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  1. Let's hope they get the Panthers or the Winter Olympics. What's the Panthers' lease anyways?
  2. So, you didn't want to use relevant facts to back up something you said. Makes sense. It's not that the facts weren't irrelevant, rather incomplete.
  3. Yikes. I didn't want to use this year's attendance to back up my statement, but this situation isn't going to clean up.
  4. I think the Marlins are pretty safe. They won 2 WS titles and were 18th in attendance last year.
  5. Eh....I think it could work. Can anyone tell me how good the Beavs were supported? They have the stadium, and the College World Series, but that's all that is going for them.
  6. I would love the Rays to stay in Tampa Bay. I would rather expand to Montreal and Louisville.
  7. I'd say Montreal would be a good choice, given that the Blue Jays are in the AL East too.
  8. Islanders fisherman Wild Wing jerseys I don't care for North Dakota Fighting Sioux indian logo Chief Wahoo Redskins Radioshack Quad City Flames Burger King
  9. You've never been to Central or Southern Indiana have you. I've been to Clarksville.
  10. I always thought it would make more sense to put Baltimore in the AFC South and the Colts in the North.
  11. I don't get Indy in the South, though.
  12. Evil moms choose Evil Gif

  13. By hell you mean this topic? If so, yeah, I'm in hell.
  14. Here's my idea for the NBA: move the Pelicans to Seattle (SuperSonics) Expand to Louisville and Virginia Beach Move the Clippers to the Honda Center That's all that should happen. Oh and for the NFL: move the Raiders/Jags/Rams to L.A. Don't expand at all for now. If Raiders don't move to L.A., expect them to play in Levi's Stadium
  15. I'm just trying to clarify the new playoff format to the people on this board who made invalid predictions (sans kevsim1's post). This isn't the thread for predictions. There's another thread for that.
  16. Tampa Bay is good enough for a southern market. All we need there is Tampa Bay and Dallas.
  17. I know this is an old topic, but, why isn't this a thing? We could pull some concepts from here to the game! Awesome!
  18. College hockey could work in Missouri and maybe Kentucky, but that's it.
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