- Carolina Hurricanes/Miami Heat (Red/Black) 2004- Boston Red Sox/New England Patriots/Detroit Pistons (Red/Blue) 2001- New England Patriots/Colorado Avalanche (Red/Blue) 1994- San Francisco 49ers/Houston Rockets (Red/Gold) 1993- Toronto Blue Jays/Montreal Canadiens (Red/Blue) 1990- New York Giants/Detroit Pistons (Red/Blue) 1989- San Francisco 49ers/Calgary Flames (Red/Gold) 1986- New York Giants/Montreal Canadiens (Red/Blue) 1985- Chicago Bears/Edmonton Oilers (Blue/Orange) 1984- Detroit Tigers/Edmonton Oilers (Blue/Orange) 1979- Pittsburgh Pirates/Pittsburgh Steelers (Black/Gold) 1978- Montreal Canadiens/Washington Bullets (Red/Blue) 1968- New York Jets/Boston Celtics (Green/White) 1967- St. Louis Cardinals/Philadelphia 76ers (Red/Blue)
  15. Teams with bad attendance: Oakland, St. Louis, Jacksonville Teams with stadium issues: San Diego, St. Louis, Oakland
  16. Florida and Arizona aren't states, they're retirement homes.
  17. Why is San Diego in limbo? Wouldn't San Diego like to keep their team? Is San Diego out of money? I'm being serious here, why can't they get a proposal done downtown?
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